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To GURUPOP - Problem with writing post for T-ara Event

Aug.07.2012. 10:25AM

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Yesterday I added work for the competition of T-ara - own made video cartoon. 
Randering took a lot of time because of my slow computer - almost whole day, so my work for the competition I added only yesterday.
I don't know why my post was not visible in the 'New Posts' section, and even the POP! unavailable. Maybe I clicked something wrong while writing this post. I'm new here so a lot things here are new for me. 
I saw here contest with my beloved group T-ara so I joined here but bad luck haunts me :(

Can only people with the highest number of POPs have a chance to win?

Here is my work:



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GURUPOP Admin GURUPOP Admin Aug.07.2012 10:29AM
Hello Diademos!

You have done everything correctly. In order to prevent the spamming posts requesting POPs for their event posts, we have separated the event posts from the normal posts so they don’t have POP functions. Also they can only be viewed within the fan club posts. You have done everything correctly so don’t worry! :) Thank you for participating our event!


Mllktea SGPMllktea Aug.07.2012 10:37AM
so we’re not supposed to create a ’post’ that has POPs? -.- i deleted the ’event’ post i made because i thought i made the post wrongly...

Diademos DEUDiademos Aug.07.2012 10:53AM
Thank you so much I was so scared.

Diademos DEUDiademos Aug.07.2012 10:53AM

hyunjoong MYShyunjoong Aug.07.2012 11:29AM
Huh? But most of the entries can be popped? Did everyone do it wrongly?

GURUPOP Show EP10 from HaniGURUPOP Show EP10 from HyerinGURUPOP Show EP10 from Junghwa SanNi GBRSanNi Aug.07.2012 11:34AM
It only applies to the most recent events. 2AM,Infinite, T-ARA. The one’s where you have the option of clicking ’event’ when you’re entering.




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