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Jun.08.2012. 02:18AM

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Daily Check-inEarly BirdBraveGirls's Fan Club Reeses1617 USAReeses1617 Jan.30.2013 06:36PM
I like the theme of the video. I like the song. I like the outfits/costumes. I would not change a thing.


Gurupop's 1st BirthdayDaily Check-inGurupop Enthusiast 30th Hayouu SWEHayouu Jan.29.2013 11:20AM
I love the fact that A-jax music is unique! Also I love MV being so different from your usual.

Only me who smiled seing non korean? ^_^

Yes I died too of all the abs *_*


Fitzgerald's way of love - 2AMRock Ur Body - RaviChansung's Fan Club andrea.kpoper :] PRTandrea.kpoper :] Jan.05.2013 06:07PM
Wow :3


Minho's Fan ClubWe are a bit different - JUCYDaebak Date with Him Chan Minnie LittleBoo TKMMinnie LittleBoo Dec.26.2012 11:16AM
Really Adore This MV *w*


Be the Chaser of Infinite - L2013 GURUPOP Awards - Best Fan of AsiaVoodoo Doll - Leo ♥garah♥ PHL♥garah♥ Dec.12.2012 10:34AM
wow!! Really nice song.. and the dance is powerful!!


Daebak Date with ZeloPoison, Secret!GURUPOP Show EP8 from MC San E RELLO96 AUSRELLO96 Oct.16.2012 07:51AM
this is my favorite a-jax song ever!!!! oh my gosh the strong and powerful vocals in this song are amazing!!!! i love it ^^


BIG Fan of GURUPOPDaebak Date with Him ChanDay by Day with T-ara - T-ara Shanii USAShanii Sep.18.2012 02:37PM
I’m late but whatever I love this song. <3


Phoenix - Hee ChulPhoenix - Dong JunDaebak Date with Joung Up HazelS22 USAHazelS22 Jul.04.2012 04:10PM
great great group ^^ can’t wait for the winners


Girls Generation's Fan ClubTaeTiSeo's Fan ClubOn and On, VIXX! JillDinosaur USAJillDinosaur Jul.04.2012 05:01AM
I think A-JAX is an awesome group. They’re not the typical kpop group, their music, looks, and MV’s are a bit more tough and powerful then standard groups, but it’s one of the reasons I love them.

When I first heard the song I was not sure if I liked it or not but after listening to it a couple of times I fell in love with it <3 It’s not one of those catchy songs that stick in your head all day but it’s definitely an awesome and powerful song ^^~

I love the MV. It gives off an magical, mysterious feeling.
Their costumes give off this badass and powerful vibe which I think really fits the song. I think the song, MV setting, and the clothes match really well.

I love the lyrics. Even though the song sounds pretty tough the lyrics are really sweet:
I never wanna let it go babe,
No matter what you say, I’ll get your love
This heart that beats for you, again today
Only you, I only want you alone
There is no one to replace you
Even if the entire world turns against me
(Oh yeah) Never ever let you go babe

Overall I think this is an awesome song, magical MV, and an amazing group. I can’t wait to hear more from them ^^~



Phoenix - Hee ChulPhoenix - Dong JunDaebak Date with Joung Up HazelS22 USAHazelS22 Jul.03.2012 11:59PM
Even though this group is tough and their music is the type i really don’t like there is something SPECIAL about them that makes me love this group they are just FABULOUS:)) they have a great future later on i hope they can make it as far as super junior and big bang and other groups who tried their best to succeeded for the longest time and i hope they stay as a group for more than 5 years !!! :)) A-JAX FIGHTING ^^ i wish the best of luck n_n


Chunji's Fan ClubTEEN TOP's Fan ClubL.Joe's Fan Club LedAngeLBana MYSLedAngeLBana Jul.03.2012 11:56PM
awesome! have a magical power..haha.


