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kpop idol religion list

Dec.28.2012. 12:21AM

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Danny - Christian
Jinhwan - Christian
Teddy - Athiest 

Changmin - Christian (Catholic)
Jinwoon - Christian
Jo Kwon - Christian
Seulong - Atheist

CL - Christian (Catholic)
Bom - Christian
Minzy - Christian (Catholic)
Sandara - None

Chansung - Buddhist
Junho - Christian
Junsu - Buddhist
Nichkhun - Buddhist
Taecyeon - Christian
Wooyoung - Buddhist

After School
Gahee - Christian
Jooyeon - Christian
Jungah - Christian
Lizzy - Christian
Nana- Christian
Raina - Chrisitan
Uee - Christian

Ajoo- Christian

Bomi - Christian
Eunji - Christian

As One
Crystal - Buddhist
Min - Christian 

Baby VOX
Eunjin - Buddhist
Heejin - Christian
Kim EZ - Christian 

Bada - Christian (Roman Catholic)

Bae Doona - Christian

Bae Seulgi - Christian (Roman Catholic)

Bae Yong Joon - Christian (Roman Catholic)

Dongwoon - None
Doojoon - Christian
Kikwang - Christian (Catholic)

Big Bang
Daesung - Christian
G-DRAGON - Christian
Seungri - Christian (Protestant)
Taeyang - Christian

Block B
Kyung - Christian
U-Kwon - Christian 

BoA - Christian (Roman Catholic)

Brian - Christian (Catholic)

Brown Eyed Girls
JeA - Christian (Catholic)
Miryo - Christian
Narsha - Christian

Cha Seungwon - Christian (Roman Catholic)

Choi Jinshil - Christian

Choi Jiwoo - Christian (Presbyterian) 

Chung Lim - Christian (Catholic)

Kim Sungsu - Christian
Lee Jaehoon - Christian
Yuri - Christian 

Daniel - Christian
Dari - Christian
Day Day - Christian
Inati - Christian (Catholic)
Jisoo - Christian
Youngwon - None 

Haeri - Christian
Minkyung - Christian 

deeVine - Christian

E-Bul - Christian

Eru - Christian

Eun Ji Won - Buddhist 

Evan - Atheist

Amber - Christian
Luna - Christian 
Sulli - Christian 

Girls Generation
Hyoyeon - Christian
Jessica - Christian
Seohyun - Christian
Sooyoung - Christian
Sunny - Christian
Tiffany - Christian
Yoona - Christian

Go Ara - Christian

Park Junhyung - Christian (Catholic) 

Gong Hyojin - Christian (Catholic)

Gong Yoo - Christian (Catholic)

Go Soyoung - Christian (Roman Catholic)

Haan Yeah Soul - Christian

Jaewon - Christian
Tony - Christian

Hwangbo - Christian

Insooni - Christian (Roman Catholic)

IU - Christian

Jadu - Christian

Jang Nara - Christian

Jang Woohyuk - Buddhist

Jay Park - Christian

Jeon Ji Hyun - Buddhist

Jin Goo - Christian (Catholic)

Jisun - Christian

Jo In Sung - Christian

Kan Miyoun - Atheist

Kangta - Atheist

Kim Haneul - Christian (Roman Catholic)

Kim Hyojin - Christian

Kim Jinpyo - Christian

Kim Jong Kook - Buddhist

Kim Jungeun - Christian

Kim Junghwa - Christian

Kim Minjong - Buddhist

Kim Taehee - Christian (Roman Catholic)

Kim Tae Woo - Buddhist

Kwon Sangdoo - Christian (Catholic)

Kwon Sangwoo - Christian (Roman Catholic)

Lee Byunghun - Buddhist

Lee Dahae - Christian

Lee Dong Gun - Christian (Catholic)

Lee Hyori - Christian

Lee Jihoon - Christian

Lee Jihye - Christian

Lee Jung - Christian

Lee Junghyun - Atheist

Lee Jungjin - None

Lee Seungchul - Christian

Lee Sungjin - Christian

Lee Yuri - Christian

Lena Park - Christian

Lim Jeonghee - Christian (Protestant)

Joon - Christian
Mir - Buddhist
Thunder - Atheist 

Miss A
Min - Christian

Miss $
Hyeyoung - Christian
Yumi - Christian 

Moon Geun Young - Buddhist 

Moon Heejun - Buddhist

D.Kash - Christian

Aron - Christian (Catholic)

Black J - Christian
Byeol - None
Eunho - Christian
J.Heart - Christian
Jonguk - Christian

Ace - Atheist
Ryan - Christian
P.O - Christian
Neo - Atheist 

Park Boyoung - Christian 

Park Jaeyoung - Christian (Catholic)

