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Phantom - Burning

Sep.07.2012. 03:54AM

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Sep.07.2012 12:00AM ~ Oct.01.2012 11:59PM

Phantom - Burning




I’m burning down tonight
ajik ne moksoriga deullyeo
I’m burning down my girl
jakku neoui misoga boyeo I’m burning down


ildaneun bikyeojwo da chiwojwo
nae maeum doryeo naeseo gajyeoga beorideonga
deoneun mot salgesseo da bujil eobseo
jinannarui gieogdo naegeneun chueog
anin keun gotongi nikka


geu nomui gotong deuri nama
naui haengbog deureul jommeog janha
nega bwado nae sarangeun jom keosseot janha
dambaedo piji anhneunde nae sogi ta deureoga


I’m burning down tonight
ajik ne moksoriga deullyeo
I’m burning down my girl
jakku neoui misoga boyeo
(jeongmal michigesseo)


nuga nal jom dowajwo (I’m burning down down)
nega eobtneun crazy night (don’t let me down down)
jebal nal jom kkeonaejwo (I’m burning down down)
jiog gateun crazy night


I’m burning down down buseojin maeum maeum
modu bultasseo wanjeon pyeini
dwaebeorin na dwaebeoryeosseo pyeini jedaero
meog neun dageona useobon
gieogi geoui eonjenji da asa gabeoryeosseo
sara ganeun geot ttawin naegeneun
deot eobseo naega cheoreobseo?
nan neohante nuni meoreosseo
maldo andwae urin eoryeosseo
maybe I’m crazy please don’t let me go


I’m burning down tonight
ajik ne moksoriga deullyeo
I’m burning down my girl
jakku neoui misoga boyeo
(jeongmal michigesseo)


nuga nal jom dowajwo (I’m burning down down)
nega eobtneun crazy night (don’t let me down down)
jebal nal jom kkeonaejwo (I’m burning down down)
jiog gateun crazy night (I’m burning down down)


jaetdeomiga dwaesseo nameun
geotdeul moduda mojori taewo
geureoke tto oetoriga dwaesseo nae maeum,
salm geurae neomani mewo
na ije modeun ge geobina
sirida motae neomuna jeorin maeum
jebal nal jom dowajwo birog geojitmarirado
gwaenchanha baby I’m burning down


I’m burning down tonight
ajik ne moksoriga deullyeo
I’m burning down my girl
jakku neoui misoga boyeo I’m burning down
dasi kkog doraorago yeogiseo
kkeonae dallago deullini naui moksori


I’m burning down

I’m burning down tonight,
I still hear your voice
I’m burning down my girl,
I keep seeing your smile I’m burning down


First, move out of the way, clean it all up
Or just cut out my heart and take it
I can’t live like this anymore
All the past memories are useless now
Because they aren’t memories but they are great pain to me


The pain remains and
eats away at my happiness
Even you can say that my love was very big
I don’t even smoke but my insides are burning


I’m burning down tonight,
I still hear your voice
I’m burning down my girl,
I keep seeing your smile
(I’m really going crazy)


Someone please help me (I’m burning down down)
It’s a crazy night without you (don’t let me down down)
Please save me from here (I’m burning down down)
This hell-like crazy night I’m burning down down


My broken heart has burned away,
I became a complete bum
I became a complete bum – I don’t remember
the last time I properly ate or smiled
There’s no meaning to life now,
am I being immature?
I’ve just been blinded by you – doesn’t
make sense – we were too young
Maybe I’m crazy
please don’t let me down


I’m burning down tonight,
I still hear your voice
I’m burning down my girl,
I keep seeing your smile
(I’m really going crazy)


Someone please help me (I’m burning down down)
It’s a crazy night without you (don’t let me down down)
Please save me from here (I’m burning down down)
This hell-like crazy night I’m burning down down


Everything became a heap of ashes,
everything is burnt up
I became a loner again – only you
could fill up my heart and life
Now I’m afraid of everything – my heart
is not only chilled but numbed as well
Please help me even if it’s a lie
Baby I’m burning down


I’m burning down tonight,
I still hear your voice
I’m burning down my girl,
I keep seeing your smile I’m burning down
Please come back again. Save me from here
Can you hear my voice?


