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Some facts about ViXX :3

Please enjoy it ^-^

~  ~  ~ N ~  ~  ~


1.- He is the “Skilled Performer” in the group.

2.- Fans have been commenting on his strong resemblance to Boyfriends JeongMin.

3.- Family: "I have a fourteen year old brother and an elder sister".

4.- He is an outstanding/excellent dancer and performer.

5.- Ideal type: An innocent and well-mannered girl. But it would be better if she had another qualities in addition to these.

6.- Night suit: T-Shirt and training wear.

7.- Favourite food: Meat, especially galbi.

8.- Leisure: He likes to be  alone, listening to music, reading or in bed watching TV.

~  ~  ~ Leo ~  ~  ~


1.- He is the “Poker Face Chic” of the group.

2.- He appeared in Brian JooLet This Die” MV along with N and Ravi

3.- Ideal type: "Someone feminine, smart and wise. I don't have a fixed type, but should I say that the first impression is important?".

4.- Is a Buddhist.

5.- Night suit: A hooded t-shirt and training wear.

6.- Used to be a member of the National Youth Soccer Players from 2004 to 2007.

7.- He achievied a level four in Taekwondo, and won various championships in swimming and boxing.

8.- "Leo" (named by the company rep.) because he resembles a lion from the jungle.

~  ~  ~ Ken ~  ~  ~


1.- He is full of individual skills.

2.- Sung Sikyung told Ken that he sings well, cute, and young.

3.- Ideal type: Someone with aegyo and thinks considerately.

4.- Family: "I have two older brothers".

5.- Night suit: A t-shirt and pants from "One Piece".

6.- Favourite food: Instant food. He especially like chocolate.

7.- "Ken" (named by the company rep.) because he resembles the japanese actor Hirai Ken and his personality is also similar to the "Street Fighter" character Ken.

8.- Real name: Lee Jae Hwan.

~  ~  ~ Ravi ~  ~  ~


1.- He is the “Mood Maker” in the group.

2.- Ideal type: "Someone pretty with sense of awareness, and I like a girl who has proper thoughts".

3.- Nickname: "Ambidiextrous Rapper".

4.- Night suit: No-sleeves and training wear.

5.- "Ravi" (named by himself) with the meaning of being "charming" and "enchanting".

6.- He has chocolate abs which to die for.

7.- Favourite food: everything.

8.- He likes to drink coffe in the night.

~  ~  ~ Hong Bin ~  ~  ~


1.- Hes been gaining a lot of attention for his similarities to popular singer SE7EN.

2.- He is the hottie and handsome one in the group.

3.- Appeared in Seo In Guks “Tease Me” MV

4.- He is VIXX’s Visual.

5.- Ideal type: He likes a girl who he can connet with, can read situations quickly, and can communicate with even without words.

6.- Family: Two older sisters, he's the youngest and they're ten years apart.

7.- Night suit: Training wear.

8.- Favourite food: Spaghetti, curry, Korean sweet and pork.

~  ~  ~ Hyuk ~  ~  ~


1.- Ideal type: Someone with no men around her and has a deminine atmosphere and pretty eyes.

2.- Family: An older sister.

3.- Night suit: A comfortable t-shirt and pajama pants.

4.- Fans have been commenting on his striking resemblance to BIGBANG‘s Seungri.

5.- He is awkward around Leoand used to be afraid to call him "Hyung".

6.- Favourite food: "I don't have".

7.- He doesn't really likes the snacks.

8.- He is ambitious unlike the other maknaes.


Wow... It was so hard to found ViXX's facts xDDD

Thankiuu for readinggg ^-^

For more facts enter > HERE <

MerrChristmas !!!!  ~(^^)~




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blxck pxxrl IDNblxck pxxrl Jan.06.2017 06:51AM
ken is a buddhist


tiranical CANtiranical Mar.30.2013 12:21AM
thankyou ^^~


Melanieebby USAMelanieebby Jan.08.2013 12:23PM
Hongbin was in Brian Joo’s "Let This Die" MV too :)


Phoenix - Jun YoungTouch Release Card - MinBecause of Christmas - Seo inguk Cecilia SWECecilia Jan.05.2013 09:56AM
I’ve never thought N resembles Jeongmin.. He does look a lot like Seo Inguk though :P


abbbbbbs USAabbbbbbs Dec.22.2012 05:59PM
Thanks for the facts! I’m just starting to like them & have an interest in them ^^


PandaInspirit ESPPandaInspirit Dec.23.2012 11:34AM
Me too ^^
But there’re not too much information about them =_=

BAPisBACK BAPisBACK Nov.08.2015 04:00PM
what group is ur profile pic from?

Jaejoong's Fan ClubGURUPOP Show EP12 from MCsFar away... Young love, C-Clown! BootyfulMeLovinU~ USABootyfulMeLovinU~ Dec.22.2012 04:31PM
Wah cool~ Thanks :)


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Nice thank you


proudkpoplover-KK MYSproudkpoplover-KK Dec.22.2012 03:14PM
i think that N look abit like BTOB’s Sungjae in some angle~ LOL!
i understand hyuk!ravi do look scary..


JaeSung USAJaeSung Dec.22.2012 03:07PM
They all look so much better than in the drawings on their cards here.


deulightful USAdeulightful Dec.22.2012 02:51PM
you just killed me when i scrolled down to ravi XD


PandaInspirit ESPPandaInspirit Dec.22.2012 02:55PM
I did it on purpose for ViXX’s fans~ ewe


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