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[B1A4 Event] (: Be the One All for One Post of SmileItsPaNhia :) (June 27, 2012)

Jun.07.2012. 10:27PM

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[B1A4 Event] (: Be the One All for One Post of SmileItsPaNhia :) (June 27, 2012)


YAY! B1A4 Event is FINALLY ENDING!!! I have worked REALLY, REALLY HARD for this event ( Especially since I can't purchase B1A4's Ignition Special Edition ).


This post is really important because it shows how much I LOVE B1A4 and how much I am a BIG FAN of B1A4 :)


The significant of this title is (: Be the One All for One Post of SmileItsPaNhia :). 

It's because I ONLY posted ONE post for this event :)













[B1A4 Event] SmileItsPaNhia's Imitations of B1A4 (June 26, 2012)


SmileItsPaNhia's Imitation of B1A4's Jinyoung

My first imitation is B1A4's leader, Jung Jinyoung. Jinyoung is a GREAT leader. Not only is he good-looking, Jinyoung also is good at singing and composing. Jinyoung looks young on the outside, but he is actually a grandpa inside. Jinyoung has weak legs. >_< During Seasme Player when Jinyoung and Baro were partnered, Jinyoung was too tired to continue walking. Don't forget his grandpa version of JoKwon's Kkab dance XD Jinyoung is really considerate of others' feelings. He would think of the members and his BANAs :) He is someone whom everyone would want to be with. Jinyoung is like an angel sent from HEAVEN. I LOVE Jinyoung because of his personalities. Jinyoung is the reason why I became a BANA.


To imitate Jinyoung, I wore the following:
- "PEACE" shirt {This shirt symbolized Jinyoung's peacefulness}


In the video, I chose to sing "Bling Girl" because Jinyoung composed this song himself. He knows how to play the guitar too! :) I also LOVE Jinyoung because of his composing abilities! :)


The picture I took symbolized Jinyoung's good & cute looks. It also symbolized peace with my calm expression. :)







SmileItsPaNhia's Imitation of B1A4's CNU


My second imitation is B1A4's vocal and rapper, Shin Dong Woo or CNU. CNU is one of a kind. He can sing. He can dance. He can rap. He is good looking. CNU is a QUADRUPLE-THREAT! XD
CNU is the first guy ever for me to find attractive with long hair. With CNU's long hair and good looks, he is called "Noona" XD LOL! CNU does sometimes look like a girl. I would love to see CNU with short hair XD
I LOVE CNU because of his smile! Such a BRIGHT smile! I'm blinded by that smile! I also LOVE CNU because of his awkwardness. CNU been getting SEXY! XD

To imitate CNU, I wore the following:
- "SMILE" t-shirt { I wore this shirt because of CNU's BRIGHT SMILE }
- Spectacle { CNU is always wearing one }

In the video, I am trying to capture the hearts' of others. I am also smiling.

In the picture, I am holding a peace sign. Whenever CNU takes a picture, he always have a peace sign.







SmileItsPaNhia's Imitation of B1A4's Sandeul


My third imitation is of B1A4's MAIN vocalist, Lee Junghwan or Sandeul. I LOVE Sandeul because of his FACIAL EXPRESSIONS! XD Whenever B1A4 dance, Sandeul always have interesting facial expressions XD Sandeul's facial expressions are what makes him cute and adorable. Oh! When Sandeul hits those HIGH notes! WOW! AMAZING! I LOVE IT!!! Sandeul gets so into singing. I'm happy to see that. It makes me proud to be a BANA because I know that Sandeul REALLY, REALLY LOVE SINGING!!! I was brought to tears listening to Sandeul's Crush TT^TT. LOL XD I also LOVE Sandeul because of his food ADDICTION XD LOL From stealing a bite from CNU's sandwich to eating kimchi from an Ajumma LOL XD Also, I LOVE Sandeul because he reminds me of a duck XD His "FULL LIPS" Sandeul talks as much as a duck quacks XD


To imitate Sandeul, I wore the following:
- "Cupcakes Makes Me Smile" t-shirt { This shows Sandeul's food addiction }

In the video, I am singing Sandeul's solo song, "Crush". Just like Sandeul, I am passionate about singing :) .

