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GURUPOP’s Giveaway Event with After School!

Jun.21.2012. 03:38AM

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After School - Flash Back


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mikkikpoplover USAmikkikpoplover Sep.18.2012 12:01AM
They are amazing and unique. they are so talent compare to others.


BAP's Fan ClubMBLAQ's Fan ClubEXO's Fan Club Vanny Nguyen USAVanny Nguyen Aug.04.2012 11:13AM


Yang Yo Seob's Fan ClubBIG Fan of GURUPOPHave, Don't have - Subin Yoliii IDNYoliii Jul.27.2012 01:22PM
Thank you for choosing me Gurupop!
Saranghaeyoo ♥♥♥


Flash Back Release Card - NanaFlash Back Release Card - JooyeonIGNITION Release Card - B1A4 TaeGoon CANTaeGoon Jul.25.2012 10:55PM
Thank you so much Gurupop! <3
I’m so happy that I don’t think I can sleep tonight.


Flash Back Release Card - NanaPandora - KARAAfter School - Flash Back GURUPOP FRIEND~ USAGURUPOP FRIEND~ Jul.25.2012 10:51PM


Be the Chaser of Infinite - HoyaGURUPOP Show EP3 from JeesuGURUPOP Show EP7 from MC Daniel Miguel PERMiguel Jul.24.2012 12:00AM
After School is back with Flashback, on this new album the girls show a sexy side, a sexy but elegant concept at a time, which we can see in the video. Although the song escapes a bit from what we are accustomed to seeing and hearing from After School, there is no denying that the song is highly addictive the more you listen, and the video plays a very important, because everything fits perfectly with them .. The video opens with a shot of our girls with an overall shot and quickly capture our attention with a ’I can not wait ~ maeum imi nae danger ... "while starting to walk elegantly and we can see part of the choreography that plays an important role. The choreography gives an additional bonus to the song and video in general, as you might at first hearing ’Flashback’ not be as addictive as previous U.S. issues, but the visual management, the beauty of these girls and how I repeat, the choreography sexy posing in her, grabs you quickly. The costumes for girls is another important point to make, and it seems that Pledis Ent. once again opted to show the beauty of the group, perhaps above the voices of them, after all not a bad move. NANA’s rap also gives pros, the voice of Rania, Lizzy and all generally complement each other very well. In my point, I give you video 5/5 points but the song just 4/5.


Our 2nd B1A4 Event - GongchanIGNITION Release Card -Baro GURUPOP Show EP1 from MC Daniel Chigi POLChigi Jul.23.2012 02:40PM
I’m a big fan of Pledis family. I love all Pledis artists, but I think After School is the best among them <3 I think these girls have got something that other groups don’t have. I can’t say what it is. They’re just different and unique. It can be only my opinion, but I think it’s true. I want them to have more and more fans all over the world. I’m so happy that they were very successful in Japan. Now I can’t wait for their next comeback! I’m curious what they will prepare. I hope none of the members will graduate… Maybe the pre-school girl Kyungmin will join them? Honestly I thought that she will join them instead of Kaeun… But it was a surprise. Well, I think not yet. Maybe she will join them in 2013? Who knows. You know what’s my dream? I really hope that an amazing rapper like Bekah or Kahi will join them. Although Lizzy and Nana are good, they’re just good… They need someone who will be amazing! Just like Lime in Hello Venus. Earlier I thought that maybe Nicole who was supposed to debut in Hello Venus will join them in the future? But I don’t really know… I don’t know what’s happened, maybe she had a big argument with Pledis? I think we will never know… That’s sad because I heard she’s a great rapper! She’s also awesome English-speaker, because she lived in USA. Just like Bekah! After School really need a good English-speaker. >.< But… it’s just my own thoughts. :)

I wanted to write… I just love After School as they are. Graduation system may seem horrible, but I think it’s a good idea… Beacause of that system After School can stay with as forever! It just can progress. I’m sure, we, Playgirlz and Playboyz will always miss every member… But I’m OK with that system. I love just ALL of the members.