I’m burning down


Composition: 팬텀
Lyrics: 팬텀
Arrangement: 팬텀
Korean: music.daum
Translation: pop!gasa
Romanization: KyungMi at kromanized
credit if you use!

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SS501's Fan ClubBEAST 's Fan Club BIGBANG 's Fan Club Beth12VIP USABeth12VIP Feb.04.2013 02:10AM
wow they are freaken amazing this is the first time i listen to them and i am definitely a fan now! love the song it is very catchy and good =D


Far away... Young love - SiwooSiwoo's Fan ClubBad Boy, 100%! ushichigo IDNushichigo Feb.04.2013 02:00AM
waw eargasm at the first time i heard this


Poison - ZingerTried to Walk - CNUI Like That,GLAM! Lone-Wolf-Rebel-Cop USALone-Wolf-Rebel-Cop Dec.16.2012 11:29AM
This song is so good and catchy~ I love singing along to the chorus too~


Don't Forget Me, Girl's Day!NILLILI MAMBO with Block B!I don't need a man, Miss A! Sammy Rabbit BRASammy Rabbit Nov.20.2012 11:03AM


Stop Girl, U-KISS!GURUPOP Show EP11 from ChangsubOn and On, VIXX! melanie0925 USAmelanie0925 Oct.14.2012 04:34PM
I was sold when i heard Hanhae rap!! I love this song, though the MV confused me alot. Alcohol to put out a fire is a NONO. The song was REALLY AMAZING!!


Be the Chaser of Infinite - InfiniteGURUPOP Show EP5 from Seung HoLover Boy, BTOB! hoewon USAhoewon Oct.10.2012 01:21AM
Love this song a lot :-)!


GURUPOP Show EP5 from CheondungGURUPOP Show EP11 from SungjaeERROR - LEO Dianis06 COLDianis06 Oct.01.2012 11:52PM
I have heard before to Sanchez when he did the collaboration with verbal Jint and i fell in love with his voice, so when Phantom released “Burning” I listened to the song and instantly caught my attention and it liked me even more when i read the lyrics translation, it is a meaningful song about the love’s pain, I love the part when he says: “Maybe I’m crazy, please don’t let me goooooo”. The video is the complement of the lyrics, even if it is simple, I like the concept of them singing with fire around them, it matches with the title of the song, and my favorite part is the end when Sanchez falls on his knees, all wet, with the fire burning on his hand with that painful face, is soooo touching.


Zico's Fan ClubBlock B's Fan ClubNILLILI MAMBO - Zico zicovas USAzicovas Oct.01.2012 10:32PM
With more and more bright faces and addictive beats gracing the stage lately, making a name for yourself in an industry highly saturated with rookies proves to be a difficult task. However, with their powerful official debut, Phantom’s smooth transition from underground to mainstream has assured all the pretty-boy groups that it’s time to move over and make room for "Burning."
Flaunting a music video filled with fiery tints, Phantom delves deeper into what exactly constitutes as an engaging video by breaking away from complicated choreography and flashy sets. Although seemingly simple, "Burning" squeezes in a chock-full of symbolism and becomes eye-catching in its own way.
"Burning" boasts lyrics written by the members themselves and tells of a man begging to get past his heartache, crying out about how he’s "burning down" as he’s constantly reminded of memories of the girl he desperately needs. From the very first beat, feelings of loneliness loom over the song. The music itself is fresh-sounding with a bridge led by Sanchez, with other moments outlined by Hanhae and Kiggen’s raps being laced in throughout.
The music video opens with the passionate ring of Sanchez’s voice. Shots of the sincere-looking trio jump back and forth between clips of a confident male partier surrounded by trendy girls and alcohol, already setting the mood as uncalm. Phantom instantly gives off a sharp impression with chic outfits and simple hairstyles that accentuate their mature look. After the girls close in a bit, it’s not long until the spotlight turns to the idols being licked by flames while performing, illustrating how their solitude is crashing down on them – and that moment queues the video’s creative undertones.
The women hastily pour alcohol over the fire, only igniting it and sending Phantom further down into a spiral. The realistic expressions of cluelessness on the former group’s faces are realistic and a great touch, as the the girl the song is addressed to also doesn’t realize she’s only making things worse by bringing back bitter emotions. Although set in a confined area, the video keeps its unrestrained feeling with its frantic situation. As a result, the scenario ends up outshadowing the low-budget set-up.
Eventually, the other man firmly sets his bottle down, slips on a fireman suit, and drenches everything in water – a gesture seen as the cold slap of reality. The sight of Phantom quickly becomes less clear, an effective way of emphasizing how much significance this moment holds. With everybody finally looking totally drenched, the grand finale of the video is a fragile Sanchez accompanied by a fire starting up yet again, symbolizing how a heartbreak will never fully disappear. All in all, “Burning” successfully combines raw talent with a metaphoric view of dealing with romantic feelings.
Diving into the K-pop scene headfirst with a bold debut, Phantom promises to be one of the groups that avid fans and casual listeners alike should keep an eye on.