In the picture, I am holding a stuffed duck and food. Sandeul is known as a duck and is known to LOVE food!







SmileItsPaNhia's Imitation of B1A4's Baro


My fourth imitation is B1A4's MAIN rapper, Cha Sunwoo or Baro. I LOVE Baro because of his rapping skills :) When I first saw Baro, he was so adorable. Then, Baro started rapping! WHOA! How could such an ADORABLE person have such a MANLY voice! It was LOVE at first sight. As you can see from my previous posts, Baro is my bias :) I also LOVE Baro because he is outgoing. Baro fools around every chance he gets :)

Baro is the founder of the "Sprout Dance" because of his silliness XD Baro is also the founder of "Princess Squirrel". Don't forget his SQUIRREL TEETH >_< Oh, how I LOVE Baro! :)

To imitate Baro, I wore the following:
- "What's up Dog" t-shirt { Baro is into HIP-HOP :) He IS the rapper. }
- Beanie { Baro is always wearing a hat. When B1A4 debuted, Baro wore beanies :) }

In the video, I imitated Baro recording his solo part for the Baby I'm Sorry MV. After recording, Baro was being silly >_<

In the picture, I have a manly expression because Baro always have these expressions.







SmileItsPaNhia's Imitation of B1A4's Gongchan


My fifth and last imitation is B1A4's maknae, Gong Chansik or Gongchan. Gongchan is so adorable and cute! He is the King of Aegyo in B1A4 :) I LOVE Gongchan because he is SMART. He is really aware of his surrounding. Gongchan was the first person to notice a HIDDEN camera when B1A4 were tricked. Gongchan was also the first person to notice that Sandeul's laptop was still on after video chatting with BANAs. LOL XD At times, Gongchan can be evil XD Hiding Sandeul's food & CNU's egg XD

It's adorable how Gongchan wants to become "manly". I will ALWAYS LOVE Gongchan whatever concepts he choses :)

To imitate Gongchan, I wore the following:
- "I AM NINJA" t-shirt { Gongchan is a NINJA with his key sense of his surrounding }

In the video, I did multiple aegyos and hearts XD BUT Gongchan is the EXPERT.

In the picture, I made a heart with my hands :) Gongchan is always making hearts :)






These are SOME of the MANY traits that I LOVE from B1A4 :)





[B1A4 Event] SmileItsPaNhia's Beautiful Target- OH MY B1A4 (June 26, 2012)


I decided to create a cover of B1A4's Beautiful Target. Why did I chose this MV over all the others? This MV made me become a BANA :)

I remember the day. I was upset with my little brother. B1A4's Beautiful Target was playing. I remembered seeing a ferris wheel look-alike background. BUT, what caught my eyes and ears the most was the rapper. The rapper was adorable! *Q* BUT his voice didn't match him ? I was shocked. I became interested. I then started watching B1A4's Match Up. I LOVED B1A4's personalities, especially Jinyoung's. :) I continued to follow them to until this very day. That's how I became a BANA :)



For this post, I sang and danced B1A4's Beautiful Target. I sang and danced without music. PLUS, I translated the song into ENGLISH. YES!!! I now understand what B1A4 was singing about :) I want to give credit to FLIGHTB1A4. I got the English translation from them, BUT I changed the lyrics around. Instead of "Oh My Beautiful Target" it's "OH MY B1A4" :)


ENJOY!!! :)





[B1A4 Event] The FIRST- Lights, Camera ACTION! (June 24, 2012)


I titled this post as "The First" because these videos are my FIRST covers of B1A4 :) ENJOY!!!



