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EXO-Growl (Dance practice)

Jul.28.2013. 01:06AM

The GURU Fan2013 GURUPOP Awards - Best Daily Checker - Mari~♥BIG Fan of GURUPOP

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Leaked video link


(Sorry, don't want to spoil nobody's reaction with the original release)












Can someone explain if this video is correct and why it was release before the comeback?
So crazy!!! How people got this video?!
Btw, I liked the song.
I'm starting to like EXO more and more (but I can't even recognize the members >__< )


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After Schools JJ USAAfter Schools JJ Jul.28.2013 05:27PM


kpopperfreak USAkpopperfreak Jul.28.2013 02:20AM
Damn I was surprised it leaked >_<


lilianlu AQlilianlu Jul.28.2013 01:41AM


lilianlu AQlilianlu Jul.28.2013 01:41AM
this is what some fans think, click read more! :)

The GURU Fan2013 GURUPOP Awards - Best Daily Checker - Mari~♥BIG Fan of GURUPOP Mari~♥ BRAMari~♥ Jul.28.2013 01:56AM
I kind of agree with that. Maybe SM want to promote in that way... but I don’t know if that’s the best way to do it... the sensation of wait for the mv to be release is so cool! I don’t know what they are thinking about if it’s actually they want to promote). And maybe the staffs around EXO are not reliable. That’s pretty sad because all the work would be lost. But one thing I’m sure: I saw a couple of fans wanting to pre-order the album after watching the video... :P

Carol~♥ BRACarol~♥ Jul.28.2013 02:54AM
The reply to the choreographer’s statement on the "read more" said everything I was thinking!

IloveHYS USAIloveHYS Jul.28.2013 01:36AM
Please delete this before some fans get fired up about it. This was leaked, it is not official especially if you did not get it from SMs official youtube channel.


Carol~♥ BRACarol~♥ Jul.28.2013 03:08AM
Fans already know about the leaked video... They can simply ignore the video after hearing about the news, you know?

But I think if the fans wants to protect EXO and their hard work, they should make a strong movement for SM to get a better security towards EXO’s plans and releases in the future. It’s strange how it only happens with EXO! Something is very fishy... =/

I mean, I’m a SONE and we never knew inside our own fandom that SNSD had a MV prepared for Dancing Queen that were recorded back in Gee era and some of SONEs are like FBI... What I’m trying to say with this is that SM protects all the releases from every artist labeled under it’s name, but they already let EXO’s work leak 3 times???

EXO fans should demand explanations about this matter!

lilianlu AQlilianlu Jul.28.2013 01:30AM
it’s a leaked video and before some other fans get upset, you might wanna delete this :)


The GURU Fan2013 GURUPOP Awards - Best Daily Checker - Mari~♥BIG Fan of GURUPOP Mari~♥ BRAMari~♥ Jul.28.2013 01:34AM
I just don’t get why there’s a lot things from EXO that comes before the official release date lately. Maybe the boys don’t have reliable people around them? That would be really sad =(



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