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Oct.19.2016. 01:49AM

Love Style of Boyfriend - YoungminJANUS - YoungminGURUPOP Show EP2 from Youngmin

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Oct.19.2016 12:00AM ~ Oct.23.2016 12:00AM

I was thinking of giving away my cards.

(Except for Boyfriend/B1A4 sets and GURUPOP Showcards)

What to do?

* POP this post.

* Visit my GUROOM

* Leave a COMMENT here regarding the card you want and let's talk.




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Please Sign in!!
Be the Chaser of Infinite - LGURUPOP Show EP5 from Seung HoState of Emergency Release Card - Daniel CyliiNeuH FRACyliiNeuH Oct.28.2016 04:44PM
Popped #23
May I have SOE Daniel please ? It’s one of my dream cards *-*
Thank you very much for this giveaway ! :)
And If you wanna give more cards I would be more than happy haha


Be the Chaser of Infinite - InfiniteGURUPOP Show CheerleaderBe the Chaser of Infinite - L aindamya MYSaindamya Oct.22.2016 04:03AM
Popped #22

Hello ;) I’d love to have any of these cards..
BFOJJP group
Monster GD
Flashback Jooyeon
BTC Sungjong
BTC Dongwoo

Thank you!! ;) You must be a huge fan of Boyfriend and B1A4 XD


Daebak Date with Yong GukGURUPOP Show EP7 from SiwanDaebak Date with Dae Hyun ShawolExotic CANShawolExotic Oct.21.2016 06:01PM
Popped #21

Could I have DDW Jongup maybe? :D Thank you!!


BIG Fan of JJ Project - JB2014 GURUPOP Awards - Best Daily Checker - navajaneBIG Fan of JJ Project - JB 2 navajane USAnavajane Oct.21.2016 03:06PM
popped #20

i would like to have simon or inati - state of emergency, please and thanks you! ^-^


Just One Day - SugaBoy In Luv - JiminBoy In Luv - SUGA candyxdcane ITAcandyxdcane Oct.21.2016 02:32AM
Popped #19
Can i have GD One of a Kind card and BTS cards xdOMG so much BTS cardsss o.o Whatever u have with Bigbang and BTS, please <3 T__T I know im greedyyy xd
Thank u!!


GURUPOP Show EP8 from Woohee2013 GURUPOP Awards - Best Daily Checker - So_seoulfulGURUPOP Show EP4 from Young Jae So_seoulful GBRSo_seoulful Oct.20.2016 04:41AM
Hi, could I have Hyorin or a we become gang card please?? Thank you :)


Sleep Talking - JRTried to Walk - BaroNever Ever, Jiyeon - 2 yoorin hana MYSyoorin hana Oct.20.2016 02:22AM
Popped #18
Can i have your just one day jhope & jimin and poison secret jieun & group card?
Thanks & have a nice day :)


Daily Check-inVoodoo Doll, VIXX!Daily Check-in Lupink MEXLupink Oct.20.2016 01:12AM
Popped #17
Can I have any of these cards?
Monster or Alive BIGBANG/ Rock ur Body/ I Love You 2NE1/ Be Like Wonder Girls/ BIG Fan of Wonder Girls/ Day by Day with T-ara/ Pandora
Thank you :)


SuperJunior's Fan ClubAlive Release Card - BIGBANGSuper Junior M's Fan Club adrymx MEXadrymx Oct.20.2016 12:54AM
Popped #16
Could I have any of these cards?
In this order of most to least favorite.
Monster Release Card - T.O.P/ Seungri/ G-Dragon
Alive Release Card - G-Dragon
Rock Ur Body - Hongbin/ LEO /Hyuk/ N
I Love You, 2NE1 - Dara/ Minzy/ Bom/ CL
Be the Chaser of Infinite - L
Phoenix - Hyung Shik

Thanks for doing this giveaway =)


Far away... Young love - T.KONE 4 U Release Card - SeungyupDripping Tears, Son Dam Bi! - 4 N☆SHAK MYSN☆SHAK Oct.19.2016 09:53PM
Hi :3
Can i have any jjp card/Monster seungry/GD / BTC Group Or Flashback Lizzy please ¿
Thank you <3


