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B1A4 Members Cheer On Baro’s Younger Sister “I” (Cha Yoon Ji) After Solo Debut

Jan.11.2017. 03:12PM

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The guys of B1A4 have tweeted and posted on Instagram to show their support for Baro’s younger sister “I” (Cha Yoon Ji) as she makes her debut!

“I” released her debut mini album “I Dream” on January 12 at midnight KST, as well as the music video for her debut title track featuring Tiger JK.

Shortly after midnight, B1A4’s Jinyoung uploaded a photo to his Instagram of her title track streaming and wrote as the caption, “The album by Baro’s younger sister has been released. Please listen to it a lot and support her.”

jinyoung0423: 우리 바로 동생 아이의 앨범이 발매되었습니다~~ 많이 들어주시고 응원해주세요~~^^
#b1a4 #바로 #아이 #간절히바라면이뤄질거야

CNU shared a similar shot to his own Instagram and wrote, “Our Yoon Ji is all grown up. I’ve known you since you were just a little kid, I don’t know when you got this grown up… You’ve become a pretty ‘I.'” His last sentence is a play on her name, as her stage name “아이 [I]” sounds like “child” in Korean.

He then tagged Baro’s Instagram account and wrote, “Hey, don’t cry.”

realcnu: 우리 윤지 다컷네 꼬맹이일때 부터 봤는데 언제 이렇게 컷는지… 어여쁜 아이가 되었구나 #아이 #I #간절히바라면이루어질거야 @baroganatanatda 야 울지마 ㅠ

Gongchan also tweeted, “Baro’s younger sister’s album is out. Please show it lots and lots of love!”

gongchanida: ‪바로형 동생의 앨범이 나왔어요^^ 많이 많이 사랑해주세요!‬
‪아이 (I) - 간절히 바라면 이뤄질 거야‬
‪(Feat. 타이거JK)‬
‪#아이 #I #노래하는아이 #춤추는아이
‪#꿈꾸는아이 #간절히바라면이뤄질거야 ‬

In addition, Sandeul showed his support by writing on Instagram, “A cool ‘I’!! An ‘I’ that I’m proud of!! Ah… why am I so proud? Fighting!! Why is this song so good…”. He added the song title in his hashtags as well as the hash tag, “Sincere.”

sandoriganatanatda: 멋진아이!!자랑스런아이!!아…내가 왜 뿌듯하냐 화이팅!!노래는 또 왜이리 좋아…간절히 바라면 이뤄질 거야 #아이 #I #WM #뿌듯 #간절히바라면이뤄질거야 #진심

Baro showed his support for his younger sister by sharing a picture with her from the set of her music video.

baroganatanatda: 👨‍👧 @yoooon_g_ #아이 #간절히바라면이뤄질거야 #간바이

“I” and B1A4’s WM Entertainment label mate Oh My Girl’s Binnie also tweeted to ask fans to listen to “I”‘s new mini album.

Congrats on your debut, “I”!

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Fighting "I"! ^^ Such a unique stage name! =P Wah~! Cha Yoon Ji! Supporting! ^^





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