AmudoBun CZEAmudoBun Oct.01.2012 01:49PM

When they released this I was so happy that they were going to promote something (finally) I loved Hole in your face and liked their other songs too.

This MV completes the feeling of the song. What suprised me a lot was the girls trying to put outthe fire with alcohol (well at least I think it was alcohol)

The fire fighters that are spraying them with water have really spectacular face expressions...

In my opinion the water’s symbolism is traing opening our eyes like waking up. Seeing something you couldn’t see before even thought it was right before your eyes.
But in the end the fire was still there because as long as you try enough, you are desperate enough, even the stupid fire will stay alive. But will in the same situation love stay alive? Don’t know because I’ve never been in love...


Phantom's Fan ClubBlock B's Fan ClubGURUPOP Show Supporters - EP12 BelZ AUSBelZ Oct.01.2012 02:48AM
With Phantom’s release of ‘Burning’, the members have been able to consistently demonstrate their growth as artists. Albeit very different from what many of us have experienced before, it is still definitely an enjoyable song and MV that I would gladly put on repeat.

The MV illustrates the concept of burning feelings quite creatively by using warm toned lights and having the members eventually encapsulated in a wall of uncontrollable fire. We are first introduced to Phantom singing at the scene of a small party. As they break out straight into the chorus singing their woes of ‘burning down’, Phantom slowly begins to draw the attention of the party-goers. The girls, intrigued by the fiery passionate men before them, take interest and move closer.

We can gather from the lyrics, the song deals with a man’s dramatically distraught feelings of heart break. Despite these distressing feelings, he is still very passionate about his past relationship and is not willing to let go just yet. If I can’t have you, I am nothing. The girls become engrossed by this crazed passion viewing Phantom as something thrilling, becoming infatuated. However suddenly these feelings take form as a blazing fire in Sanchez’s hand, representing the unpredictable and uncontrollable emotions they are experiencing. The abrupt change of feelings taking on an actual physical form startles the girls with them no longer sure how to handle this growing distraught passion.

Phantom are rapidly engulfed by the flames, consuming it’s surroundings and growing in ferocity by the minute. This connects the song and MV perfectly with Phantom literally ‘burning down’. In an attempt to subdue the growing fire, the girls begin to throw alcohol onto the flames. We as the viewers can clearly see that it is only worsening the situation, however from their expressions it becomes clear that they view it very differently. In their eyes, they are making attempts at help, yet with each hand they outreach they only continue to hurt Phantom within the process, literally ‘adding fuel to the fire’.

When it seems like all hope is lost for them, the man (Rapper/Singer Bizniz) who had been lingering in the background takes a stand in an attempt to help, putting on the fireman suit. He endeavors to drench their emotions and wash away all of the pain. However despite his efforts it appears their fiery distraught passion and ache experienced by the break up will always be ignited within. The MV closes with the water from the hoses eventually running out. All of the Phantom members are drenched and exhausted, yet despite all that, the flame in Sanchez’s hand is re-lit. Regardless of how much ache is washed away, their painful memories and passionate love live on. The MV underpins the song’s message that no matter how much you reach out for help and try to forget, the upsetting experiences of a broken love with always linger within you like a flame and continues to burn you down from inside to out.