Here is my short version of B1A4's Baby Goodnight. I attempted to dance >_<

This cover relates back to my previous post SmileItsPaNhia's Baby Goodnight (June 23, 2012).





Here is me dancing B1A4's Sprout Dance and Jinyoung's Grandpa Kkab Dance (Orginally created by 2AM's Jo Kwon) at a school performance. This is a video of my AVID class and I performing a parody of LMFAO's " I'm Sexy and I Know It". It is called " I'm AVID and I Know It".


(AVID is a program that helps students be prepare for college. AVID students carry HUGE THREE inch binders. That is why all the students are carrying binders.)


Since my mom filmed this video, I am in the spotlight >_<

In case you can't figure out who I am, I am the ASIAN girl with long hair and the brown dress with SILVER shoes :) I have a BLACK binder.


You can watch the WHOLE video if you want, BUT I did the Sprout and Kkab Dance at 1:27.






[B1A4 Event] Default Picture (June 24, 2012)


I decided to change my default picture to something related to this event. So here is a close shot of my NEW default picture:





[B1A4 Event] SmileItsPaNhia's Baby Goodnight (June 23, 2012)


For B1A4's 2nd Giveaway Event, I decided to have a post related to Baby Goodnight since this giveaway is for B1A4 Ignition Special Edition. I chose to bake. My art work has a theme of the Baby Goodnight MV. Here are some pictures:






Here are close shots of the theme Baby Goodnight:








Here is a close shot of B1A4's name:




Here are close shots of B1A4's slogan:






This time, here is a close shot of a heart:




Here is a close shot of CNU:



CNU's animal is a bear. I added a SMILE because CNU ALWAYS has a BRIGHT SMILE :) I also added glasses XD



Here is a close shot of Jinyoung:



Jinyoung was suppose to be a fox, but I didn't have a fox cookie cutter XD . I trimmed the bunny's ears shorter to look like a fox, but it still looked like a bunny. I decided to leave Jinyoung as a bunny. A bunny does match Jinyoung. They both look cute and cuddly :) I drew Jinyoung's fox/phoenix eyes.



Here is a close shot of Sandeul:



Of course, Sandeul is a duck. Sandeul has a HUGE beak because Sandeul believe that his lips are full ( Sandeul's lips are XD ).



Here is a close shot of Baro:



Same as Jinyoung, I couldn't find a squirrel cookie cutter for Baro so I used a dinosaur. I chose a dinosaur because just like Princess Squirrel Baro, it has BIG TEETH. I drew TWO BIG TEETH under Baro's mouth. Baro is like a dinosaur because he is the most manliest of B1A4.



Here is a close shot of Gongchan:



Gongchan is a puppy because of his nickname.



Notice that I used PINK and WHITE frosting on all my brownies :)

It is B1A4's colors!!! :)



This is SmileItsPaNhia's Baby Goodnight!!!



[B1A4 Event] (: It's B1A4 BANAs :) (June 22, 2012)




It's B1A4 BANAs! :)


This is my collection of B1A4. I have a B1A4 Ignition Poster, B1A4 Ignition Album, It B1A4 (This made me a BANA :), postcards that ♥JJinyoung♥ (Kristine) sent me & my sister, and a wall of B1A4 pictures. :) I also have stickers of B1A4 that I received from KPOPTOWN for preordering B1A4 Ignition. Here's a close shot of each:







Here is a close shot of each picture I have of B1A4:




I am a BIG FAN of B1A4.





[B1A4 Event] B1A4 Crazy 0_o o_0 (June 21, 2012)


This is a screenshot of my computer screen. As you can see, every tabs and windows I opened is related to B1A4. :) YAY! YEAH!

I have ALL of B1A4's music videos on each tabs. Even the theme of my Google Chrome is B1A4 :)

I opened mulitple windows just for GURUPOP. I have the following windows of GURUPOP open: GURUPOP, B1A4's 2nd Giveaway Event, and my [B1A4 Event].