Park Kiwoong - Christian

Park Shinhye - Christian

Shimji - Christian
Yohan - Christian (Catholic) 

Joy - Christian 

Ryu Seungbum - Christian

SE7EN - Christian

Jieun - Christian 

Seo Youngeun - Christian (Catholic)

Jonghyun - Atheist
Key - Christian
Minho - Christian
Onew - Christian
Taemin - Christian (Catholic)

Andy - Christian 
Dongwan - Christian
Eric - Christian
Hyesung - Christian
Junjin - Christian
Minwoo - Christian

Cheonwoo - Christian (Catholic)
Hanbang - None
Hero - Buddhist
Jerry - Christian
Naru - Christian
World - Christian 

Son Dambi - Christian

Son Yejin - Christian (Roman Catholic)

Hyungjoong - Christian (Catholic)
Jungmin - Athiest
Kyujong - Christian
Youngsaeng - Christian

Sung Yuri - Christian (Presbyterian)

Super Junior
Donghae - Christian
Eunhyuk - Christian
Han Geng - Atheist
Heechul - Atheist
Kangin - Christian
Kibum - Christian
Kyuhyun - Christian
Leeteuk - Christian
Ryeowook - Christian (Catholic)
Shindong - Christian
Siwon - Christian (Protestant)
Sungmin - Christian
Yesung - Christian (Catholic)

Boram - Buddhist
Eunjung - Christian
Jiyeon - Buddhist
Soyeon - Christian

T/Tasha - Christian

Teen Top
C.A.P - None
Changjo - Buddhist 
Chunji - None
L.Joe - Christian 
Niel - Christian 
Ricky - None 

Gwanhee - Christian
Sangjun - Christian
Sihyeon - Christian
Youngmin - Christian

The Nuts
Ji Hyunwoo - Buddhist
Kim Hyunjoong - Christian (Catholic)
Park Junshik - None

Changmin - Buddhist
Jaejoong - Christian
Junsu - Christian (Seventh-Day Adventist)
Yunho - Christian
Yoochun - Christian

AJ - Buddhist
Dongho - Christian
Eli - Christian
Kevin - Christian
Kiseop - Buddhist
Soohyun - Christian

Uhm Jung Hwa - Buddhist

Choi Jeongwon - Christian
Kim Jeonghoon - Buddhist

Kim Kyung Rok - Buddhist

Wonder Girls
Hyelim - Christian
Sohee - Buddhist
Sunye - Christian
Yeeun - Christian
Yoobin - Christian

Yiruma - Christian

Yoon Eunhye - Christian

Yoon Soi - Buddhist

Younha - Christian (Roman Catholic) 

Yuriel - Christian

Dongjong - Buddhist
Heechul - Christian
Junyoung - Christian
Kevin - Christian 
Kwanghee - Christian


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mel1995 mel1995 Oct.15.2016 01:13AM
Onew and Minho aren’t christians. In an interview in Japan the interviewer asked if any of them were christians and they said only Key and Taemin. Recently a fan asked Minho at a fansign if he believed in God and he answered no, so he confirmed he’s an atheist.
Jonghyun and Minho are confirmed atheists, we know Onew is not a christian, he could be either an atheist or a buddhist, Taemin is a catholic and Key is a christian.


mel1995 mel1995 Oct.15.2016 01:18AM
Here’s the interview about 1:48

SpydaBuni ZAFSpydaBuni May.10.2016 02:49PM
Some idols who are Buddhist are noted as being athiest (I think this comes from the belief that Buddhism is a way of life, and not technically a religion, so when asked what religion they practice it is not uncommon for Buddhists to answer that they don’t practice a religion).

Athiest and agnostic are also not the same thing and are not interchangeable. An athiest chooses not to believe in a greater power, whereas an agnostic does not know if a greater power exists.
I.e. Athiest: I don’t believe in a God.
Agnostic: I don’t know that a God exists.
An agnostic is not necessarily athiest, and vice versa.

Sungkyu: Christian (practicing - He includes a thanks to God [하나님] in all of their albums excluding repackaged albums which do not have an individual member thanks to section [I know of only one where he didn’t - Inspirit], and apparently goes to church regularly. There are also loads of recent fancams and fantaken pictures of him praying before getting on one of the rides during Showtime)
Dongwoo: Buddhist
Woohyun: Christian*
Hoya: Christian*
Sungyeol: Christian*
Myungsoo: Catholic*
Sungjong: Christian (Practicing. Goes to church often)

**Sungkyu said during a radio show after OGS that he and Sungjong are the only practicing Christians in the group. He has also stated this again somewhere else, but I can’t remember where.

Ze:a’s Hyungshik is Buddhist as stated by himself during The Romantic and Idol series

And allegedly:
G.Na - Catholic
Girl’s Day Minah is apparently Christian too.