Taemin's Fan ClubJinyoung's Fan Club Tina AUSTina Sep.30.2012 10:36PM
With the release of Phantom’s (팬텀) first mini-album [Phantom City], this multiple hybrid hip-hop unit revealed the talent that they had been hiding. Comprised of Kiggen, Sanchez and Hanhae, all three members contributed in producing, composing and writing the lyrics for the whole album. The fact that Kiggen is a producer helped express the feelings of this song and album the best way possible.

The music video is set in a remote, rundown location, which contributes to the emptiness feeling of the song. As Kiggen states in his rap, “the pain remains and eats away at my happiness.” A fire starts from Sanchez’s hand and continues to spread as Sanchez asks for someone to “save me from here.” As it grows stronger, the on looking girls try to put it out with alcohol, which clearly does not help. This shows that even though other girls may try to take away their pain, nothing can seem to extinguish the fire inside of them. The on looking men then dress as fire fighters as they try to put out the fire but the fire, and Phantom’s pain, is too strong at first. Eventually the fire that was engulfing Kiggen, Sanchez and Hanhae from the outside has faded, but the fire inside them is still burning (“I don’t even smoke but my insides are burning” [Kiggen’s Rap]), and this is shown as the fire in Sanchez’s hand remains at the end, after all else has faded.

With Phantom’s powerful voices, a clear message is portrayed:
No matter who tries, love’s pain cannot be extinguished.


Block B's Fan ClubNILLILI MAMBO with Block B!NILLILI MAMBO - Zico brijin POLbrijin Sep.30.2012 03:01PM
Phantom Burning Review
First of all I really like this song! The vocals, rap are amazing! Phantom is the best and their English is very good too.
The song is about men who is burning up because his girl left him. He still can’t get over the break up. In the MV the girls (who are sitting) see that Sanchez is burning, they are shocked and trying to stop the fire. But they’re doing it with alcohol. The effect is the opposite the fire is getting bigger! The men who were there changed their clothes to firemen’s uniforms and trying to hold the fire with water. At the end of the MV we can see that it isn’t any of help. They’re still burning down.
The men can’t still forget about the girl. He can’t live or eat well. All he can see and hear is the girl and her voice.
Phantom is really talented group. They can speak 3 languages: Korean, English and Japanese. They are truly hybrid band.
I like their title song and the album Phantom City.


Taeyang's Fan ClubBIGBANG 's Fan ClubDaehyun's Fan Club lisaw DNKlisaw Sep.30.2012 01:40PM
I seriously LOVE the song! But the mv.. I don’t know :/
It’s not bad, but I just think it’s a bit.. boring? and what’s with the girl throwing alcohol on the fire? 그 바보..ㅋㅋ
okay, but yeah, I think it’s boring because well, they just stand there and sing.. Maybe they should dance or something.. even if I can’t imagine Phantom dancing lol
It’s just because i’m used to other k-pop groups like Bigbang, B.A.P and B2ST, where they use to dance or something.. yeah, Phantom are different. I really like their music, but I think they should work more on their mv’s also.
- 팬텀 화이팅!~


Phantom's Fan ClubHanHae's Fan ClubPhantom - Burning Kitiara Vicious ESPKitiara Vicious Sep.30.2012 10:57AM
I loved this music video since the first time I watched it. The lyrics and the melody of the song are so heart-breaking and sincere one cannot just ignore all the feelings behind them.

The three of them do a great acting job during the video, looking straight to the camera and expressing the pain of their lost love. It must’ve been really hard for them, since they’re just a rookie band and it’s always difficult to get used to filming, but they’ve ended up coming up with a very professional performance and acting ^^

I love this band so much I just can’t wait for their next release ^^ Phantom fighting!!


Love Style of Boyfriend - BoyfriendJANUS, Boyfriend!JANUS - Minwoo BFangirl PHLBFangirl Sep.30.2012 09:29AM

Long story-short: I actually loved the song. I started to listen to it because of Gurupop, actually. But I followed Phantom since their pre-debut^^.. Congratulations for Phantom’s debut as well!! ~When I watched the music video, I was like: "Ok. Let’s see this"

At first I was like, "hmm, nice song you’ve got their Phantom."
Next thing you know, walking around the house: "I’m burning down tonight~"
kekeke.. true story...

the song was great. Even though the music video is not really that ’extra-ordinary’ (the theme’s pretty common for a song entitled ’Burning’ according to many), it worked out for me.. I actually watched it about 3-4 times in a row--I loved it!
I LOVE THE SONG! It’s very addictive

I hope Phantom keeps up the good work!



