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Do you know what On-air is?

Feb.20.2012. 12:23AM

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Wow! I found On-air section in Gurupop!
This is how I upload my online live broadcasting channel on Gurupop. I can use my broadcasting channel URL from Ustream or to upload my streaming channel on Gurupop. 
Click ‘Embed’ tab in Ustram. Then copy the shaded source code as shown below.

Then click the 'Insert /edit embedded media' button shown below.



As  ‘Insert/ edit embedded media window’ opens as below, click on ‘Source’ tab. Then paste the embed source code that you have copied in YouTube. Then click ‘Insert’ button!

Check if the yellow box appears in your post. The streaming channel will be embedded in this area.


As you submit the post, the final post will be shown as below.

I wanna start up the live broadcasting on K-pop MV remix. Come and enjoy my live broadcasting in Gurupop On-air section!


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Right on TimeLucky Writer 1stDaily Check-in JemimaKim MYSJemimaKim May.04.2012 08:04AM
wow.. o.o


IGNITION Release Card - B1A4IGNITION Release Card - SandeulIGNITION Release Card - Gongchan 신 히라 MYS신 히라 May.04.2012 07:59AM
wow..let’s see it..we can broadcast on air??

#amazed amazed by tht^^


2NE1's Fan ClubBIGBANG 's Fan ClubSeven's Fan Club tunfish DNKtunfish Mar.20.2012 01:46PM
When is that?? And is that still on going?



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