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Makes me kinda sad :(

Nov.14.2012. 10:47PM

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So my friend and I are both HUGE fans of One Direction! (She used to be a kpop fan but now is just a Blackjack and B2uty) And we were talking about how, since they're having a US tour next year, we should go to the concert. PLUS they're having a meet and greet session as well.

Well that just got me I wish some of my favorite K-pop groups would come and have US tours too! Now don't get me wrong, I know that Wonder Girls did before and Big Bang too, but i mean come on now about staying in one state/city for more than just one day? Is it too much too ask? 

IDK it just made me a little depressed thinking about how I probably will never get to see my favorite Kpop idols at a meet and greet, much less LIVE in concert.


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Zelly BIHZelly Nov.15.2012 12:34AM
I know right, wish they could come, at least once!


Hyemia USAHyemia Nov.15.2012 12:30AM
The pain of being part of a minority. We don’t get many perks. But I think we are still lucky to be able to get some groups come to the west sometimes. Kpop concerts are increasing too.


Kathy17 BRAKathy17 Nov.14.2012 10:56PM
I wish any K-pop idol/group would be here for ONE day u.u


anna_hyunjin98 USAanna_hyunjin98 Nov.14.2012 11:01PM
I heard that Changjo from Teen Top was about an hour away from where I live and stayed there for a few days during there break after Be Ma girl... I died when I heard that :(

b2utyful_school USAb2utyful_school Nov.14.2012 10:53PM
The Wonder Girls & 2PM are the ONLY groups that have come to Texas~ Wonder Girls - twice & 2PM - once! BUT THAT’S IT! I wish more would come here! :3


anna_hyunjin98 USAanna_hyunjin98 Nov.14.2012 10:55PM
I went to Texas this past summer xD And yeah! Only Wonder girls with 2PM came to Maryland...well more closer to Virginia since it was in DC but yeah :P Don’t you wish that Korean artists would realize that there is MORE to America than just California or New York?

b2utyful_school USAb2utyful_school Nov.14.2012 10:57PM
OHMYSHISUS! YES~ I wish they’d get it in their heads that TEXAS is a great place to come to! xD

anna_hyunjin98 USAanna_hyunjin98 Nov.14.2012 11:00PM
YEAH! When I visited Texas, it was so awesome! Honestly, I had more fun there than I expected >.<

Katye MEXKatye Nov.14.2012 10:53PM
I live in Mexico, the chances of them coming are even smaller ;_;


phouaAAA USAphouaAAA Nov.14.2012 10:50PM
whhaaa??? lol. there’s alot of artists that comes out to the state to do concerts!! :D


anna_hyunjin98 USAanna_hyunjin98 Nov.14.2012 10:52PM
Hehe yeah but its all in California or New York. Sure I live in Maryland, but NY is at least 5 hour drive away on a good day, and my parents would not let me



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