SPEED's Fan club NanaKiminwoo MYSNanaKiminwoo Jul.02.2012 11:59PM
I’m not sure how many review that I have wrote on this wall because i do support A-JAX so much. Their debut song really awake me and make me anticipate to watch their 2nd MV which is ONE 4 U. Although in the first MV, only KARA’s Hara participating in the music video making, thus I become more concentrate in their singing, and seriously...their first try is not dissapointing me.

With ONE 4 U, they show more masculine side, with powerful dance that can make all the girls cry for them. The ballad song before give us a soothing feeling, but this MV give a quite impact since this is the first time they showing their faces to the the fan. and honestly, seven of them is so handsome and some of them have well-built and muscular body that make noona drooling.

the techniques used in this filming quite unique and mesmerized me, and it was expected since DSP claimed that they spent lots of money to promote this boy and making such a powerfull MV for a rookie like them. The scenery also good since it include the classic scene like heroes fighting in the previous century. the effect used is simple but kinda give full impact for us and make us exclaimed more and more about them. That’s all.

p/s: today is my birthday (03rdJuly) and do support A-JAX more and more.. A-JAX fighting!!!


Phoenix - Hee ChulPhoenix - Dong JunDaebak Date with Joung Up HazelS22 USAHazelS22 Jul.02.2012 01:12AM
I have to say this MV is amazing A-JAX is a really great group they are amazing i really couldn’t understand another boy group i thought that they were either cute of tough and they like that but there something special about them that makes them neither and a great group that is really hardworking and really amazing i really think this group had a really great chance on being out there like other bands in the future:))) A-JAX FIGHTING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^


SPEED's Fan club NanaKiminwoo MYSNanaKiminwoo Jul.01.2012 10:35AM
again, this my latest review for AJAX- ONLY 4 U

A-JAX is a new rookie group from DSP. As a fan of k-pop music, we surely want a new debuting group that have a quality as a singer and not solely based on the face and the company they starting on. So, the effort of DSP spending lots of money is really worth.

The quality of the MV cannot be denied because all the cinematography, professional act, choreography and story line are superb and compatible with each part. This seven boys really work hard in their dancing and also singing. If you can see all thos boys can sing and contribute their effort evenly in this MV. Thus, it look like the boys is really focus and serious to be a performer to the audience. Perhaps, they have to show their best in order to ensure people will be more anticipate in their next song and MV.

Hopefully that people will be more interest in this group because of their talent, not because of their face, since the overall debut MV is totally superb and amazing


Junho's Fan ClubJay Park's Fan ClubDok2's Fan Club k-at-ra.maknae PHLk-at-ra.maknae Jun.29.2012 11:51PM
The music video really fits the vibe of the song. As it sounds like those BGM you’ll hear on computer games (minus the singing parts). Their great vocals didn’t fail to add to the greatness of this song. Love the camera angle as it didn’t give me the headache by too much movement. The quality of the video is also GREAT!


Stop Girl, U-KISS!GURUPOP Show EP11 from ChangsubOn and On, VIXX! melanie0925 USAmelanie0925 Jun.29.2012 01:41PM
Okay. My initial reaction to A-Jax was that they were going with the strong man theme. Honestly, I was very impresses with the fact they used correct English. The most important aspect i loved was the fact that every member had a sense of confidence and power throughout the MV with their vocals and dance. The MV made me feel their emotions and how they would keep and protect us. It also showed how well rounded the idols were since each of them shared the parts equally, to show each could hold their own. I really loved this song a lot, from the members to the set. I am excited for their comeback and i believe they will even become better than they already are!!! Hwaiting A-Jax!!


Phoenix - Hee ChulPhoenix - Dong JunDaebak Date with Joung Up HazelS22 USAHazelS22 Jun.28.2012 10:55PM
A-Jax is an awesome group first i have to say that :))
this Mv i didn’t understand what they are trying to say in the Mv but its an awesome one at that^^ they song is great it has an awesome beat to it and its better listening to it live idk it just does :)) I love how it starts in the beginning at first i just didn’t get into it but then i listened it a little more and i was like this IS a great song and ever since it came out i can’t stop playing this song over and over again idk it just makes my day!! i really can’t wait what their next comeback to song is going to be ^^ this is a group i’m anticipating FIGHTING A-JAX !!!!!!


