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BTS ‘Not Today’ MV
MEXadrymx l Feb.23.2017
3 comments l 5,227 views l 1 pops
[MusicBank Live 2016.10.14] BTS, SHINee, GOT7, DAVICHI...
JOR♥Dinadj96♥ l Oct.14.2016
1 comments l 9,697 views l 4 pops
| BTS - Blood Sweat & Tears - MV |
USAѕtαrlιght l Oct.09.2016
2 comments l 20,459 views l 2 pops
Agust D ’Agust D’ MV
Agust D’s ‘Agust D’, the first mixtape album, featuring ‘Agust D’, ‘give it to me&...
USAnavajane l Aug.30.2016
0 comments l 5,069 views l 0 pops
BTOB LUV english lyrics 💋 비투비 L.U.V
FRABTOB perrine melody l Jun.11.2016
4 comments l 54,391 views l 4 pops
BTOB hashtag Cube episode 09 ENG SUB 비투비 해시태그 큐브 BTOB japanese pr...
part 1 : Part 2 :
FRABTOB perrine melody l Jun.10.2016
1 comments l 41,395 views l 1 pops
Kpopers! here is BTOB try not to fangirl/laugh challenge ! Do you...
BTOB try not to fangirl/laugh challenge. 10 rounds! try to not smile, laught, cry, sing etc . Do you pass or fail? https:...
FRABTOB perrine melody l Jun.07.2016
1 comments l 41,375 views l 2 pops
Hi i'm Taylor.
USAkpopchicken1130 l May.24.2016
4 comments l 10,026 views l 2 pops
BTS score an all-kill with ’Fire’!!!
it's only been a matter of hours sinceBTSreleased their new song "Fire," but the boys are already killing it on th...
MEXKarenM l May.01.2016
2 comments l 3,222 views l 2 pops
BTOB remember that interview ENG SUB KBS 스타가 What다!
FRAperrine begd l Apr.09.2016
0 comments l 26,830 views l 2 pops
BTOB remember that English lyrics 비투비 봄날의 기억
FRAperrine begd l Apr.02.2016
0 comments l 30,433 views l 1 pops
“Memories of Spring Day” by BTOB ❤ New song Hightly recommended!...
FRAperrine begd l Mar.27.2016
1 comments l 38,353 views l 1 pops
BTOB changsub sungjae never let you go ENG SUB 2am cover special ...
FRAperrine begd l Mar.25.2016
0 comments l 26,409 views l 1 pops
BTS (防弾少年団) - Good Day MV
POLEwwkaa19 l Mar.22.2016
1 comments l 8,157 views l 1 pops
BTOB Remember that soon ! 4th Anniversary FMV 비투비4주년
#foreverwithBTOB BTOB and melodys, I wish you an happy 4th anniversary!! So much happened since 4 years. I can’t ex...
FRAperrine begd l Mar.20.2016
0 comments l 24,808 views l 1 pops
BTS - RUN (Jap. Ver.)
POLEwwkaa19 l Mar.20.2016
1 comments l 20,245 views l 2 pops
BTOB funny moments ♥ Kiss cute laugh dance
FRAperrine begd l Mar.05.2016
1 comments l 24,381 views l 2 pops
BTOB I’ll be here ENG SUB 비투비여기 있을게 vocal line
FRAperrine begd l Feb.24.2016
0 comments l 17,181 views l 1 pops
BTOB dear bride ENG SUB.
FRAperrine begd l Feb.18.2016
0 comments l 18,425 views l 17 pops
BTOB the boss is watching cut ENG SUB
BTOB boss is watching ENG SUB 비투비 사장님이 보고있다 레드벨벳 덤덤 dumb dumb redvelvet cover redcarpet
FRAperrine begd l Feb.11.2016
0 comments l 13,025 views l 1 pops


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