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Star Q&A's

Block B’s reply for your questions has been arrived! (2 Videos added)

Oct.18.2012. 09:50PM

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Oct.19.2012 12:00AM ~ Nov.22.2012 12:00AM


Hip Hop Idol Group, Block B is here at GURUPOP!

Thank you for participating GURUPOP's Star Q&A with Block B!


The questioning period has been finished on Nov. 22nd.

Finally the answers from Block.B have been arrived!


Hope you enjoy watching the video! :)


Block-B wanted to answer some more questions as text and here are the answers!

Block-B also took extra time to take some additional video clips for some of the questions on the interview and they will be uploaded soon here!


Q.  Block B! My name is Daisy (Noona) from Los Angeles, CA. When will Taeil sing his solo song ""넌 어디에"" in live broadcast shows?

by Wanna Meet Block B


A.  Rather than singing the song during the interviews like this, I will try to make a good opportunity at a concert to sing the song for you guys. Thank you for your support!



Q.  Dear Block B, if you could be a superhero, which one would you like to be? And could you show how you would pose? ^-^~

by redberry



A.  ChoPD is my hero. In one of his song, there is a line even like this: ‘The Legendary Hero Cho Joong Hoon~’ So I want to become ChoPD. The rap goes like this. ‘ The Legendary Hero Cho Joong Hoon~’ ChoPD is my hero. I want to compose great songs as ChoPD has done. He is my real hero.



A.  I have been respecting my hero Vectorman since I was a child. Vectorman Bear! We are coming! Verctorman~~






Q.  Thinking about the past, what is your most precious memory or happy?

by Jessica-Yankumi1990



A.  My happiest moment was when I got my first complement by someone I truly respect.


A.  When I was on the debut stage was my happiest moment.


A.  When I first danced was my happiest moment. I can’t forget that amazing feeling.


A.  When first moved to Seoul, I reminded myself to live fully in the train. I miss that moment and I was very happy.


A.  My happiest moment was when my soccer team won a championship as a representative of Mapo district when I was a 6th grader. Enjoy your life!



Q.  If you guys have three wishes what wishes will you guys wish for? My wish is to see you guys on stages and happy always…

by Dean the Angel


A.  Three wishes? I want to have a time machine, happiness of my family and success of Block B.


A.  My wishes are…Son Naeun? Son Naeun from A Pink? My wishes are success of Block B, happiness of my family and…Son Naeun must be the third one. Perhaps the economic capability of his father?

Zico: Jaehyo is very poor in these days. Jaehyo’s wish must be this one.

Jaehyo: No. I’m not that poor. It’s not really a wish. I am giving all of my income to my parents to help them out. So I get allowance every month from my parents. However it is too small. While I’m paying for my monthly cellphone fee, it is nearly impossible to survive with the amount that I am currently getting. However, it’s ok. I’m good.

Zico: So you don’t want to ask for more money? So you want to wrap up like this? Jaehyo’s dad, I think you can have all. think Jaehyo will be alright. Jaehyo will send a lot of money to you! Just freeze his allowance as it is now!

Jaehyo: Hahaha...



Q.  Do you have any special things you can’t live without?

by Yuna



A.  Music. I can’t survive without music.


A.  I can’t survive without dancing.


A. I can’t survive without Jaehyo. Since he is so funny and entertaining, I can’t survive without him. Are you moved? 

Jaehyo: I can’t survive without Block B. 

Parkkyung: Yes, you can!



Q.  Who has the most aegyo? Please show us one by one! As a representative, our member with the most aegyo will show you! Hey Kwon, show us the 1+1 aegyo!

by Ahlem


A.  OK I will show you the Gwiyomi Player aegyo!



Q.  If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?

by Alessandra.



A.  I would go everywhere I have always wanted to be when I become invisible.


A.  If I become invisible, I would try delicious foods that I have always wanted to try.


A.  I want to go see someone I really miss. I would watch her from the distance without disturbing.


A. Jaehyo: I would follow my father.


Zico: Distrust? To see all of your money goes?


Jaehyo: Hey don’t mess up my warm story. I did not have a chance to see what he exactly do in his workplace. I have always heard that he undergoes really hard time for our family. So I want to follow him and help him out whenever he needs assistance. For example, I would take his missing documents or a packed lunch when I misses his meal.


A.  If I become invisible, I want to go see how other boy groups would spend a day. I want to see how they live. There would be some difference. I want to see how long and what they are practicing under which curriculum.


A. There are too many greedy people stacking their wealth illegally. So I want to redistribute their wealth to the poor ones.


Parkkyung: Like Hong Gil Dong? (a Korean Robin Hood figure)


Taeil: Yeah. It’s similar to that.


P.O: So you are wearing this head dress.


Taeil: Yeah. I want to do that if I become invisible.


B-bomb: It’s also like a Japanese anime Kaitou Saint Tail.



The winners of video clip


Username Nationality Questions
misskpoplover USA I’m not saying you guys are animals or
anything but if you were to become an animal,
what animal will you be and why?
heatherohhhh USA Do you get to choose your own hairstyles?
Which hairstyle of yours has been your favorite?
moribaby Canada What do you guys find most attractive
in a girl?
thekoreanlover68 United Kingdom If you were to be stranded in a deserted island,
which member would you take with you and why?
Mannouchan Tunisia Do you have any funny memories with fans you’d like to share?

The limited ‘Celebrity Q&A Cards' will be given

to the writers of the chosen questions by Block B! 