Daebak Date with Young JaeStop Girl - KiseopLover Boy - Seongjae Yoon SGPYoon Sep.29.2012 02:17PM
one word daebak!!


GURUPOP Show EP7 from MC DanielGURUPOP Show EP11 from DanielGURUPOP Show EP12 from MCs Yoochunlover6002HF USAYoochunlover6002HF Sep.29.2012 12:20PM
Honestly, I cannot express how happy I am that Phantom debuted. I have followed them from pre debut. Their underground performances and mixed tapes, solos, mini album, and now albums as a debuted group. I was so impressed with all the members but Sanchez voice stood out the most and he is so handsome. I had to find out who these boys were and I found out the amazing talented group called 팬텀. Then their was news of them debuted and coming on music shows I could not control my emotions. Now I get to see them above ground anytime instead of going to clubs etc and traveling to Korea.

As for the MV wow it was made really really well. The lyrics and the MV features went well together. I hope the members were not injured as they worked with real fire. Their hard work really showed well and this song is addicting. Although it is not a dance worthy song standing and singing well is most impressive. I noticed the members lost a lot of weight to fit the idol image. I worried about that but their voices were not affected. I loved the MV the fire in the hand wow amazing, and the girls facial expressions throwing more liquid to the fire, and the firefighters could not figure why the fire would not going out. When I first listened to the song I was not immediately drawn in. The rap and vocals stood out the most along with the well made MV. It takes me more than two listens to get attracted to the song. I have to re watch and re listen to grasp the emotion or what they want to express to the audience. I am so glad they choose the right entertainment company and came above ground to spread their name and talent. I hope the best for them in the future and hope to see a future 팬텀 concert.

I cannot say enough about the MV the fire, the water, the action, the firefighters, just overall amazing. The lyrics really matched this MV well. I don’t like when the song does not fit the MV but they earned full points in that category. It may have been interesting to see a dance to this. I understand they don’t have much experience with this in preforming and are older. I love seeing them on TV now I hope they can earn #1 soon. 팬텀 fighting!!!!


PHANTOM CITY - Kiggen!NILLILI MAMBO with Block B!Like Cho Yong Pil, PHANTOM! Blanka Rotten ESPBlanka Rotten Sep.29.2012 11:14AM
This music video may not seem much appealing to the average K-pop fan at a first look, since it’s not as flashy and eye-catching as the vast majority of new music videos being released each week. It’s easy to notice it’s been made under a modest budget by a yet small record company, but once you overcome that first impression, however, you’re most likely to let Hanhae’s voice inside your mind and start thinking it won’t be such a tacky music video after all – just as the people sitting in the couch in front of them end their conversations and start paying attention to the band.

Eventually the girls end up leaving their male companies and approach the band to watch them sing, the viewer symbolically going with them. Just then, with our guards lowered, Sanchez opens his right hand to show the fire inside his heart has became so big he cannot keep it inside him anymore, as the palm of his hand starts burning and the fire spreads around the band, scaring the girls. Even if the record company didn’t count with a lot of money, the visual effects are so well made the viewer quickly forgets he’s watching a low budget music video and starts being blown away by the pain expressed by the singers, now being surronded by fire. Just after one of the best moments of the video, we see what could be considered its biggest weak point: the girls are so scared of the fire that they desperately and uselessly start pouring alcohol on it to put it out. If you’re mainly targeting a music video to a female audience, you can’t make the main girls stupid, as the viewer will automatically dissociate themselves with her.