Kim Soo Hyun's Fan ClubGURUPOP Show EP5 from Lee JoonBe the Chaser of Infinite - Sunggyu KarenM MEXKarenM Oct.19.2016 07:13PM
Popped #15
Can i have bangbang cards, pretty please :) (specially woohee/subin) ^.^
Thank you for This giveaway also you CAN gb when you want, lol i like to talk with everyone :D


BIG Fan of JJ Project - JBPandora - Nicole JungState of Emergency Release Card - Daniel linapark501 BGRlinapark501 Oct.19.2016 05:57PM
Pop #14

Hi :)
Since I don’t know what’s available I’ll list a few? (from most wanted)
Can I have JJP group / any SOE / any Sadness / any JJP / any BTC ?

Thank you ♥


JeA - While you're sleepingSPICA - LonelySPEED - It's over layallily USAlayallily Oct.19.2016 11:05AM
popped#13 can i have btc sungjong please.thank you :)


Daily Check-inMembership Anniversary 2 yearDaily Check-in ♥Dinadj96♥ JOR♥Dinadj96♥ Oct.19.2016 10:11AM
Popped 12
Can i please have your alone card hyorin ^^
Thank you!


MBLAQ's Fan ClubDaebak Date with B.A.PJay Park's Fan Club LoreAJLong MEXLoreAJLong Oct.19.2016 09:10AM
Just popped #11
Could I please have any I love you-2ne1 cards or Be like Wonder Girls?
Thanks mate.


MBLAQ's Fan ClubDaebak Date with B.A.PJay Park's Fan Club LoreAJLong MEXLoreAJLong Oct.19.2016 09:11AM
I know they are so much to ask for but they are sooo hard to get.

Day by Day with T-ara - QriDay by Day with T-ara - AhreumDay by Day with T-ara - Hwayoung lighthouse EGYlighthouse Oct.19.2016 07:39AM
poped 10
can i have the return card eric
thank you so much
have a nice day


BIGBANG - Bad BoyMonster Release Card - TaeyangBIGBANG - Blue bubblechu BGRbubblechu Oct.19.2016 07:29AM
Popped #9
May I have FB Uie and/or E-Young pleease since they’re the only cards I need to complete my set *puppy eyes*
Thank you for thiis it’s so sweet of you ^^


Daesung's Fan Club Alya Lee Lee MYSAlya Lee Lee Oct.19.2016 05:53AM
POPPED 8 omo ! you really wanna give thesee card away ?
Im sorry if i burden u but may i pleas have allyour 2AM Fitzgerald’s way of love ? or be the chaser set ??
they look pretty to me :) so i wanna have it :)
i think u are kind. thank u !!


Please can i have Big Bang cards please ?
Salamat =)


Be the Chaser of Infinite - InfiniteDongwoo's Fan ClubBoy In Luv, Bangtan Boys! quackieduck AUSquackieduck Oct.19.2016 05:42AM
Popped #6
If i could, may i please have State of Emergency - Dalmatian group card or Big Fan of Wonder Girls group card?
(They are both cards i have been looking for so i can even trade if you want to instead)
Thank you!
Have a good day~


Alive Release Card - DaesungStop Girl - DonghoJust One Day - Jin ♔ MISS AAJ ♔ MYS♔ MISS AAJ ♔ Oct.19.2016 05:38AM
Pop #5 ^^
Can I have your State of Emergency cards and BTC group ?
Thank You and it’s been a while since I saw you I guess ?? :)
Welcome back ?


Because of Christmas - LeoRock Ur Body - LEOPhoenix - Hyung Shik dean32 DEUdean32 Oct.19.2016 04:43AM
Could I have your Day by Day cards please ?
Thank you for doing ths giveaway :) .


On and On - HyukOn and On, VIXX!On and On - N Mery82 USAMery82 Oct.19.2016 04:24AM
Popped #3. Can i have Sadness card? Or BTC Dongwoo?


On and On - HyukOn and On, VIXX!On and On - N Mery82 USAMery82 Oct.19.2016 04:25AM
Thank you so much

Be the Chaser of Infinite - InfiniteGURUPOP Show EP5 from CheondungSadness Release Card - Hyoseok mae_gamz PHLmae_gamz Oct.19.2016 03:41AM
Popped #2

Can I have your extra JJ Project Cards? The two of them and solo JR? Please??? Salamat




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