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Exo Couples

After Schools JJ
Dec.31.2012. 09:04PM

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Who ever said that Exo was only doing fan service was clearly wrong. The couples do exist. I mean friends don't look and do these things together. Do they???


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PlayItAgain USAPlayItAgain Dec.31.2012 09:18PM


phouaAAA USAphouaAAA Dec.31.2012 09:12PM
Huhan <3333333


Chibi_ DEUChibi_ Dec.31.2012 09:09PM
for me is hunhan fanservice
xiuhan is real T^T


epikspirit IRLepikspirit Dec.31.2012 09:08PM
im shipping all the exo couples <3333 XD lol



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  • loeys16 hours ago
  • Dear whoever wrote that, please make sure the words you type are more than a hundred percent true. What you wrote about Chanyeol and the other members are pure bullshit. Even if you'll not put there that you don't like him, it's clear that you don't. But who the heck cares? He doesn't need you; Chanyeol doesn't need a fan like you. The way you badmouth him, it is as if you've been with him in shootings or even just on a regular day. C'mon, grow up okay? You don't know him personally and yeah I don't too that's why neither of us has the right to say those things about him nor to the other members. He's immature? You're the one who's immature. And on what basis did you use while claiming that he thinks everything is a joke? Yeah he may be playful at work and during shoots and recordings but he does take that seriously. I bet he only wants to brighten up the mood and make the others happy. NOW IF YOU DON'T LIKE HIM, JUST SHUT YOUR FREAKING MOUTH UP. NOBODY NEEDS YOUR FREAKED UP LIES. Girl, you better be careful with your words because the people who admire him, them.. are plenty against the ones who don't. You'll get roast girl, if you'll continue this deed. I tell you, you'll get roasted.
  • EXO-M Kai EXO-K D.O Suho
  • i feel so hurt after reading it >.< tell me guys . its not true right ?
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