Just when we think everything’s over for Phantom, something equally surprising happens: the man sitting on the couch (played by rapper Bizniz) stands up indignant and angry, and he and his friends put his firemen suits on. Yes, firemen suits. They take their hoses and at the sound of Bizniz’s war cry they mercilessly soak the three members of the band – not to save them from the fire, but to extinguish all the passion and ardor that seem to be conquering their girls’ hearts. All of his efforts and all the water are wasted, though, since we clearly see the fire still burning as the wet members (the classic eye-candy) keep on singing their hearts out until the hoses stop squirting water. At the end of the video Sanchez kneels down and opens his right hand again, showing the flame inside him won’t go out, regardless how much water they may pour on it.

Immediately after the screen fades to black and the viewer may move on to watch another music video the feeling of having experienced something simple yet unique will remain inside him, causing him to eventually replay the video minutes, hours or months later and ending up loving almost everything about it, which is one of the reasons this rookie band has already won the hearts of many music lovers. It may be too soon to assure this, but Phantom seems to have come to stay burning inside us for a long time.


Welcome to GurupopGurupop Enthusiast 7thGurupop's 1st Birthday RteeV PHLRteeV Sep.29.2012 09:24AM
This song is WAY COOL. Why? because even though the song expresses a BROKEN HEART , Its not boring.Its cool and awesome to see some broken hearted MVs that is not boring.

Oh! Waaaaait a minute, This is a THREE MEMBER group?
I thought they are many members because the music is so intense.
If they will sing this song to you, You will definitely feel the message of the song.

Even though the MV is simple,I love the BURNING Effect on the background that makes the MV much cooler than any other group MVs.
As a group, they should leave a mark on peoples EYE’s.Thats why each time i hear the word PHANTOM, BURNING/FIRE is popping in my mind.HAHA.

I love the rap.The whole song is a BLASSSSST!
And the song is so catchy.



Rock Ur Body - RaviBecause of Christmas - RaviVoodoo Doll - Ravi ravioo_beep IDNravioo_beep Sep.29.2012 09:10AM
Phantom really have a great potential ^^
this MV really describe how’s the man feeling...
his heart are burning beacuse of broken heart
no one can help him,even all people try to extinguish the fire..
the fire not extinguished easly,because the pain is so much ><
the MV really describe the song and the man feelings
great MV ><
fire everywhere and burning down :)


Yong Jun Hyung's Fan ClubDalmatian's Fan ClubEli's Fan Club ♡ chainy chainy~ MEX♡ chainy chainy~ Sep.29.2012 01:28AM
The song has a good feeling; it express very well the broken heart but its not a boring sad song. The vocals are combined in such a way that it keeps the rythm with such a good beat that it makes you to repeat the song again and again.
I think the mv is not bad but reading the lyrics and hearing such a great song i was specting another kind of video, i think they could take advantage of the main idea ... but i have to say that its still related with the song; a man whos dying because he is burning of pain and even though there are guys with a lot of water tryin to help him theres no way out that just tay surrounded by fire... And well they are looking really handsome!!!
PHANTOM is a rookie group an its amazin how expert they are! I mean, they dont seem as a beginner group.. they vocals and rap match perfectly well between them.
Fall in love with them since the first song <3


Rock Ur Body - NVoodoo Doll - NETERNITY - N SmileItsPaNhia USASmileItsPaNhia Sep.29.2012 12:51AM

PHANTOM’s Burning is an ADDICTION!!! I really LOVE this song!!! It’s the FIRST song that I listen to each day. :)

I was so interested in PHANTOM that I looked them up.


Hanhae is the maknae of the group. Hanhae was actually supposed to be the main vocal for Block B, but was dismissed. Everything happened for a reason. I’m actually glad that Hanhae is here right now in PHANTOM. His rapping skills are AWESOME! I just wished I heard Hanhae sang more.

Kiggen is the leader of the group. I LOVE his RAPPING. His deep voice rapping matches so well with Sanchez vocals.

I don’t know why the girls were putting out a fire with alcohol XD They created an EVEN bigger fire XD

I really liked the quality of the video. I just wished Hanhae and Kiggen was shown more too. Sanchez was in the spotlight. I love how in the end, PHANTOM was cover with water. PHANTOM’s Burning MV was just beautiful XD BEAUTIFUL MV & VOCALS! :)


Be the Chaser of Infinite - SungjongBe the Chaser of Infinite - InfiniteBe the Chaser of Infinite - L ∞ Aster☆link ∞ USA∞ Aster☆link ∞ Sep.28.2012 06:18PM
PHANTOM is a group with only three members. And may I say bluntly. They are spectacular for just rookies. The song ’Burning’ has story behind it, where the the main character is suffering from being torn apart from his lover.