[Celebrity Q&A Cards]




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IloveHYS USAIloveHYS Jul.30.2014 02:30PM


Hello Venus' Fan ClubGirls Generation's Fan Clubf(x)'s Fan Club BunnysarepuffyB.A.P USABunnysarepuffyB.A.P Jul.30.2014 02:25PM
Why are people saying he’s gay?


xxKimByulxx KORxxKimByulxx May.21.2014 12:30PM
He’s Not Gay! He Clearly Say He Likes Girls!!! 영원히 지코 사랑 FIGHTING!! ♡


SwaggadiceZicova MARSwaggadiceZicova Sep.08.2013 08:06AM
hey Guys Wassup ! I’m an Hardcore BBC and Im Moroccan!Im an Art Student. I wish I could meet someday and have fun together . i really wanna say that your music is my Inspiration without you guys i don’t know what i would Do ! Im excited for your new Comeback album !! =D So i have a question : When you go up stage and when you feel nervous What do you do to deal with nervousness ?
Thank Youu !! Bye ! I love Youu So Much !


emmair MDAemmair Aug.16.2013 06:37AM
Hello, my name is Anna-Maria,i am from Moldova, i want to ask will you have a comeback soon? Becouse we, BBC are waiting for you and miss a lot T.T . Block B fighting, BBC suport you all!!!!!


monja.schultheis DEUmonja.schultheis Aug.02.2013 01:50PM
Hello guys my name is Monja and im from germany i love your music so much and my bias is Zico because i love his voice so much an i learn his raps all the time when i hear his voice it makes me feel good and happy. So now i have a question wath do you feel when you going on stage and perform and you see your fans screaming because of you?


Nasou-Love-You FRANasou-Love-You Jul.29.2013 10:42AM
Taeil i love you! You’re the best of Block b


nellikornelia.toth SRBnellikornelia.toth Jul.13.2013 07:23AM
Zico is not gay u shit eaters :P and guys I love you ♥ i dont think that Zico is gay, soo dont say those things if u are a fan than dont say shit thing :P


katerine.silveira.9 URYkaterine.silveira.9 Jun.10.2013 03:06PM
HOLA TE AMOOOOO Zicooo sos mi modelo aseguir suerte sigan asii los re amo me gustan como son no cambien sii besotes cuidansen




Didn’t anyone notice that U-kwon seemed a bit strange? First he put his Finger in his ear and then he started cleaning hin nails... P.O seemed like an Idiot too not bacause of his "Enjoy your life, but still... I think they shoul think about what they do when they’re answering their fans questions :/

But still: I’m a big fan of their music ^^ They should come back soon with more songs like Nilli mambo and Nalina~ Fighting Blockb ~~

Zico is gay?! Really?


minorisapphire USAminorisapphire May.30.2013 01:24PM
ENJOY YOUR LIFE. I never knew his voice was so deep. Hello there, new fan here. The guy who did the gyomi, U-Kwon I think it was, was really cute.


Juliette Allen USAJuliette Allen May.29.2013 07:38PM
I love zico I did not know he was gay


caitlin.loftus.14 USAcaitlin.loftus.14 Jun.16.2013 02:22AM
Zico isn’t gay. Where did you hear that? I know that alot of fans ship him with Kyung and all that but that doesn’t mean he is gay.

rozy keke mato IRNrozy keke mato May.28.2013 12:32PM
zico ya...i hated you at first.but im a fan now...congratulations...becus its so hard for gays to make me notice or like them.haha


FlowerGirl1004 NZLFlowerGirl1004 May.19.2013 11:56PM
I LOVE THEM <3!!!! ~~
Enjoy your life xP <33!!


carolinne rosario USAcarolinne rosario May.18.2013 06:14PM
HEHEHEHE enjoy your life !!! best thing the maknae has said beside his singing !!!


MartaRabito PRTMartaRabito May.12.2013 01:30PM
P.O’s voice is just so ahgdhvsedabfha
U-kwon’s aegyo is just so jsdfbhgavsjhfbd
God they’re all so sbfhavfjhsz


BIG Fan of JJ Project - JB2014 GURUPOP Awards - Best Daily Checker - navajaneBIG Fan of JJ Project - JB 2 navajane USAnavajane May.10.2013 04:38PM
enjoy your life!


how did i miss this for so long!?!?


Maya3Liz SWEMaya3Liz May.08.2013 10:56AM
I Love them hope they do a comeback soon ♥


젤로 오빠 촣아 MYS젤로 오빠 촣아 May.06.2013 11:27AM
Love ’em :*
Miss ’em :’(

-Truly BBC


Glossydream POLGlossydream Apr.13.2013 03:03PM
I love it <3


furaha.l.k NORfuraha.l.k Mar.30.2013 06:17PM
ain’t got no words to describe my love for them <3


mizzilhoonie USAmizzilhoonie Mar.28.2013 09:17PM
omg i really love them <3


VIPkpop NLDVIPkpop Mar.15.2013 07:26PM
gotta love them <3


MiSsWiPpe DEUMiSsWiPpe Mar.10.2013 11:45AM
just one word .. cute :D
i love Block b in all ways and i think all of the BBC´s will love them whatever happen because they are always themselves
(this is just what i think ;) )


alwayzjjlover USAalwayzjjlover Mar.08.2013 10:39PM
Lol I didn’t know zico could sing. Haha ukwons aegyo xD


Shinytopsandsodapops ESPShinytopsandsodapops Mar.05.2013 07:01PM
I don’t know how many times I have watched this interview. They always manage to do something randomly funny...I can’t stop replaying because of P.O.! <3


Taemin's Fan ClubStop It, B.A.P!Jaejoong's Fan Club 에벤 지라 인 GBR에벤 지라 인 Mar.03.2013 04:26PM
Zico !! <33
MYGOD he’s soo sexy xD !!


JPaint93 USAJPaint93 Mar.02.2013 07:36PM
for some reason, Zico just makes me laugh XD
His answers--!
And how he interacts with his teammates, so funny XD