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Good Bye, Thank you! Hello GURUPOP users,
Thank you for using our site for a long time. Due to an operational issue of our company,
we will end GURUPOP service on October 20, 2018. We kindly ask for your understanding.
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[Announcement] Regarding the Site Error

Jul.14.2015. 07:34AM

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Hello G-Family,

First of all, we’re sorry about the problem with the site. 
We’re currently doing our best to get it back to it’s perfect form. 
It’d be great if you guys can give us feedback about what the errors are. (i.e OS/ Browser, Location)
These information will greatly help us to solve the problem. 
Also we’re very sorry that we haven’t been communicative recently. I know that you guys are worried about us and all, but lately we’ve been lacking English speaker, so we weren’t able to answer you. 

However, I’m really glad that, with the help of someone, I’m able to communicate at the moment. As much as you guys need, I really wish that we could hire someone to communicate with you more.

Even under hard situation, we are really working hard to sustain the site, where everyone in the world who loves K-POP can come and enjoy.
We never give up this situation though it is hard to satisfy the expectations of you 
Even though we won’t be able to communicate like before, I hope that every G-Family can get along and communicate like before. 
We’ll work our best to provide you a lot of K-POP contents as soon as possible. 
Thanks to all the G-Family and thank you for loving GURUPOP. 

Love you guys :D



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