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100 Facts about Gongchan

Aug.12.2012. 01:37AM

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Name: Gong Chan Shik (공찬식)
Position: Vocals, Maknae
Birthday: 14 August 1993
Blood Type: A
Heigt: 181cm
Weight: 60kg

1. When B1A4 members first met Gongchan he gave them a impression of chic and shy person.
2. But when B1A4 members talk to him, they feel he is cute and does a lot of aegyo :3 (awwww sooo cute)
3. Fans call Gonchan ''turechan'' because he looks like a turtle to them.
4. He is the second tallest after CNU.
5. B1A4 members gain strength and power from Gongchan's aegyo.
6. Even though Gongchan is the youngest, but he takes care of his hyung alot. ^^

7. Alot of ''noonas'' like Gongchan because of his akward smile.( OMO I LIKE IT TOO XDDD)
8. Gongchan is the third member to be recruited after Jinyoung and Baro.
9. @B1A4_gongchan is his twitter account.
10. Gongchan thinks of CNU as his mother, Jinyoung as his father and Sandeul,Baro as his siblings.
11. Gongchan's ideal type is a cute person, cool but does alot of aegyo to him and matches him like bread and butter. (ahhhh it's me xDDDD)
12. Gongchan thinks that his hyungs face will become cool when they're in the practice room. (Lol is it true? A_A)
13. Gongchan was recruited by other companies before that's why he's good in acting. (When he was in CF Big Cola, acting Gongchan is most daebakkkk!)
14. Gongchan is from Suncheon.
15. Gongchan has a minor cut in his hand. (I forgot left or right)
16. Gongchan's first perfomance was not as good as he was in his pratices. But then he became good when he see his hyungs putting so much effort.

17. Gongchan is the most noisiest member when they are picking clothers for an event.
18. Sandeul's background photo is a photo of Gongchan
19. Gongchan thinks of B1A4 as a family.
20. Gongchan wants to be a proffesional singer no matter what genre it is.
21. Gongchan's training suit is his valuable thing.

23. Gongchan likes ballad songs.
24. Gongchan hopes B1A4 will have a solo concert. But his biggest dream is for everyone in the world to know about B1A4. That's why B1A4 will work hard for everyone.
25. Gongchan is also known as a chic-terminator.
26. Gongchan admitted when he was a trainee he was really shy.
27. Gongchan is schooling at Seoul School of Performing Arts (SOPA). He is in the school with Jo Twins and Minwoo (boyfriend), Suhu (X-5), Namjoo (A Pink), Eun Kyo (5 Idols), Suzy (Miss A), Hye Ri (Girls Day) and Sulli f(x). (Taemin was also there before,, yeayy xDDD)
28. Gongchan may look cool in his photos, but he is not in reality.

29. Gongchan is said to look like Jonghyun SHINee, Yonghwa CN Blue, Donghae Super Junior, Dongwoon B2st, Jonghun FT Island and Kim Soo Hyun. (he does'nt look like jonghyun lol)
30. After Gongchan's debut, he thinks of everything like a dream.
31. Gongchan have a brother named MinWoo. And Gonchan is the oldest in his family
32. Gongchan is proud of the song Bling Girl where all the members help out to write the song.
33. Gongchan is also interested in writing songs.
34. If theres a chance, Gongchan also wants to learn music deeply. (composing?)
35. The song ''Only one'' is the song which is nearest to Gongchan's feelings.

36. From all the songs Gongchan sang, he likes the song Only One the most.
37. When he is singing the song O.K, he thinks of a person he likes during his school days.
38. Gongchan is the member which gives a lot of fan-service.

39. When Gongchan is alone, he plays himself like .. (LOL soo cute ><)

40. Gongchan always plays his ''rifle-gun-shot moves''with his hyungs, but is always ignored becoz he do it too much. Then, Gongchan will get angry and walks funilly (like a baby who just started to walk). So his hyungs calls him baby. (LOL i've never seen this before A_A)

41. Even though Gongchan looks manly, but he does'nt in the inside.
42. Gongchan likes to wear sunglasses because he thinks it makes him cool and high-class. (lol same with me -,-)
43. Gongchan likes Pororo and Crong alot. (From the story Pororo the little penguin)
44. Baro's first impression to Gongchan is he is a person who makes everyone laugh.
45. Gongchan knows a little of English.
46. Gongchan is the second person with the most fans after Jinyoung. (most of the fans are noonas)
47. Before debut, Gongchan likes sports alot.