SPEED's Fan club NanaKiminwoo MYSNanaKiminwoo Jun.28.2012 02:43PM
ONE 4 U is about a guy who will do his best in order to get the women that he want. so from the whole mv we can see the determination of all the boys to give their best effort, so they can manage to get their goal and show that they are the best person for the girl that they want. you can see all the scene where there is some fighting scene, been trapped in cage and also the posture of the boys seem real. the effect is so unbelievable and great


Dinowoo MYSDinowoo Jun.28.2012 02:28AM
The first impression for me when I play this MV, I’m like "Did I click on the wrong mv?".LOL...Before watching this, i already listen to their songs, it’s totally awesome!! Like it!


Sadness Release Card - LEDAppleSuperJunior's Fan ClubBEAST 's Fan Club Desi USADesi Jun.26.2012 01:58PM
I like their concept. They have a different vibe with their video which I think is great. Love the song. very nice debut for a rookie group, hope they do well. <3


Wooyoung's Fan ClubGoo Hara's Fan ClubBe the Chaser of Infinite - Dongwoo Lordsuperasian USALordsuperasian Jun.26.2012 12:44PM
I didn’t understand the video at first, then after a while I got it. Their videos are always great. Their vocals are one of the best I’ve ever heard to be honest.


GURUPOP Show EP3 from Young WonBoy In Luv - JungkookLover Boy - Peniel MyleneMaknae USAMyleneMaknae Jun.26.2012 05:00AM
In the beginning of the video I was like -___- then suddenly 0_o...oh my gosh..i love their costume and some of their accessories, i like the stud jackets and bracelets...bling bling..hehe


neris USAneris Jun.25.2012 12:24AM
This music video was great. If I were to talk about these boys’ charm, they would be a rating of 100/100. Their strong glares in the music video were really to die for. And I would like to emphasize one part in the music video that made me replay the video before I even finished it. It’s at 3:38. When everyone is being so powerful and they song reaches a big climax. This child just comes out and smiles. It was a smirking kind of smile.

So on with the music video. Even though it would seem a little uncomfortable for some people, I thought the scenes with the boys in the cages were to die for. There was a lot for the boys to do in the cages and get creative. Haha. It was probably awkward at first but if I was there, I would have taken my seat right next to the director with a bowl of popcorn.

The lighting and color scheme of the music video matched really well And even though some of the outfits were black, the bling on the outfits made them pop out. The fire in the background was a really nice touch. However, they should have ditched the background dancers in some scenes. There are 7 members and the other dancers aren’t needed.

The storyline of the music video was a little unclear, but the fact that their group name means "Greek Heroes", we can make it clear that they(A-JAX) are fighting with the bad guys. The dance moves seems really tiring and the choreography was "enough". There were some part where it was really good and simple to follow along. Plus, that back down move was amazing. It’s scary knowing you’re falling to nothing but a rock hard floor. No pain, no gain. I did not think the choreography was great though. It has enough variety and a "unique" factor.

The boys are definitely the best part. It’s unfortunate to know now that the dance relies on some choreography adlibs from the members and the music video cannot catch all of it. Some close ups went by a little too fast but we were able to see the best expressions from the boys. However, it was really unnecessary for those close-ups of the belly dancer’s body and that ugly fat blob. It just scares new viewers. The close-ups were perfectly captured though. It really shows the different charms of the boys, but I would have preferred the members were not in the background of each other’s close-ups. There are the cage scenes to make up for that. There were some ups and downs of the computer graphics but, overall, it was alright.

Overall, I highly recommend A-JAX as a group. All of the downs of the music video were really the fault of their company. The boys’ vocals really carry the song and their manly, but boyish charms keeps the music video interesting and makes viewers, like me, come back for more.


Nojood_kamilia SAUNojood_kamilia Jun.24.2012 11:57AM
loved it ! my fav rookie group till now !