I love you all forever! ^.^


Our 2nd B1A4 Event - GongchanIGNITION Release Card -Baro GURUPOP Show EP1 from MC Daniel Chigi POLChigi Jul.23.2012 02:40PM
This is my last review. I really love After School. I’m a huge a fan of them, espacially Nana. But I love every member. “Flashback” is an addictive song. Though it was released more than month ago, it is still in my head every day and I love to sing this for example when I’m doing something ^.^ I also wanted to learn the dance moves but they’re so difficult to me.

After School did really great job with Flashback. Flashback is about going back to the past and recalling past love. But it has also its second sense. Flashback means that After School wants to go back to their debut days. But I think Flashback and AH or Diva are still different. AH was something unique, special with a bit hip hop sound. And their clothes were really cool. Flashback is a catchy song with a lot of electric sound. Both are so sexy, but they’re sexy in another way. I can’t say which concept is better. I just love After School and I’m glad they came back with such a great song!

I really like their clothes. They’re simple but suits this concept very well. I like the thing that they are wearing the same type of clothes on their stages, just in different colors each day. I really love the fact that the clothes look the same but they’re different. For example, E-Young is always having long sleeves, Kaeun one long sleeve etc. It makes every girl unique. I like their shoes. I like the ones in the Music Video and also these from their stages. So cool!


shyhinata2012 USAshyhinata2012 Jul.23.2012 01:49PM
I love this song! especially the outfit they were wearing and their shoe.
Every time I watch this music video I want to dance to this song and put it on repeat.


Alone Release Card - BoraBIG Fan of Wonder Girls - YubinAlone Release Card - Hyorin hyunjoong MYShyunjoong Jul.23.2012 10:45AM
I do feel that Pledis Entertainment should work harder to promote After School. To be honest, I believe that if After School was in another agency, like the big three, they would already be at the top. They are beautiful girls and if they are not going to be the stars, then they will at least give off the brand’s impression of beautiful, talented girls. Pledis should take the challenge of making all the members stars. Maybe they could be the hosts of a variety or music show? Or another sub-unit like Orange Caramel? Lizzy used to be on Running Man, Juyeon on Invincible Youth, and Kahi on Heroes. They should return to promoting themselves on variety shows as I believe that one of the key points in the popularity of Korean idols is their friendliness and quirkiness on these shows.

All in all, I loved the song and I loved the music video even more. I rate it a 11/10! This could be the comeback that secures After School spot right at the top tier of the girl group ranking with Girls Generation and Kara. It would be amazing to finally see them win a music show again after more than two years without one. There are rumors that their next comeback be happening this year, and will define After School even more. After taking over Japan by storm, it would be great to see them take over Korea again too, as they regain their former glory as one of the top K-pop girl groups around.

<3 After School Forever<3


Alone Release Card - BoraBIG Fan of Wonder Girls - YubinAlone Release Card - Hyorin hyunjoong MYShyunjoong Jul.23.2012 10:44AM
Uee and Nana are the faces of After School and you can definitely see that in the music video. They receive the most screen time (but not too much!), and suit the sexy theme perfectly. Uee gets the main part in the lacking storyline although she didn’t get many singing lines. Nana is currently the most watched member of After School. She is a great dancer and she also got her own track in this album, "Eyeline" which shows that she can sing too. Since Nana’s admission to After School, the group’s direction slowly shifted to reflect her super-model image. Although After School debuted with a Korean Pussycat Doll concept with “Ah”, slowly that’s waned over time, but with the focus now on Nana, we’re seeing that fierce concept making a sharp return.

Raina is also another main vocalist beside Jungah. I wonder what would After School be without Raina’s powerful vocals. As the main vocalist, she definitely hit her notes right. She didn’t fit the sexy concept during Bang! and I was a little worried about her when I saw her teaser photo. Well, she does a decent job this time, although she looks a little awkward acting sexy. Since she sings the chorus in “Flashback” she gets to be the centre a lot which I think she really deserves.