The scenes in the music video is magnificently interpreted by the lyrics. The pyrotechnics are spectacular and the whole story line made sense from beginning to end.

PHANTOM has done an outstanding job with this music video, and showing the expression of pain [burning] throughout the MV. The MV is amazingly directed and is really thought through.

By far, this trio-group is an amazing find for me, and I would love to continue hearing songs from this group. PHANTOM has become my favorite trio-rookie group that has come out by far.


Block B's Fan ClubTEEN TOP's Fan ClubBAP's Fan Club Kyria904 NLDKyria904 Sep.28.2012 05:45AM
The MV match the song really well as well as their image/concept. The vocals mix wel with the rap and they are both outstanding! As for the chores it’s catchy and the English is good. But I still like the song A hole in your face more :)Ow and I think they are different from most of the K-pop groups they have their own style.


NILLILI MAMBO - P.OBIGBANG 's Fan ClubTried to Walk - Gongchan lilla2409 ITAlilla2409 Sep.27.2012 01:28PM
this year is definetely the year of rookies.. spo many group debuted this year so the question is : who is strong enough to survive?
one of the rookie group i like the most this year is Phantom.. this mv is really good and the song is so catchy. they have strong vocals and their voices are really combined well. if you love this song u must listen to their other songs since they are good too!!! im so impressed by them.. hope theyll manage to survive in the kpop industry because i wanna see them more and more..


Stop It - HimchanStop It - JongupLee Joon's Fan Club Ivona BIHIvona Sep.27.2012 10:43AM
First of all the song is really catchy. And the chorus just keeps repeating inside your head. The lyrics are very good. I feel like they suggest that he’s amost slowly going crazy because she left him. He became depressed and is begging for her to come back. To save him so he doesn’t burn down completely. Or he wants her to leave his mind completely so he can continue living normally. The fire in the video was a nice but expected touch and the part where the fireman are spraying them with water feels like they’re trying to bring him back from the sadness.


JANUS - JungminI Got The Feeling - FeeldogGurupop Enthusiast 180th Zelly BIHZelly Sep.26.2012 03:07PM
First of all I thank Phantom so much for creating such an amazing and recognizable tone and feeling in the song. The vocals are absolutely outstanding and the soft yet strong high notes match the title and the concept of the song itself. And I have to say that I couldn’t stop repeating the lyrics of the song, they are simply addicting and meaningful. When the song started I expected it to be a flowing and calm ballad, but I was surprised pleasantly since it wasn’t just a calm ballad. The part of the lyrics caught my eyes "My broken heart has burned away,
I became a complete bum" and its shows the feeling and emotion which synchronize perfectly with the smooth yet energetic rhythm. At the end I will just add that it was simply breathtaking and amazing, I wish Phantom the best of luck and I will cheer for them till the end.


B1A4's Fan ClubCNU's Fan ClubBIGBANG 's Fan Club Cecibaby USACecibaby Sep.26.2012 02:57PM
I love this video the lyrics are awesome and the video fits perfectly with the lyrics. The fire was a nice touch in the video and there wasnt so much to were you couldnt see what was happening which was good. I love that they showed there emotions through there amazing eyes too. I love love love this song and video.


PHANTOM CITY - Sanchez!Phoenix - Hyung ShikRock Ur Body - LEO RoaRNyahh AUSRoaRNyahh Sep.25.2012 06:13AM
oh my god <3 Phantom are freaking amazing ! Sanchez’s voice is amazing and when Hanhae and Kiggen rap it just fits all together. the MV was awesome as well i think everything matched the title ’Burning’ :)


Monster Release Card - TaeyangAlive Release Card - BIGBANGBoy In Luv - SUGA phouaAAA USAphouaAAA Sep.24.2012 05:45PM
sanchez voice always amazes me!!!! i love it <3 Hanhae & Kiggen raps is so smooth!!! love it <3



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