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[Updated] The Crowd Funding Project for The GURUPOP Show Special has been finished.

Jan.02.2013. 10:06PM

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Hello GURUPOP Family,



The crowd funding project for The GURUPOP Show Special has been ended on 31st of December. Although the goal was not reached, we sincerely appreciate your amazing support and love for our project. Not only the GURUPOP families but also the many other international K-pop fans supported our project. Since the goal was not reached, all of the contributed funds will be refunded within 5 business days from Indiegogo.


Although the goal was not reached, we still appreciate your support so we are planning to make special 'Thankful Contributors' cards for our contributors. There has been total 186 contributors and among them 76 contributors have left their GURUPOP username as comments. If you are one of the contributors but forgot to leave your GURUPOP username on Indiegogo page, please send us an e-mail including your full name, Indiegogo username and your e-mail registered in Indiegogo to We will check the status and send you the card accordingly! :)



[Thankful Contributors Card]




[The List of 'Thankful Contributors']

  1. ♥KrisBANA♥JJY♥
  2. SanNi
  3. RakiYang
  4. SmileItsPaNhia
  5. Hilal
  6. ♥레이첼♥
  7. Michelle.
  8. LauYY
  9. greentea524
  10. ✩María Vega✩ 
  11. Kpop Lover
  12. Dino_Park
  13. youngstars710
  14.  RafaelaSG
  15. Kokololio
  16. Weebou
  17. S8love
  18. Angelspatience
  19. tikedale
  20.  haf2014
  21. Blanka Rotten
  22. Jen520
  23. annaNAS
  24. musicmiss18
  25. foreverwithyou
  26. Rianne_v_Buren
  27. Riiko
  28. Emy~
  29. phouaAAA
  30. Belz
  31.  Pandaa
  32. Sandy
  33.  ngocie
  34. EmilyKaz
  35. My 베프 Dara
  36. chocolit_
  37. lildoolmy
  38. jongupz_
  39.  ladieda
  40. ladieda
  41. 멜로디CHU
  42. seoulwish
  43. Kitiara Vicious
  44. MarieBBC_Baby
  45. martina.
  46. Jolimato
  47. Ahhmaejjingmyung
  48. Nei Nei
  49. JaeSung
  50. Juliette
  51. AFMeiLi
  52. checkeredstamp
  53. Jazmyn
  54. yummycookiecake88
  55. Miza72
  56. deydeyday
  57.  ntp16
  58. Catten
  59. misidia
  60. KaoriAi
  61. flower3kt
  62.  nicoleswag_
  63. LisaLoveKpop
  64. bbcvipx3
  65. Anja
  66. Jasminnie
  67. minxi
  68. Eloby
  69. actlikethatgirl
  70. JamesBay
  71. minilego
  72. LCLim
  73. Aw327202
  74. LeanneTruong
  75. rin-chan
  76. 秋夕 Autumn Xi



Along with the 'Thankful Contributors' cards, we would like to announce the winner of the 'Very Special Christmas Gift' for our grateful contributors during The GURUPOP Show 'Christmas Party'. For the detailed information about this gift, please refer to the link below.




The winner of the 'Very Special Christmas Gift' will be announced with Indiegogo ID and we will send the notification e-mail to the e-mail address registered in Indiegogo.


1) The most generous Christmas Season contributor (most contribution within Dec.21 - Dec.22)


2) The most generous Christmas Season contributor overall (most contribution overall)




Congratulations! We will send an e-mail requesting detailed shipping information and the choice of the gift shortly.


Thank you again for your amazing support for our crowd funding project. Although the project goal was not met, we sincerely appreciate your love and support.



With Love,