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kpop idol religion list

Dec.28.2012. 12:21AM

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Danny - Christian
Jinhwan - Christian
Teddy - Athiest 

Changmin - Christian (Catholic)
Jinwoon - Christian
Jo Kwon - Christian
Seulong - Atheist

CL - Christian (Catholic)
Bom - Christian
Minzy - Christian (Catholic)
Sandara - None

Chansung - Buddhist
Junho - Christian
Junsu - Buddhist
Nichkhun - Buddhist
Taecyeon - Christian
Wooyoung - Buddhist

After School
Gahee - Christian
Jooyeon - Christian
Jungah - Christian
Lizzy - Christian
Nana- Christian
Raina - Chrisitan
Uee - Christian

Ajoo- Christian

Bomi - Christian
Eunji - Christian

As One
Crystal - Buddhist
Min - Christian 

Baby VOX
Eunjin - Buddhist
Heejin - Christian
Kim EZ - Christian 

Bada - Christian (Roman Catholic)

Bae Doona - Christian

Bae Seulgi - Christian (Roman Catholic)

Bae Yong Joon - Christian (Roman Catholic)

Dongwoon - None
Doojoon - Christian
Kikwang - Christian (Catholic)

Big Bang
Daesung - Christian
G-DRAGON - Christian
Seungri - Christian (Protestant)
Taeyang - Christian

Block B
Kyung - Christian
U-Kwon - Christian 

BoA - Christian (Roman Catholic)

Brian - Christian (Catholic)

Brown Eyed Girls
JeA - Christian (Catholic)
Miryo - Christian
Narsha - Christian

Cha Seungwon - Christian (Roman Catholic)

Choi Jinshil - Christian

Choi Jiwoo - Christian (Presbyterian) 

Chung Lim - Christian (Catholic)

Kim Sungsu - Christian
Lee Jaehoon - Christian
Yuri - Christian 

Daniel - Christian
Dari - Christian
Day Day - Christian
Inati - Christian (Catholic)
Jisoo - Christian
Youngwon - None 

Haeri - Christian
Minkyung - Christian 

deeVine - Christian

E-Bul - Christian

Eru - Christian

Eun Ji Won - Buddhist 

Evan - Atheist

Amber - Christian
Luna - Christian 
Sulli - Christian 

Girls Generation
Hyoyeon - Christian
Jessica - Christian
Seohyun - Christian
Sooyoung - Christian
Sunny - Christian
Tiffany - Christian
Yoona - Christian

Go Ara - Christian

Park Junhyung - Christian (Catholic) 

Gong Hyojin - Christian (Catholic)

Gong Yoo - Christian (Catholic)

Go Soyoung - Christian (Roman Catholic)

Haan Yeah Soul - Christian

Jaewon - Christian
Tony - Christian

Hwangbo - Christian

Insooni - Christian (Roman Catholic)

IU - Christian

Jadu - Christian

Jang Nara - Christian

Jang Woohyuk - Buddhist

Jay Park - Christian

Jeon Ji Hyun - Buddhist

Jin Goo - Christian (Catholic)

Jisun - Christian

Jo In Sung - Christian

Kan Miyoun - Atheist

Kangta - Atheist

Kim Haneul - Christian (Roman Catholic)

Kim Hyojin - Christian

Kim Jinpyo - Christian

Kim Jong Kook - Buddhist

Kim Jungeun - Christian

Kim Junghwa - Christian

Kim Minjong - Buddhist

Kim Taehee - Christian (Roman Catholic)

Kim Tae Woo - Buddhist

Kwon Sangdoo - Christian (Catholic)

Kwon Sangwoo - Christian (Roman Catholic)

Lee Byunghun - Buddhist

Lee Dahae - Christian

Lee Dong Gun - Christian (Catholic)

Lee Hyori - Christian

Lee Jihoon - Christian

Lee Jihye - Christian

Lee Jung - Christian

Lee Junghyun - Atheist

Lee Jungjin - None

Lee Seungchul - Christian

Lee Sungjin - Christian

Lee Yuri - Christian

Lena Park - Christian

Lim Jeonghee - Christian (Protestant)

Joon - Christian
Mir - Buddhist
Thunder - Atheist 

Miss A
Min - Christian

Miss $
Hyeyoung - Christian
Yumi - Christian 

Moon Geun Young - Buddhist 

Moon Heejun - Buddhist

D.Kash - Christian

Aron - Christian (Catholic)

Black J - Christian
Byeol - None
Eunho - Christian
J.Heart - Christian
Jonguk - Christian

Ace - Atheist
Ryan - Christian
P.O - Christian
Neo - Atheist 

Park Boyoung - Christian 

Park Jaeyoung - Christian (Catholic)

Park Kiwoong - Christian

Park Shinhye - Christian

Shimji - Christian
Yohan - Christian (Catholic) 

Joy - Christian 

Ryu Seungbum - Christian

SE7EN - Christian

Jieun - Christian 

Seo Youngeun - Christian (Catholic)

Jonghyun - Atheist
Key - Christian
Minho - Christian
Onew - Christian
Taemin - Christian (Catholic)

Andy - Christian 
Dongwan - Christian
Eric - Christian
Hyesung - Christian
Junjin - Christian
Minwoo - Christian

Cheonwoo - Christian (Catholic)
Hanbang - None
Hero - Buddhist
Jerry - Christian
Naru - Christian
World - Christian 

