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Sojin speculated to have made her Instagram private due to backlash from EXO fans about her past dating rumors with D.O

Jan.15.2015. 01:09AM

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Old dating rumors whispered among fans regarding a potential relationship between EXO's D.O. and Girl's Day's Sojin recently came back to light, and it seems the backlash from fans has led to Sojin's Instagram becoming private.

Since a while back, fans have have pointed out the similarities between D.O. (left photo) and the mysterious man (right photo) seen above. The man was said to be wearing similar shorts and shoes that D.O. had been spotted wearing previously. In addition, fans also linked the two by spotting some matching 'couple items', including the same sneakers and rings. They also pointed out that a few days after Sojin sang John Legend's "All of Me" at Girl's Day's concert, D.O. also chose "All of Me" as his favorite song. In addition, Sojin also previously mentioned that her first love lives in Gwangjingu, which is also where EXO's dorm was said to be located.






Girl's Day's stylist also recently shared on her Instagram a photo of Sojin and pointed out she looked like Wendy from Peter Pan. Then, a netizen, whom fans speculate knows Sojin in real life, had commented, "You are Wendy, prettier than Cinderella," which is the line that D.O. sings in EXO-K's "Peter Pan".


All these speculations were passed around by fans last year, but recently a nail art photo from last March has once again gained spotlight and sparked renewed interest. Last year, Sojin was spotted at '2014 F/W Seoul Fashion Week' with nail art by Sense Hong. The nail artist also showed off the same nail-art design that Sojin had through her Instagram, and recently fans began to take a closer look to see the  'I<3DO' on one of the nails. 

With this photo coming back to light, EXO fans have been leaving harsh comments on Sojin's Instagram, mentioning things like her age and that she is too old to be with D.O, or warning her not to become the next Taeyeon-Baekhyun. Girl's Day's fans fought back, leading to quite a bit of arguments going on on her Instagram page. It is speculated that this is what caused Sojin to private her Instagram. 


What do you make of these old rumors and the reaction from fans?


Frankly, I'm disturbed by this.  In the way that fans actually would bash their idols GF/BF.  Come one seriously?!  As if they own the idols,  NOT!   I may not support this couple because the fact is...  I feel like she's doing what Hyeri was doing when she was dating Tony An.  Just to get attention.  Hyeri's and Tony's "relationship" only last like what 3-4 months... I think.  I don't think that was more than 6 months.  I just... I don't know.  I just don't support D.O/Sojn couple, but I still wouldn't bash either of them.


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BIGBANG - BlueJaejoong's Fan ClubBIGBANG - Fantastic Baby MaiyerChang UKRMaiyerChang Jan.15.2015 07:11PM
i see...well to me, the photo there on the right looks more like beakhyun..LOL, idk it could be JIN from BTS since he dated an celeb one time..hahah we will never know


Be the Chaser of Infinite - InfiniteGURUPOP Show CheerleaderBe the Chaser of Infinite - L aindamya MYSaindamya Jan.15.2015 06:55AM
Some fans are.. annoying. I understand if you don’t like them dating but no harsh words for them please. That’s hurtful. They are humans. Poor Sojin unnie :(


2014 GURUPOP Awards - Best Fan2014 GURUPOP Awards - Best Commenter2013 GURUPOP Awards - Best Daily Checker - ♥KrisBANA♥JJY♥ ♥KrisBANA♥JJY♥ USA♥KrisBANA♥JJY♥ Jan.15.2015 04:38AM
awwww~! poor Sojin! i wanna hug her and tell her that everything is alright... ♥


JYJ's Fan ClubBoys Republic's Fan ClubShinhwa's Fan Club NoraP HUNNoraP Jan.15.2015 04:23AM
@ So_seoulful

Exactly, what personality we know from shows and tv might not be their real one. So we cant say we know them, or actually love them, since we like something thats made for being loved. Who knows how are idols really are.


Kimiya JPNKimiya Jan.15.2015 04:08AM
just let them date and be happy, who care what happened in the past present or future. It’s their life....


GURUPOP Show EP8 from Woohee2013 GURUPOP Awards - Best Daily Checker - So_seoulfulGURUPOP Show EP4 from Young Jae So_seoulful GBRSo_seoulful Jan.15.2015 04:06AM
@nora IKR? It’s crazy! I mean if it was Xero, sure I’d be a little gutted BUT I know that he has a life and deserves to be happy and I would be happy for him. These crazy fans need to stop and think "my idols are just that...idols and nothing else" the harsh reality is that to them we are strangers even if we are their most devoted fans. We love them based only on their looks, talent and "personality" and that is something we don’t even know is real.


JYJ's Fan ClubBoys Republic's Fan ClubShinhwa's Fan Club NoraP HUNNoraP Jan.15.2015 03:46AM
In all honesty, i dont give a fuck who dates who. All i need to know is they are happy. So what if this or that dated with him or him? Its their private life, people who are digging into them, are disgusting parasites. And fans who cant accept something like this are bot fans but delusional psychos. Thats my opinion about all these date rumors/news.


JYJ's Fan ClubBoys Republic's Fan ClubShinhwa's Fan Club NoraP HUNNoraP Jan.15.2015 03:47AM
*not fans

queenGabb PHLqueenGabb Jan.15.2015 03:13AM
omo.......... this is >< kyungsooooooo............

I hope that..... hmmmmm... I don’t know.........

I just hope that kyungsoo is happy :’)


BIGBANG - BlueJaejoong's Fan ClubBIGBANG - Fantastic Baby MaiyerChang UKRMaiyerChang Jan.15.2015 03:06AM
so d.o and her once dated??


Panda-JX SGPPanda-JX Jan.15.2015 03:06AM
It’s not confirmed, I guess...

Panda-JX SGPPanda-JX Jan.15.2015 03:07AM
Like it says, it’s a rumor..

queenGabb PHLqueenGabb Jan.15.2015 03:10AM
once dated ??? means like they dated before but they have already ended it??

IloveHYS USAIloveHYS Jan.15.2015 03:23AM
Both agencies denied any type of relationship between the two. But once again. Because of the "evidence"(total BS though), fans think they are.

Panda-JX SGPPanda-JX Jan.15.2015 03:05AM
I think this may all be a coincidence too, why make such a big fuss about this? These type of fans are just pathetic, it’s not like they own the idols, they should not and do not have the right to decide what the idols do or whether the idols date or not.
I definitely would not want to know more about the idols’ private lives, nor will I try to interfere with those. I just hope that all these immaturity would stop.


Panda-JX SGPPanda-JX Jan.15.2015 03:06AM
About this scandal, I won’t say anything about this. If they decided to do what they are doing, it’s their choice and I have no rights to tell them what to do or what not..

queenGabb PHLqueenGabb Jan.15.2015 03:15AM
but the feeels!!! its just to hard to control >3<



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