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B1A4 US Tour 2017 in San Francisco

Feb.20.2017. 08:34PM

2014 GURUPOP Awards - Best Fan2014 GURUPOP Awards - Best Commenter2013 GURUPOP Awards - Best Daily Checker - ♥KrisBANA♥JJY♥

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I am still tired, but I wanted to upload ALL of the video footage (so much Jinyoung focus!  ♥) that I could have gotten from yesterday’s #B1A4′s concert in San Francisco! Wah~! First off, the airport! I was with a bunch of BANAS waiting for B1A4 to arrive from Chicago to San Francisco. Total success if you see the first footage.

The concert in San Francisco was just so awesome! I got in early due to VIP ticket. Then! I was probably with BANA Intl United people for the concert! We got to see them so up close! 8D I was afraid that I would have been pushed inside where the security guards were. ROFL! XD I’m totally hyped still and want B1A4 to come back to San Francisco soon!

One moment that I did catch cause was busy enjoying the boys so up close… OMO! Jinyoung was RIGHT in front of me and I waved at him! He looked at me and waved back! LKAHDFKLHALKSDHFKLAHSDLKFHKLASHDF I was really happy about that! I was also happy that the BANA next to me… Her epic sign for Gongchan was noticed by the maknae and he laughed and pointed at the sign! I am just! ALKSDHFLKHASDKLFHLAHSLFKDHALSKHFD Another thing was when they were doing the B1A4 shower (when they were splashing BANAS with water)… Jinyoung took a sip of his water bottle and flung it! WAH~! SOME OF THE WATER WENT ON MY LIPS AND INSIDE MY MOUTH! AKLHDFLKHALKDHFLKASHDFLKHLSAKDHF My friends said that was “indirect kissing”. >///////<

I wish I could have more time during the hi-touch with them, but the staff were rushing. I know that they have to do the group photo op after AND have to fly to LA, but still… Just wish we had a BIT more time.

For the footage, so SORRY for the screaming, but serious fangirling over B1A4! ALHDFKLHAKLSDHFLKHASDLKFHLKASHFDLKHASDF I just hope you enjoy it while I go back to my bed soon and fall right back to sleep! My energy is within B1A4 now. ROFL! XD





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SuperJunior's Fan ClubAlive Release Card - BIGBANGSuper Junior M's Fan Club adrymx MEXadrymx Feb.21.2017 12:59AM
WOW! You are so lucky =)





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