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B1A4’s Sandeul Is Insanely Excited (An Understatement) After Seeing His Favorite Birthday Present

Mar.20.2017. 10:03PM

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B1A4 Sandeul

You should most definitely never deny a man his fruit.

On March 20, B1A4’s CNU uploaded the most hilarious set of videos featuring birthday boy and fellow member Sandeul.

As techno music plays in the background, Sandeul goes nuts, to say the least, when he spots dragon fruit in the fruit basket sent as a birthday present. Unable to take his eyes off his treasure, the idol carefully peels his precious fruit before voraciously scarfing it down. Of course, it doesn’t stop with just one, as he eagerly dives for another one.

He continues with his eating frenzy, even as he starts to wear out from making the most peculiarly funny faces and dancing. Sandeul doesn’t forget to thank fans with one last expression, with a face stuffed with dragon fruit.

Happy birthday to Sandeul!

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*giggles* Deullie loves dragon fruit like I do! ;) Dragon fruits rules! 8D Deullie! Happy happy birthday!


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