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ENDED.November giveaway.

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Nov.04.2016. 10:19AM

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Nov.04.2016 12:00AM ~ Dec.01.2016 12:00AM

What did you do on halloween eve ? 
What did you dress up as ? (if you celebrate it)
Did You like any of your favorite celebrity's costumes? (show pictures)

*1 pop the post and comment pop number 

*2 Answer the questions 

*3 if you were picked as winner, which card do you want? (check guroom)

*4 Winners will be picked using



heidi klum 2013


WINNER PICKED ! >>adrymx


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Please Sign in!!
Gurupop4Help O1Gurupop4Help Dec.07.2016 10:55PM
Closed ..
until I announce winners you can still enter


Just One Day - JungkookJust One Day - JinSingle Release Card - ChoColat peachjam JPNpeachjam Nov.20.2016 08:48AM
popped #8

I didnt do anything, I was working.
I loved his makeup in this picture:

I would love to win Damaged Lady - Seungyeon

Thank you for the giveaway :)


Sleep Talking - JRTried to Walk - BaroNever Ever, Jiyeon - 2 yoorin hana MYSyoorin hana Nov.20.2016 07:29AM
Popped #7
Doing nothing since i don’t celebrate it.
I like their make up too
I would like to have any damaged lady card :)
Thanks for giveaway ~


Daily Check-inVoodoo Doll, VIXX!Daily Check-in Lupink MEXLupink Nov.11.2016 03:01AM
Popped #6
I didn’t do anything on Halloween.
Cute pumpkin!
I would like to have any BIGSTAR card.
Thank you :)


Because of Christmas - LeoRock Ur Body - LEOPhoenix - Hyung Shik dean32 DEUdean32 Nov.08.2016 02:14AM
1. popped#5
2. I didn`t celebrated Helloween .
3. I would like to have Vixx Ravi VD.
Thank you for doing this .


SuperJunior's Fan ClubAlive Release Card - BIGBANGSuper Junior M's Fan Club adrymx MEXadrymx Nov.07.2016 03:29AM
Popped #4
I don’t celebrate halloween, but for the Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) is celebrated in Mexico, I made this nail design.

I think Kevin looks cute as Peter Pan.
I like how Super Junior look as super heroes.
NOT KPOP RELATED, but I love how Hanson look as super heroes.

If I were picked as winner, I would like to have DIRTY Release Card - Miryo3.
Thanks for doing this giveaway =)


Rock Ur Body - RaviBecause of Christmas - RaviOn and On - Ravi яαvι☆♪ USAяαvι☆♪ Nov.06.2016 07:35PM
Popped #3
Sadly no :c I did not dress as anything, but next year I will make my Zelda costume :D for SURE!
It was not all that cx but Sojung from Ladies Code dressed as a vampire, she looked so cute.
If I were picked as a winner I would choose Girls day -Something


Rock Ur Body - RaviBecause of Christmas - RaviOn and On - Ravi яαvι☆♪ USAяαvι☆♪ Nov.06.2016 07:37PM
Here is a picture I hope you can see it >.<

Be the Chaser of Infinite - InfiniteGURUPOP Show CheerleaderBe the Chaser of Infinite - L aindamya MYSaindamya Nov.05.2016 12:31PM
OMG Heidi Klum D: I cannot...



Daily Check-inMembership Anniversary 2 yearDaily Check-in ♥Dinadj96♥ JOR♥Dinadj96♥ Nov.05.2016 08:27AM
I’m so amazed by the makeup !!0.0 HOW??
Heidi’s costume is the first one i ever liked .Amazing .


BIGBANG - Bad BoyMonster Release Card - TaeyangBIGBANG - Blue bubblechu BGRbubblechu Nov.05.2016 07:15AM
Popped #2
Stayed at home and watched Mean Girls cuz my plans for the night were cancelled :D
BUT yanno I love makeup so I did put halloween makeup on my face, took pics and then removed it xDD
Since I didn’t really see many celebs this Halloween, this one is my fav <33


BIGBANG - Bad BoyMonster Release Card - TaeyangBIGBANG - Blue bubblechu BGRbubblechu Nov.05.2016 07:17AM
I’d want Miryoo!! Cuz she’s my baee, ultimate female bias ♡

MBLAQ's Fan ClubDaebak Date with B.A.PJay Park's Fan Club LoreAJLong MEXLoreAJLong Nov.04.2016 04:26PM
Damn that was a lot of work and effort for Heidi Klum!!!
Just popped #1 =)
In Halloween I was soooo boring lol. That morning I had to give in a project so I didn’t sleep the night before. I had two parties but I did not go to niether lol. I went home and watched Harry Potter (what I could ’cause I fell asleep jeje ) and when my lil’ sister came home we went out trick or treating. She was a baby witch and I was a "Catrina". =)
I like how Got7 dressed up. I have not seen other celebrities lol...I saw Got7 ’cause I saw a quick show.
Please enter me and thanks! =)
I looove these days! and in México we also have "Día de Muertos" which I also love!




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