Lizzy definitely surprised everyone. In a complete turnaround from her usual aegyo-filled self, Lizzy fit the concept really well. She even went blonde for this comeback and she looks really hot!! Even though she got the most revealing dresses she manages to pull it off without looking cheap. I really like the part where she sings "Oh, beautiful magic..." in "Flashback". Her voice is also more prominently featured in the other tracks of the album (Rip Off and Wristwatch) which shows her developing vocal ability. The talk/rap intro by Lizzy and also Nana gives something for the fans to shout along to in live shows. They seem to be the new rappers since Kahi’s departure and it’s nice to see that they are doing a great job.

The two maknaes, E-Young and new recruit Kaeun do get decent parts in the music video. Although E-Young doesn’t sing many lines, it is definitely an improvement from their past releases as I could hardly notice her in Shampoo. She doesn’t fit the dark, sexy concept very well though and I think she suited After School Blue’s style better. However, she did have some moments where she really was she stole the show, such as her part at 1:33. Kaeun did not disappoint even though a lot of fans did not like her at the beginning as she sort of felt like a replacement for Kahi. She is really beautiful and dances very well. I definitely want to see more of her in the future. It’s normal for the new recruits to not have many lines in the beginning. Look at Nana and Raina, they hardly received any lines in Because Of You, and look at them now. E-Young and Kaeun are still very young and have a long way to go, but one day, I’m sure they will be the leading force of After School.



Alone Release Card - BoraBIG Fan of Wonder Girls - YubinAlone Release Card - Hyorin hyunjoong MYShyunjoong Jul.23.2012 10:43AM
I really love the black and white dresses in the music video. The black dresses suit the dark concept well and the slim white body suits paired with white boots gave the girls the impression of being live goddesses. The tassels and their long, flowing hair created a dramatic effect that definitely commanded the stage when combined with their charisma. The dresses accentuate their long, slim legs while showing off their "S-line" body. It suited the sexy concept and yet still looked sophisticated. Their stylists also did an incredible job with the make-up and hair of the girls. The beautiful make-up of their eyes with the smoky and sparkling effects especially caught my attention. The fine details on their nails and accessories bring out even more of the beauty of After School.

The music video was shot brilliantly without the excessive use of unnecessary effects. The red and black background and lighting matched the dark concept wonderfully. It is simple but yet looks amazing. The beautiful chandelier really stands out and makes the place look really expensive and classy. I especially loved the scenes with the girls in the black and white lighting. It made them look really mysterious and seductive.

Now about the members, firstly, although I was really sad to hear that Kahi had graduated from After School, to be honest, I think the other members finally got more attention and screen time than before. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of Kahi, and without her After School wouldn’t be where they are today but she always got the most parts and was always at the center ever since their debut. Now, the members have more space to show off their individuality and grow. The spotlight especially seems to have shifted toward Jungah, Raina and Nana.

New leader Jungah fills the shoes of Kahi perfectly. With her strong charisma and amazing beauty, she practically commanded the stage. I really liked her style during the "Into the night sky" promotions, and she looks even more gorgeous now! Her smile at 0:44 just killed me. As the lead vocal, she receives a lot of singing parts and even has a duet with Raina in this album, with the track titled "Timeless" which shows off her amazing vocal prowess.

I’m sure everyone is also very happy that we can actually see Jooyeon throughout the music video, and not just for like 2 seconds. I’ve always found Jooyeon to be really pretty but she never received enough lines and screen time in their promotions. She is also a good actress and I hope she doesn’t decide to graduate from After School to pursue her acting courier.



Alone Release Card - BoraBIG Fan of Wonder Girls - YubinAlone Release Card - Hyorin hyunjoong MYShyunjoong Jul.23.2012 10:43AM
However, the storyline is easily overshadowed by the powerful and sexy choreography by the After School members. The choreography in "Flashback" is one of the best from After School so far, and is my favorite choreography from the group to date. With girl groups debuting left, right and center with the "sexy" concept, it’s great that After School is back to show them how it’s really done. At first, I was a little worried that the dancing would not be accepted positively in Korea as Koreans don’t tend to accept sexy choreography very well such as Hyuna’s "Bubble Pop" and Rainbow’s "Abs Dance" but it seems that they have not faced any setbacks so far with it.