This shows that I am a BIG FAN of B1A4 :)  





[B1A4 Event] SmileItsPaNhia's HOME SWEET HOME (June 18, 2012)



This is another project that I photoshoped in class. I was supposed to create a website of myself. I dedicated my HOME PAGE to B1A4. 


The background is a GIF of B1A4 doing their SEXY dance from Baby Goodnight MV :)


***It's not behind the picture above because my HOME PAGE HTML doesn't work so I am showing what my website looks like without the GIF. 


Since the GIF doesn't show, here is how it looks like:



My banner is B1A4's photoshoot of Hats On.


I included airplanes because of B1A4's phrase "LET'S FLY B1A4" :)


I included the color PINK, B1A4's color (In my opinion XD I would LOVE B1A4 to have this PINK as their color. I LOVE this shade of PINK ever since I saw B1A4 in it.)





[B1A4 Event] The Lock and The Key (June 17, 2012)


Here is the Lock.


Here is the Key:



I am the LOCK. B1A4 is the KEY. B1A4 is the only one for me. B1A4 is my NUMBER ONE KPOP GROUP.


I came up with this idea to post up because B1A4 always unlock my heart. B1A4 is the key to my HAPPINESS :) B1A4 brings HAPPINESS whenever I see them. Whenever I'm down, I can always turn to B1A4 & they WILL cheer me up :)




B1A4 will ALWAYS unlock my heart & MANY OTHER people's HEART :)





[B1A4 Event] Happy Birthday to B1A4's CNU! (June 16, 2012)



I made a video of me singing "Happy Birthday" to B1A4's CNU :)


In Korean time, it's already in the afternoon. BUT in America, CNU's birthday is just starting :)

Even GURUPOP time is CNU's Birthday :)

It's awesome that CNU's birthday is happening ALL these THREE times :)


SmileItsPaNhia's Message to CNU:

CNU, you might think that a lot of people have forgotten about you, but I HAVEN'T. Even though Baro is my bias, I still LOVE YOU VERY MUCH :)

I LOVE how INDEPENDENT you are. 

I LOVE how AWKWARD you are on camera XD






I wish you a Happy Birthday! I wish that ALL your wishes come true.

I wish you HAPPINESS!!! :)













[B1A4 Event] B1A4 Yearbook Page (June 14, 2012)


I want to prove to everyone that I am a BIG FAN of B1A4. To show that I'm a BIG FAN of B1A4, I dedicated a page in my yearbook to B1A4. This was how it looked like being reserved for B1A4:








After that, I decorated B1A4 Yearbook Page. Here's how it looks now:






***I do NOT own these photos of B1A4. It's only decoration for my B1A4 Yearbook Page.



[B1A4 Event] The Amazing B1A4 Picture (June 12, 2012)



This is The Amazing B1A4 picture. It's the first picture of B1A4 in my room.


No, it's not a regular picture. Look close. Well, look far.


Okay, when you look close at the picture of B1A4, you see each of the members with their picture behind them right?


WRONG! Now, look far. Go away from the computer. Now, look at the picture again. Do you see now that B1A4 seems to have huge heads like bobbleheads figures?

It's amazing right?


The Amazing B1A4 Picture! :)


***This picture WAS NOT photoshoped/edited by me. I found this picture on GOOGLE & decided to print it out & put up in my room. I just wanted to share The Amazing B1A4 Picture with you.



[B1A4 Event] Princess Squirrel Baro (June 10, 2012)


This is a GIF that I made in class. The design is of squirrels if you look closely you might see. Whenever I think of Baro, I think of Princess Squirrel Baro:


***This GIF below is NOT my work. I am just posting this GIF up as a reminder. Also, it's for entertainment XD.



Baro's nickname of Princess Squirrel came from Sesame Player when B1A4 had to wear PJs. Baro received a pink PJ. Because it was pink, Baro was given the nickname of Princess & since Baro is a squirrel, the nickname of Princess Squirrel came to be :) .


