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Star Q&A's

Dalmatian is here to answer your questions!

Jun.13.2012. 10:26PM

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Jun.14.2012 12:00AM ~ Jul.16.2012 11:59PM


 Thank you for participating GURUPOP's Star Q&A Channel with Dalmatian!

The questioning period has been finished on Jul. 17th.

Finally the answers from Dalmatian have been arrived!

Hope you enjoy them! :)


GURUPOP Q&A - Dalmatian Questionnaire


1st question by kimhyunhee/Philippines
Hello dalmatian, your songs are so awesome.. here's my question, if you give a chance to act what role do you want to be or what role do you think you are the best?


2nd question by ahndanielmyone/Belgium
Hi there, here is a question for Daniel. I always watch Pops in Seoul on Arirang with indeed, 'VJ Daniel'. It seems that you always have alot of fun every episode. Do you like working as a VJ?


3rd question by ayumi_/United Arab Emirates
Do they know how to cook. if so, what type of dish is their specialty? 


4th question by sshi4m/United States
What would your ideal girl be like?


5th question by leeno/Saudi Arabia
What was the funniest gift that fans gave you???


6th question by Sunshyne/Italy
What is your favourite activity apart from dancing and singing?


7th question by ♥JJinyoung♥/United States
Are those tattoos on your body actually tattoos or just bodyart that will fade away in time?


8th question by sushimi/United States
What was the one food you missed the most when you were dieting and exercising?


9th question by Amanda ♡ Alexander/United States
Who is the arm wrestling champion? Can you show us by having a battle?


10th question by RakiYang/United States
What part of your body do you think is the most attractive?


11th question by delphinite/Singapore
Which member is the most different on-camera and off-camera? :)


12th question by Zelika Amanda/Indonesia
Can you show us your favorite dance step?


13th question by Midori/Turkey
Which countries do you want to visit?


14th question by 갯일라 엘울우/Malaysia
Since debut till now,what is the most memorable thing that happened?



A greetings meesage from Dalmatian



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christina_youngmin USAchristina_youngmin Jul.27.2013 12:43AM
can you guys seak and understand vietnamese? if you can, can you say something


RakiYang KORRakiYang Dec.26.2012 11:58PM
I still can’t get enough of this im so happy my question got picked. i just wished Jisu had talked more (he’s my bias xD)


emilyp USAemilyp Dec.16.2012 08:51PM
i love Dalmatian, but mostly Daniel I LOVE YOU!!!!......


SeouLxMusic USASeouLxMusic Nov.13.2012 10:46PM
Dalmatian! I want first I LOVE you guys!!! Also I really wish you’d come to Colorado :3 Lastly, can Simon<3 do the face thing saying "wee wee"?! Dalmatian Fighting! <3


delikizzz USAdelikizzz Oct.26.2012 03:29AM
yay a question from turkey was chosen :D


Busteeeeed ITABusteeeeed Oct.16.2012 06:05PM
Yay for Italy :3


Kim Soo Hyun's Fan ClubGURUPOP Show EP5 from Lee JoonBe the Chaser of Infinite - Sunggyu KarenM MEXKarenM Oct.04.2012 10:40PM
umm me ubiera gustado hacerles una pregunta :/ pero bueno como sea xD

I ♥ Dalmatian ~!


yoyopabo CANyoyopabo Sep.19.2012 10:28PM
Who has the hardest time learning choreography? easiest? and who makes the most mistakes (heehee)?


jessherr47 USAjessherr47 Sep.19.2012 06:54PM
This show is daebak!!! It gives me time to now more about my favorite groups and other groups as well! Also I don’t have to find or search for english because they translate it!! Thank you for creating this show!!


bao zi USAbao zi Sep.19.2012 10:15AM
So impressed with Inati’s English!


DMTN girl :D SAUDMTN girl :D Sep.19.2012 09:33AM
i like the show becuse of daneil :" willl i wish you guys have a comback soon : " ( i cant live without dalmatian comeback !
anyway i love ya DMTN keep it up !
saudi arabia : ")


♪Mary♪◕‿◕ ROU♪Mary♪◕‿◕ Sep.18.2012 04:54AM
I love Daniel♥ ♥


lee alyn ESPlee alyn Sep.17.2012 01:56PM ^^


FiLm_Hobaby THAFiLm_Hobaby Sep.16.2012 12:21PM
Ohh! I know more about them now :)


Elisabeth GBRElisabeth Sep.16.2012 12:22AM
Dalmatiaaaaaan, im so sad Jisu didnt speak much.. id love to know more about him!! <3 my one and only bias in Kpop :P


candycandy791 USAcandycandy791 Sep.16.2012 12:15AM
I love the part when they were touching Simon’s thighs. I was touching the screen saying" I wanna touch too." :( Haha. :)



RinRinnie USARinRinnie Sep.15.2012 05:02PM
I so love Dalmatian(:


GURUPOP Show EP6 from So JinSleep Talking - JRGURUPOP Show EP4 from Bang Yong Guk LJoeandLay. MYSLJoeandLay. Sep.14.2012 02:17PM
Love Dalmatian !!!!


jsmilez USAjsmilez Sep.14.2012 01:15PM
Simon is so sexy when he speaks Japanese...


One Of A Kind, G-Dragon! - 6Daebak Date with Joung UpWelcome to Gurupop ✩María Vega✩ ESP✩María Vega✩ Sep.13.2012 04:43PM
I love you Dalmatian! ^^


Rafy CHERafy Sep.12.2012 06:31AM
awh, they’re just adorable. >.< Hope they’ll do more Q&A Vids... and Simon’s Japanese~ >w< he should talk in English too haha :3


supertokki USAsupertokki Sep.11.2012 10:22PM
Love these boys so much! They’re really down-to-earth and adorable. c:


State of Emergency Release Card -DalmatianOur 2nd B1A4 Event - SandeulIGNITION Release Card - B1A4 Baby_Pumpkin IDNBaby_Pumpkin Sep.11.2012 08:14AM
Don’t worry. We will never leave ya!


State of Emergency Release Card -DalmatianOur 2nd B1A4 Event - SandeulIGNITION Release Card - B1A4 Baby_Pumpkin IDNBaby_Pumpkin Sep.11.2012 08:00AM
HAHA!!! LOLOLOL!!! Jeesu vs Youngwon arm wrestling!! ><!


State of Emergency Release Card -DalmatianOur 2nd B1A4 Event - SandeulIGNITION Release Card - B1A4 Baby_Pumpkin IDNBaby_Pumpkin Sep.11.2012 07:41AM


페이펜★彡 NZL페이펜★彡 Sep.11.2012 06:22AM
Do Inati miss New Zealand? lol


salafa IRQsalafa Sep.10.2012 10:52AM
who is the most lazy member from the group and could you tell me the funniest moment when you first meet and what did you think about another


FYHSM IDNFYHSM Sep.10.2012 10:42AM
who has weirdest habit?


I love K-Pop 23 USAI love K-Pop 23 Sep.10.2012 10:33AM
Hello Dalmatian
When I first saw your show pops en Seoul
I was like wow I’ve seen that guy before
I looked at some videos and I’m like that’s Daniel from
Pops en Seoul I didn’t know he was a singer too
But I’m learning more about different k pop artist

What are you main favorite songs in any kind of song from Korea and around the world?

Anyways Daniel I’m a fan of k pop since 2012 I love watching your show hopefully you pick my question it’s not good but thanks.

I would like too meet Dalmatian

Dalmatian fighting !!

<3 you guys I support you guys a lot


DollEarthling PHLDollEarthling Sep.10.2012 10:33AM
Is Simon japanese?