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A Pink gift their back dancers with clothes

Jan.24.2015. 07:03PM

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It has been revealed that girl group A Pink has gifted their back dancers with clothes!

On January 23, a member of A Pink's DQ dance team, Sunmi, wrote on her Twitter, "Our A Pink babies said that DQ worked hard and bought us training suits. We were grumbling that we didn't have enough money to buy pants keke. Thank you, we will work even harder. #APink #DQ #APinkaresantababies #myheatingpadisalsopinkpink.


Along with the tweet, Sunmi uploaded a picture of the adidas clothes she received against the backdrop of her pink heating pad. 



우리 에이핑크 아가들이 디큐 고생한다구 트레이닝복 사줬징 자기들 바지사입을 돈도없다구 찡얼대더니 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 고마워 더 열심히하끄야 #에이핑크APINK #디큐DQ #에이핑크는산타아가들 #나의전기장판도핑크핑크해

— SUNMI (@DQsunmi) January 23, 2015

On the same day, another DQ member Choi Seung Ah wrote on her Twitter, "A Pink, without thinking about the fact that they are the main highlight of their concert, bought us training clothes as presents... <3. I am thankful. They must be having a difficult time too but they are angels who worry over us as soon as they see us TT. #Apink1stCONCERT #PinkParadise, let's have strength <3.


Along with her tweet, Choi Seung Ah revealed a picture containing shopping bags with DQ's new training clothes. 




콘서트연습에 눈동자의초점을잃어가는 우리를위해 연습복을선물한 #Apink ..♡ 감동이야😍 본인들도힘들텐데 볼때마다 우리걱정해주는 천사들 T T #Apink1stCONCERT #PinkParadise 힘냅시다♡

— 최승아 (@DQagency_Sa) January 23, 2015

Finally, a third DQ member Ko Kyung Jun wrote on his Instagram, "These girls have great sense / awareness, I'll wear these well. They gifted me with my favorite kind of clothes.


#새해첫선물 #Apink #나이키 #아디다스 #트레이닝복 #콘서트 에이핑크 콘서트 연습중 에이핑크의 깜짝선물 사이즈도 딱 맞고 남잔 나이키 여잔 아디다스 최고의 센스쟁이들 잘입을게요 내가가장좋아하는 옷선물을 해줬어 ㅠㅠ 더군다나 오늘 연습복바지를 사러 장운이랑 더바운스 갔는데 봐둔바지가 핏이 안이뻐서 위에만 사고나왔는데 장운이가 추천해준 나이키 트레이닝복을 에이핑크가 딱 선물로 줌 ㅠㅠ 감동 입니다 핏도 이쁘고 마음씨도 이쁜.에이핑크 고마워요 모두 다 대박납시다 !!!^^ #DQ #선물 DQ X ^^ 2015 . 1 . 30 ~ 2015 . 1 . 31 에이핑크 파라다이스 콘서트 많이찾아와주세요 !!!^^ Thanks ^^

Ein von Kokyungjun (@icon_jun) gepostetes Foto am Jan 23, 2015 at 11:46 PST



Aw.  That is so sweet of the girls!


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GURUPOP Show EP4 from Dae HyunGURUPOP Show EP11 from SungjaeGURUPOP Show EP10 from Junghwa mystyle0220 SGPmystyle0220 Jan.25.2015 03:53AM
The Apink members forever so sweet! <3


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wah~! so sweet of A-Pink! ^^♥


Be the Chaser of Infinite - InfiniteGURUPOP Show CheerleaderBe the Chaser of Infinite - L aindamya MYSaindamya Jan.24.2015 08:31PM
OMG our girls are so sweet ♥ I’m so proud of them :’)


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That’s really nice



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