Also, there is a Princess Squirrel DANCE & SONG! Here's a video of Baro & Gongchan dancing and singing Princess Squirrel. At the beginning, Baro was dancing to Princess Squirrel :)


***Again, this video is NOT my work. I am just posting this video as a reminder. Also, it's for entertainment XD.



I couldn't find a cut so I posted up whole video XD .


[B1A4 Event] Baro Says, "PEACE". (June 09, 2012)



This is a another picture that I made in class of Baro. Baro is my bias from B1A4. Since Baro is making a peace sign, I decided to add a ring text of "Peace" around Baro's head. I used the color PINK because I think B1A4's color should be PINK. :) 



[B1A4 Event] Cartoon Baro (June 08, 2012)



***This picture IS NOT my work. I am only showing this picture for you to see the difference.




***This picture IS my work :)


This is the first picture that I photoshop of Baro. Baro is my bias of B1A4. I first saw B1A4 in Beautiful Target. When I first saw Baro, I couldn't believe he was the rapper! :O His voice didn't match him. Baro was just too adorable to have a manly voice! I just couldn't take it in. I got used to Baro's voice and I LOVE BARO because of that. Baro is the first rapper that became my bias from a KPOP Group. I LOVE B1A4's Rapper, BARO.




[B1A4 Event] B1A4 + SmileItsPaNhia (June 07, 2012)




In class, I was given the opportunity to photoshop. I decided to photoshop B1A4 + PaNhia. >_< This was during B1A4's Beautiful Target. Beautiful Target was what made me a BANA :) I am forever grateful for B1A4's Beautiful Target. :)














Please Sign in!!
karen960528 USAkaren960528 Feb.10.2013 05:18PM
Awwh you are a big BANA! *_* Ohh and you’re in AVID? I thought that was like only in my school xD


SmileItsPaNhia USASmileItsPaNhia Feb.11.2013 12:52AM
Thank you for commenting on my B1A4 quest :)
I made the post long ago. xD
Yes, I LOVE B1A4 :)
I made my videos private so you probably couldn’t see them. xD
I was in AVID. I’m a freshman in college now :)
Not many people I know are in AVID. They think it’s nerdy xD
Well, I’m a nerd so I don’t mind taking Cornell Notes & caring my 3" binder xD

SmileItsPaNhia USASmileItsPaNhia Jun.27.2012 01:32AM


SmileItsPaNhia USASmileItsPaNhia Jun.27.2012 12:34AM
[B1A4 Event] (: Be the All for One Post of SmileItsPaNhia :) (June 26, 2012)





SmileItsPaNhia USASmileItsPaNhia Jun.27.2012 12:32AM
[B1A4 Event] SmileItsPaNhia’s Imitations of B1A4 (June 26, 2012)





SmileItsPaNhia USASmileItsPaNhia Jun.26.2012 09:42PM
[B1A4 Event] SmileItsPaNhia’s Beautiful Target- OH MY B1A4 (June 26, 2012)





SmileItsPaNhia USASmileItsPaNhia Jun.25.2012 03:45AM

My B1A4 Event has FINALLY become a SPOTLIGHT post!
So happy :)


SmileItsPaNhia USASmileItsPaNhia Jun.25.2012 03:16AM
@MichelleQUACK: Of course! My dedication is for B1A4 :)


Be the Chaser of Infinite - SunggyuIGNITION Release Card - B1A4IGNITION Release Card - Sandeul .Michelle. USA.Michelle. Jun.24.2012 10:24PM
Wow! So much dedication! :)


SmileItsPaNhia USASmileItsPaNhia Jun.24.2012 08:47PM
[B1A4 Event] The FIRST- Lights, Camera ACTION! (June 24, 2012)





SmileItsPaNhia USASmileItsPaNhia Jun.24.2012 08:47PM
[B1A4 Event] Default Picture (June 24, 2012)





SmileItsPaNhia USASmileItsPaNhia Jun.24.2012 02:45AM
@rineXsona: Thanks!