Son Dambi - Christian

Son Yejin - Christian (Roman Catholic)

Hyungjoong - Christian (Catholic)
Jungmin - Athiest
Kyujong - Christian
Youngsaeng - Christian

Sung Yuri - Christian (Presbyterian)

Super Junior
Donghae - Christian
Eunhyuk - Christian
Han Geng - Atheist
Heechul - Atheist
Kangin - Christian
Kibum - Christian
Kyuhyun - Christian
Leeteuk - Christian
Ryeowook - Christian (Catholic)
Shindong - Christian
Siwon - Christian (Protestant)
Sungmin - Christian
Yesung - Christian (Catholic)

Boram - Buddhist
Eunjung - Christian
Jiyeon - Buddhist
Soyeon - Christian

T/Tasha - Christian

Teen Top
C.A.P - None
Changjo - Buddhist 
Chunji - None
L.Joe - Christian 
Niel - Christian 
Ricky - None 

Gwanhee - Christian
Sangjun - Christian
Sihyeon - Christian
Youngmin - Christian

The Nuts
Ji Hyunwoo - Buddhist
Kim Hyunjoong - Christian (Catholic)
Park Junshik - None

Changmin - Buddhist
Jaejoong - Christian
Junsu - Christian (Seventh-Day Adventist)
Yunho - Christian
Yoochun - Christian

AJ - Buddhist
Dongho - Christian
Eli - Christian
Kevin - Christian
Kiseop - Buddhist
Soohyun - Christian

Uhm Jung Hwa - Buddhist

Choi Jeongwon - Christian
Kim Jeonghoon - Buddhist

Kim Kyung Rok - Buddhist

Wonder Girls
Hyelim - Christian
Sohee - Buddhist
Sunye - Christian
Yeeun - Christian
Yoobin - Christian

Yiruma - Christian

Yoon Eunhye - Christian

Yoon Soi - Buddhist

Younha - Christian (Roman Catholic) 

Yuriel - Christian

Dongjong - Buddhist
Heechul - Christian
Junyoung - Christian
Kevin - Christian 
Kwanghee - Christian


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GURUPOP Show EP12 from DanielOoh Ooh, Eric Nam - 1GURUPOP Show Christmas Party from Daniel Danielicious Andin IDNDanielicious Andin Dec.28.2012 01:01AM
Good Job ^^


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Thanks for posting this ^.^


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nice post!


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It’s nice to see there’s some kind of variety ^^


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wooooo such a long post! but i had fun! XD


N.O, Bangtan Boys - JungkookBoy In Luv - JungkookJust One Day - Jungkook KpopFan4eva USAKpopFan4eva Dec.28.2012 12:33AM
I don’t even know if I am religious.
My mom says I’m Buddhist but I think I’m atheist. :P


Rock Ur Body - RaviOn and On - RaviVoodoo Doll - Ravi delikizzz USAdelikizzz Dec.28.2012 12:31AM
park jungmin from ss501 is christian not atheist...


Our 2nd B1A4 Event - B1A4Rock Ur Body - NMark's Fan Club seungshik USAseungshik Dec.28.2012 12:31AM
wow I did not know Thunder and Seulong were atheist. I actually only knew about heechul since he’s my ultimate bias lol. There’s nothing wrong with it though, I have no problem with people who are atheist because they have the right to their own beliefs. Oh and I dont know if you would like to add it on there but ZE:A hyungshik is a Buddhist, he said it himself on Romantic & Idol


L's Fan ClubINFINITE's Fan ClubSungjong's Fan Club bBebe IDNbBebe Dec.28.2012 12:28AM
none = atheis ?


Leo's Fan Club Nightwatcher KORNightwatcher Dec.28.2012 12:29AM
Basicly yeah ;p

Rock Ur Body - RaviOn and On - RaviVoodoo Doll - Ravi delikizzz USAdelikizzz Dec.28.2012 12:32AM
no. atheist believe in the non existence of god they are certain in their belief and none is more like undecided/don’t care.

Leo's Fan Club Nightwatcher KORNightwatcher Dec.28.2012 12:41AM
To me, it’s still the same thing lol~
(or atleast - feels like it)

Just One Day, BTS!Just One Day - JinOoh Ooh, Eric Nam - 3 Sandy ♫ USASandy ♫ Dec.28.2012 12:24AM
I didn’t know there were a few buddhists here. Many Koreans I know are Christians.


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"None"? what’s the meaning?._.


GURUPOP Show EP7 from Dong JunBoy In Luv - Rap MonsterGURUPOP Show EP12 from Rome LALALALALALA USALALALALALALA Dec.28.2012 12:24AM
They don’t believe in anything? IDK -.-

Daily Check-inGurupop Enthusiast 30thGurupop's 1st Birthday mgermer HNDmgermer Dec.28.2012 12:32AM
ti guess they dont care

Rock Ur Body - LEOWelcome BackETERNITY, VIXX! Hunny USAHunny Dec.28.2012 12:34AM
They probably just don’t have a religion xD. They don’t necessarily believe there’s a God or not, they just don’t concern themselves with having any beliefs.

IGNITION Release Card - GongchanOur 2nd B1A4 Event - GongchanTried to Walk - Gongchan HitohaChan NZLHitohaChan Dec.28.2012 12:21AM
Glad to see that there are a lot of Christians ^^ <3