B1A4 Baro - Catholic
B1A4 Gongchan, Sandeul - Christian
B1A4 CNU - Athiest
B1A4 Jinyoung - Buddhist

BTOB: Ilhoon - Catholic
Minhyuk & Peniel - Christian
Sungjae has spoken once or twice about going to church with Minhyuk or Peniel
During BTOB diary Sungjae and Eunkwang go to church and even mention that Changsub wasn’t able to go with them because he had to practice his skateboarding for a comeback.

EXO the most common seems to be:
Luhan, Lay, Tao - Catholic
Kris, Kai, Baekhyun, Sehun, Chanyeol, D.O, Chen, Xiumin - Christian
Suho - some places say he’s Christian, other places say he’s Buddhist

Kara’s Hara - Buddhist
PSY - Buddhist
Yoo Jaesuk - Buddhist
Sistar Soyou - Buddhist
Alexander (former member of UKISS) - Christian and practicing

Apparently, Rap Monster has stated on his Twitter that he is athiest. There hasn’t been any mention of any of the other members as far as I am aware, however Suga attended an all-boys Catholic/Christian school which doesn’t really mean anything, but also could...


SpydaBuni ZAFSpydaBuni May.10.2016 02:56PM
Ah. I forgot...
I included the difference between atheist and agnostic because according to that, wouldn’t most Buddhists actually be agnostic?

Just One Day - JungkookJust One Day - JinSingle Release Card - ChoColat peachjam JPNpeachjam May.10.2016 12:59PM
please do for lovelyz and gfriend!


Izabela Bojko POLIzabela Bojko May.10.2016 12:02PM
OMG!!!!!!! Junsu from JYJ is Seventh-Day Adventist! My religion, lol
I don’t believe that xD


MahimaTube FTW USAMahimaTube FTW Apr.03.2016 07:37PM
What are the religions of Bangtan Boys/BTS? Probably atheist and Christian... but not sure. Can you add that? Along with Exo and Got7? Thank you.


Mutiara Salendra IDNMutiara Salendra Mar.28.2015 03:27AM
religion of bangtan boys?


Danielicious Andin IDNDanielicious Andin Dec.28.2012 01:01AM
Good Job ^^


Odey~ USAOdey~ Dec.28.2012 12:58AM
Thanks for posting this ^.^


CClown_BR BRACClown_BR Dec.28.2012 12:38AM
nice post!


Hunny USAHunny Dec.28.2012 12:36AM
It’s nice to see there’s some kind of variety ^^


bornfreeonekiss MYSbornfreeonekiss Dec.28.2012 12:36AM
wooooo such a long post! but i had fun! XD


KpopFan4eva USAKpopFan4eva Dec.28.2012 12:33AM
I don’t even know if I am religious.
My mom says I’m Buddhist but I think I’m atheist. :P


delikizzz USAdelikizzz Dec.28.2012 12:31AM
park jungmin from ss501 is christian not atheist...


seungshik USAseungshik Dec.28.2012 12:31AM
wow I did not know Thunder and Seulong were atheist. I actually only knew about heechul since he’s my ultimate bias lol. There’s nothing wrong with it though, I have no problem with people who are atheist because they have the right to their own beliefs. Oh and I dont know if you would like to add it on there but ZE:A hyungshik is a Buddhist, he said it himself on Romantic & Idol


bBebe IDNbBebe Dec.28.2012 12:28AM
none = atheis ?


Nightwatcher KORNightwatcher Dec.28.2012 12:29AM
Basicly yeah ;p

delikizzz USAdelikizzz Dec.28.2012 12:32AM
no. atheist believe in the non existence of god they are certain in their belief and none is more like undecided/don’t care.

Nightwatcher KORNightwatcher Dec.28.2012 12:41AM
To me, it’s still the same thing lol~
(or atleast - feels like it)

Sandy ♫ USASandy ♫ Dec.28.2012 12:24AM
I didn’t know there were a few buddhists here. Many Koreans I know are Christians.


Alessandra. BRAAlessandra. Dec.28.2012 12:24AM
^^ ♥


Wow. Thanks for posting this (:


N.O, Bangtan Boys - VDaebak Date with Dae HyunBoy In Luv - V sellin IDNsellin Dec.28.2012 12:22AM
"None"? what’s the meaning?._.


They don’t believe in anything? IDK -.-

mgermer HNDmgermer Dec.28.2012 12:32AM
ti guess they dont care

Hunny USAHunny Dec.28.2012 12:34AM
They probably just don’t have a religion xD. They don’t necessarily believe there’s a God or not, they just don’t concern themselves with having any beliefs.

HitohaChan NZLHitohaChan Dec.28.2012 12:21AM
Glad to see that there are a lot of Christians ^^ <3



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