It took my like THREE HOURS to complete >_<


rineXsona USArineXsona Jun.24.2012 02:43AM
Great cookie designs! :D


SmileItsPaNhia USASmileItsPaNhia Jun.23.2012 11:06PM
[B1A4 Event] SmileItsPaNhia’s Baby Goodnight (June 23, 2012)





SmileItsPaNhia USASmileItsPaNhia Jun.22.2012 09:02PM
@MissSayBana: LOL XD I don’t care what other people say...I LOVE KPOP! That’s FINAL! XD

I let people know that I’m into KPOP :) They think I’m entertaining with my facial expressions XD


SanNi GBRSanNi Jun.22.2012 08:59PM
lol my ipod is practically only Kpop xD. The people at my school don’t care what I do though xD they may think it’s weird, but they expect that from me anyway xD


SmileItsPaNhia USASmileItsPaNhia Jun.22.2012 08:57PM
@rineXsona: Thanks! :)

Even though I don’t understand, I do understand that Korean is beautiful language. :)


SmileItsPaNhia USASmileItsPaNhia Jun.22.2012 08:55PM
@MissSayBana: LOL XD
My mom thinks that I’m crazy XD

Especially people at school XD
They think that I’m TOO CRAZY for KPOP because whenever I talk about KPOP, my face lift up & I’m all into talking about KPOP >_<

I can’t help it!
I don’t listen to anything else BUT KPOP :D


rineXsona USArineXsona Jun.22.2012 08:46PM
Just saw the last two entries here! Awesome wall! :D

And I agree, SmileItsPaNhia! My family has asked the same thing! Even one or two friends! :D XD


SanNi GBRSanNi Jun.22.2012 08:41PM
for me it’s like:

mum: Who are these Japanese people on your wall?
me: They’re Korean..
mum: They’re Korean now? So they sing in Korean?
me: yea ^^
mum: oookkkkayyyy theennn weirdoo~

xD lol


SmileItsPaNhia USASmileItsPaNhia Jun.22.2012 08:31PM


YAY!!! :)


SmileItsPaNhia USASmileItsPaNhia Jun.22.2012 08:30PM
@MissSayBana: Really? BUT KPOP is AWESOME!!!
LOL XD My mom is like that to me too >_<

My mom: Do you understand what they are saying?
Me: No, but I can look up the eng subs XD


SanNi GBRSanNi Jun.22.2012 08:27PM
ahhh...I’m like the outcast in my family xD everyone thinks I’m so strange for liking Kpop xD


SmileItsPaNhia USASmileItsPaNhia Jun.22.2012 08:22PM
@MissSayBana: LOL XD If it’s randomly your room, it just makes your room more decorative :) My room has alot of white space left. I need to fill it up! XD

I share a bed with my sister though. But we both are BANAs so it’s okay.


SanNi GBRSanNi Jun.22.2012 08:19PM
ohhh~~~ I wish I could make a B1A4 spot like yours in my room, but my room is too small xD So all my Kpop stuff is set up on one table and my posters and stuff are just like randomly placed all over my wall xD


SmileItsPaNhia USASmileItsPaNhia Jun.22.2012 08:17PM
@MissSayBana: No, it’s different. It’s not Official :( I bought this when I didn’t know about buying official cd’s.


JynSha♥ MYSJynSha♥ Jun.22.2012 08:22PM
how much u buy it??

SmileItsPaNhia USASmileItsPaNhia Feb.11.2013 12:53AM
I think it was $8 or $10?
LOL xD Replying late xD

SanNi GBRSanNi Jun.22.2012 08:04PM
your ’it B1A4’ album looks different to mine it like...the lighting or something? lol


SmileItsPaNhia USASmileItsPaNhia Jun.22.2012 07:56PM
@♥JJinyoung♥: Thanks! :)
I think KPOPTOWN is still selling those stickers :)



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