KARA's Fan ClubPark Gyu Ri's Fan ClubHyeongkon's Fan Club s w e e t o f u u USAs w e e t o f u u Jun.23.2012 09:37PM
A-JAX, is the rookie group that just debuted in DSPmedia on April 1 2012. Juniors to KARA and Rainbow, A-JAX is also the first boy group that DSP has debuted since A’ST1. Their first music video release is called "ONE4U" which was produce by multi-platinum Korean-American Steven Lee.

ONE4U’s concept is set back in Ancient Egypt, where it shows and tells the story of the folktale of ’AJAX’, an egyptian hero. The set is decorated with high ceilings and fire torches standing around. There’s also an old man sitting highly on the chair while ladies are at his orders. In the beginning a slight flute song and sounds more of a Ancient instrument. Overall I think the concept was different from what people would expect from a rookie group.

The music itself was unique and powerful. Orchestras and types of guitars such as bass were heard in the background. The music is catchy to the ear and also fun to dance too. The music gives out a pumping excitement to the stomach.

A-JAX’s vocals could also be heard greatly here too. Sungmin’s beautiful high note and Yunyoung and Hyojun’s vocals were clean. A-JAX shows varieties of vocal lengths and power.

The dance itself was pretty powerful and impressive but there wasn’t much difference from other groups. The style of positions were used too much. One dance part where I have to praise and decline is the back fall. Although the dance is a new move towards other idol groups but it’s still harmful and isn’t safe without any safety guards.

Overall, A-JAX’s proved themselves to be an impressive rookie group and shows passion and power in their singing. The music video itself captures this charms of the different members and shows the fan a different view of A-JAX. Some dislikes I would like to say is probably the non-realistic use of CG, I think that part is cool but it kind of blows off the story of hero AJAX, if that is really what they were going for. One thing I do like was the thought into putting that horrible mask on that person near the end because most of the time when it’s a normal person with paint-jobs, it’s not as impressive.

In the future, I’m sure A-JAX still has many talents to show and I’m looking forwarded to what they have next in plan. AJAX FIGHTING :)


shfatefly3424 IDNshfatefly3424 Jun.23.2012 03:08PM
A-JAX, with One 4 U MV they answered our expectation of how well DSPBoyz will be and they are indeed AMAZING. This MV isn’t like the typical of what other rookie groups done with their MV, ONE 4 U indeed the best concept after all.

Good in all aspect, the music was charismatic, catchy and addictive, it’s full of "rich" melody and the voice of all members are unique and immediately sticked on your ears. The MV is awesome as the concept fits really well with the song and all members doing so well in every frames. They showed us such a charismatic appearance and they made us wouldn’t mind spending more time to keep replaying particular scene.

Most of all the dance, even though there is another rookie group with such an amazing dancing skill but A-JAX’s dance is one of the best I can tell cause it looks good and synchronized, it isn’t such a high-skilled dance but it’s been developed so well to fit in all members abilities because not everyone in the group are good in dancing. It’s a simple choreography but developed so well so we can easily move along with the music.

After all, all members didn’t only show us a good MV but also their capability of being a multi-talented IDOL. From singing, acting, dancing, rapping and also entertaining the audiences. Indeed, A-JAX is also one of the lovable rookie group.


A-Jax7Boys IDNA-Jax7Boys Jun.23.2012 05:40AM
Ajax7Boys is a new fanbase for our hero mask A-Jax on twitter only me admin there~ i like them 2months before they debut,i keep watching their 1st show (making the star).. Untill now i still love them. A-Jax Fighting^^


Sadness Release Card - LEDAppleSuperJunior's Fan ClubBEAST 's Fan Club Desi USADesi Jun.21.2012 01:27PM
Very good rookie group. Really like their concept, the song and their style. Hoper they do good. <3


B1A4 - Baby I'm sorryIGNITION Release Card - GongchanLee Jong Hyun's Fan Club soshimonster PHLsoshimonster Jun.21.2012 07:11AM
I love their group !!


B1A4 - Baby I'm sorryIGNITION Release Card - GongchanLee Jong Hyun's Fan Club soshimonster PHLsoshimonster Jun.21.2012 07:10AM
I love this group ..!!




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