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Sep.13.2012. 06:00PM

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My Phantom-Burning Music Video Review

My Review:

First of all let me say this before I start the review.At first, I wasn't very sure about this group.

I was like I don't think I will like this group,but then I watched their Burning music video

and now LOVE them and a fan!^^ I LOVE Phantom!!

PLOT:You can see that their are a group of people in front of the Phantom members having a good time.They are drinking and socializing.Then the girls come up,and start watching them.

They are starting to like them,and dance along with the beat of them singing. Then Sanchez starts to burn,and the girls get freaked out. Drops of flame fall off from Sanchez's hand and the whole ground is in flame.The girls try to put out the flame with their beer or whatever alchoholic bevarage they are drinking. Then the fire starts to worsen. All this is happening while Phantom are continuing to sing their heart out. ^^ Then the guys that were in the group of people gets up the courage,and put on their firefighter suits,and start spraying the fire and Phantom members with water. The fire still continues to blaze while the Phantom members are being soaked by water and still singing their hearts out.In the end the guys in the firefighters suits water hoses run out of water.Sanchez,then sits down on his knees with his hand still on fire. That is the plot of the music video.

Vocals:ALL of the members have AMAZING vocals!!! Especially Sanchez. My mouth dropped when I heard his voice. Overall: I LOVE THEIR VOICES!

Set:I LOVE the set!! In the background you can see that their is a torn up,building. The set is very eyecatching! When the fire starts blazing around them the video just looks AWESOME!

Overall: I LOVE the set!!

Outfits and HairStyles:Lets talk about their outfits! Their outfits look great! Sanchez has a black coat on over a white and black shirt.Also wearing skin tight black pants,and black shoes.Hanhae also has the same outfit on. Kiggen the leader has a black shirt pants,AWESOME sunglasses on,and black shoes. ^^ Now lets talk about their hair.ALL of the members have great looking hair. I LOVE Sanchez's dark black hair! It looks amazing on him.^^Kiggen's hair matches his outfit. I like that. I also like Hanhae's dusty brown hair.

Overall: I LOVE their hair and outfits!!

OVERALL: Overall I give this music video a 10/10! It is eyecatching the song is GREAT,and ALL the members have amazing vocals.They are great sounding to the ear. I LOVEE this group!!! :)

I hope you liked my review!

Thanks for reading!



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Jane Rabbit AUSJane Rabbit Sep.14.2012 05:10AM
Cool!!! Goodluck on winning! :D


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nice review =)


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