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B1A4 - Before It Gets Any Sadder Immortal Songs 2 / 2016.12.17]
Loooooved the performance! I love when they come to immortal songs >.< DAEBAK ♡
JOR♥Dinadj96♥ l Dec.17.2016
0 comments l 21,527 views l 2 pops
JongHyun 종현 - 좋아 (She Is) MV
I've not seen JongHyun's She Is MV so I needed to post it
CANKpopJjong l Aug.30.2016
0 comments l 7,282 views l 1 pops
King of Masked Singer "I’m Your Father" is Infinite L
There was no doubt in my mind that it was him. Even with his goofy dancing (^_~) Now we just need to get some mor...
USAAlandria l Jun.13.2016
0 comments l 8,582 views l 1 pops
TAEMIN 태민_Press Your Number_Performance Video Ver.2
i knew sm's plan with taemin was to make him lessen the number of fangirls....seriously im not even a huge fan of hi...
HUNNoraP l Feb.25.2016
1 comments l 11,956 views l 2 pops
TAEMIN 태민_Press Your Number_Music Video
now this song is good. drip drop really didnt do it for me, but this song is finally nice
HUNNoraP l Feb.22.2016
3 comments l 18,088 views l 19 pops
TAEMIN 태민_Press Your Number_Music Video Teaser
that few seconds sounds good
HUNNoraP l Feb.17.2016
3 comments l 12,399 views l 20 pops
INFINITE has been chosen for the new upcoming season of the show ...
OMG!!! I just hear this news, and i really can't waitt!! I'm so happy, first they gonna come to Mexico and then i hear t...
MEXKarenM l Nov.26.2015
6 comments l 28,187 views l 25 pops
Another Cover by Hoya (^_~) + Infinite Effect Tour Dates
Who can't love this man's voice??? I'm loving that he made his own channel more and more now. ...
USAAlandria l Nov.19.2015
8 comments l 25,549 views l 22 pops
[Teaser] Homme(이현, 창민) _ Ain’t no love(사랑이 아냐)
They are being so active recently!!!! Yaay ^^
HUNNoraP l Nov.02.2015
0 comments l 7,843 views l 0 pops
JONGHYUN - End of a day MV
The new MV offJonghyun's 'Story Op.1' album is out! Showcasing his signature soothing vocals and singing styl...
POLEwwkaa19 l Sep.16.2015
2 comments l 10,068 views l 20 pops
BTOB Weekly Idol ENG SUB 2015 ! BTOB ilhoon and eunkwang 비투비week...
FRAperrine begd l Sep.05.2015
0 comments l 23,806 views l 1 pops
BTOB Weekly Idol ENG SUB 2015 ! BTOB ilhoon and eunkwang 비투비week...
FRAperrine begd l Sep.05.2015
0 comments l 21,854 views l 1 pops
Infinite Effect World Tour Teaser (^_~)
Im getting very excited now (^_~) they got got their first win on The Show and now they are starting the teas...
USAAlandria l Jul.21.2015
7 comments l 24,165 views l 20 pops
BEAST ’Gotta Go To Work’
This is the ONLY KPOP group where I don't have a bias because all members gives me too many feels. So excited fo...
INDTheLawyerFangirl l Jul.19.2015
4 comments l 19,490 views l 19 pops
BAD Official 360 MV
I loved the original, but this is just as great!!!!! I've never really seen a 360 MV on YouTube before, but a...
USAAlandria l Jul.17.2015
4 comments l 25,134 views l 20 pops
Infinite BAD official MV
Do I even need to say how I feel right now??? I love Infinite's new song!!!!!!!! And the MV is Awesome!!!!!!!...
USAAlandria l Jul.12.2015
9 comments l 27,130 views l 22 pops
Infinite Acoustic Live from Starcast As always, their voices are Amazin...
USAAlandria l Jul.11.2015
0 comments l 12,392 views l 1 pops
MPD Cover of Infinite BAD MV Teaser
This is so funny yet Awesome!!!!!!!!! Even MPD can't wait for Infinite's Comeback (^_~) Now I really can&...
USAAlandria l Jul.11.2015
0 comments l 12,480 views l 1 pops
Infinite Reality Album Preview (^_~)
As as always these guys never disappoint me (^_~) I'm really looking forward to their album and I can't w...
USAAlandria l Jul.11.2015
0 comments l 10,872 views l 17 pops
Infinite 360VR BAD teaser
This sounds sooooooo good, I can't wait for the full MV
USAAlandria l Jul.09.2015
0 comments l 9,213 views l 1 pops


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