48. Gongchan thinks of Sandeul as a good mate when they first met.
49. G.O.D – To My Mother is a song Gongchan always listen to when he is young. The lyrics are very touching and Gongchan likes it alot.
50.  The hyungs say Gongchan's butt is very pretty. xDDD
51. Gongchan likes his eyes the most.
52. When Gongchan is at a place with alot of people, he will get nervous and gets stomach ache. (awww sooo sad)
53. Gongchan cried in a interview before because he think about his families when he is in the interview.
54. Gongchan thinks he is best in making a coffee advertisment.
55. Gong Chan was contracted by Cyworld, because he won in the Uzzlang challenge in his Junior Highschool.
56. Gongchan won runner-up in the cross-dressing competition because of his ''ivy dance''
57. Gongchan's skin colour is a little tan, so they call him copper. (Copper is the character in ONE PIECE)
58. Gongchan does'nt like IPA subjects, so he switched to the Arts class, but he wanted the IPA class because of the subject Maths but then tapi because of the other subjects he took the Arts class.
59. Was chosen by Jinyoung as the most 'chic' member.
60. Other members was jealous when Baro hugged a girl in the MV 'Only learned bad things' but Gongchan was'nt. (because he wanted to hug me xDDD jkjk)
61. Gongchan choses the colour white matches well with him because of his tanned skin.
62. Gongchan was often said he looked like a girl when he was in school, since then he tried to become more 'man'.
63. Gongchan is a fans of YUI. He liked the drama ‘Song to the sun’ (タイヨウのうた).
64. Saddest thing Gongchan thinks is things connected with a person's death.
65. Gongchan is learning to change himself and always have a modest heart.
66. Gongchan was very happy when he first received the album 'Let's Fly'.
67. Gongchan calls CNu as a inspektor/detektif.
68. Gongchan is trying to improve his personal talent.
69. Gongchan must bring sweets with him in his bag wherever he goes.
70. If he did'nt became an idol, he would have go to a university now.
71. His hobby is to listen to music and read novels.
72. Gongchan choses Baro as the most funniest person.
73. Gongchan thinks everyone in B1A4 is the same to him.
74. Fans say Gongchan look like Shih-Tzu (a puppy)
75. Gongchan does'nt like high-places.
76. Before going to bed, Gongchan drinks a glass of milk.
77. Gongchan does'nt call Baro as a hyung, but calls him as Baro-ssi.
78. If there's a chance, Gongchan wants to sing a ballad with Sandeul.
79. Gongchan like to do aegyo in front of the camera.

80. An event where Gongchan can't forget is where his hyungs made a surprise party for him. He did'nt expected it and was surprised until he cried.
81. If there's a chance to switch bodies, he would like to switch with a person who can write good lyrics.
82. Gongchan is very good in Maths and in swimming. (ahh that's just same like me.)
83. Gongchan is always bullied by his hyungs. (aww sooo sad xD)
84. Gongchan's favourite food is Kimchi.
85. Gongchan says his during his days when he was a trainee, waking up in the morning was a pain for him. (LOL same with me.)

86. Gongchan have double eyelids in his left eye. so he always make a wink using his right eye and he would look good.
87. Gongchan's face look like a model. (ahh so true)
88. Gongchan thinks when he is shooting the MV for 'Only learned bad things' he made some minor mistakes and hope it wont happen again.
89. Gongchan wants to go to climb mountains, look at sunset and eat a feast with his hyungs.
90. Gongchan likes to read france novels and japanese mangas.
91. Gongchan likes to play in the night where he shocks his hyungs.
92. Gongchan likes the show ''Band of Brothers''
93. Gongchan is the most hardworking member replying UFOs in UFOTOWN
94. Gongchan hugged a girl in his school before when she was crying and said, ''if you're crying and sad, it makes me sad too''. (This fact is true? why i never seen it before. Aww sooo sweet of channie ><)
95. Gong Chan likes the word ''karaii'' which means spicy in japanese.
96. There was once when Gongchan is swimming and he did'nt know that day turned dark.
97. Gongchan is a fan of Donghae, Super Junior.
98. Gongchan likes the song Mirotic.
99. CNU said that if Gongchan cross-dressed he would be extremely pretty because of his big eyes and sharp nose.
100. Gongchan went to TVXQ's concert before because his friends gave him a ticket.

Ahhhh it look me 1hours+ to tranlsate these. OMO. I have to think what words i have to use and all. Phew.. some of the facts i left blank because i think they were some facts are repeated and the meaning was wrong.And it took me some time to look for the pics >< So, well,, saranghaeyo Gongchan :P!


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