What I really like is that After School manages to pull off the dance moves while maintaining a sense of style and class so they do not end up looking like a bunch of hookers. Sexy concepts in particular have a fine line, and aren’t easily pulled off, because one booty-drop too low and things turn tasteless. I really love the dance in the music video. My favorite part is the dance at the chorus, with some members doing the “shooting dance” and the others doing the “spread leg dance”. The "spread leg" dance at the chorus especially caught my eye and although it looks fairly easy to do, it is actually really difficult to maintain your balance doing it(I tried, LOL) ; more so while wearing killer heels. The music video of "Flashback" was choreographed by Kyle Hanagami who has worked with artistes all over the world such as Justin Bieber, Black Eyed Peas and Pledis Entertainment label mates Nu’est and I applaud him for doing such an amazing job. The girls also performed the high level choreography on music shows for their comeback and managed to pull it off without a hitch. The girls of After School reportedly spent more than 30 hours practicing hard for their comeback performances and their hard work seems to have paid off.

Another highlight of the music video is the dub step dance break part. A lot of fans have mixed opinions about this part, but I love it! It is something different that we hardly see in other K-pop music videos and makes the music video all the more memorable. To me, the two members that really stand out at the dance break is Nana and Uee, as they look stunning dancing sexily. It’s a little hard to recognize the members because the scene moves too quickly, but Nana and Uee can easily be spotted due to their modelesque bodies. The girls even portray the sexiness through the intensity of their gazes!



Alone Release Card - BoraBIG Fan of Wonder Girls - YubinAlone Release Card - Hyorin hyunjoong MYShyunjoong Jul.23.2012 10:42AM
Prior to their comeback, teaser photos of each member were released every day to increase the excitement of the fans. Well, they definitely succeeded in doing that as I’m sure all Playboyz and Playgirlz couldn’t wait for their comeback on the 20th of June. The first teaser photo released was of former maknae Lizzy and boy, did she suprise us all! In a complete 180-degree turnaround from her usual cheery, aegyo-filled self, Lizzy’s teaser photo confirmed After School’s resolve to return to their sexy concept with black mesh clothing and a seductive, sultry pose. More teaser photos followed in the order of Uee, Jungah, Nana, Raina, Juyeon, E-young and Kaeun all adhering to the same dark, sexy concept.

The song and music video were released simultaneously at midnight on the 20th and immediately received an explosive response. In a matter of hours, "Flashback" achieved an all kill on various music charts like Soribada, Melon, Bugs, Dosirak, Daum and Naver. Other songs from their album such as “Rip Off” and “Eyeline” also ranked highly on the charts. The music video has on the other hand received almost two million views in 5 days, which is a new record for After School and definitely proves their popularity not only in Korea or Asia, but all around the world.

The title track is composed by TEXU who has previously worked with IU for "Cruel" and Sunny Hill for "Midnight Circus". The lyrics of "Flashback" sing of the longing for when one was in love and according to their agency, also contain a double meaning as After School seeks to return to its early stages most wanted and liked by fans. The lyrics are deep and meaningful and the girls of After School try hard to insert some significance and emotions into the lyrics. The lyrics are easy to sing along too even for foreign fans. The repetitive chorus and lyrics remind me a little of their debut track“Ah!”. The song’s shining moment is its catchy chorus with the repetition of “bo-bo-bo-bo-boy I miss you” line.

Now, for the music video. The music video starts off strongly with the metal door opening to reveal the eight girls in black and white, with the smoke and wind blowing from the back. They are dressed in different outfits that show off their individuality. I especially love Nana and Jungah’s outfits with the skirts made out of tassels. It looks really beautiful when the wind blows it! The music starts after that with Lizzy and Nana’s powerful rap. The storyline is about the girls taking revenge on a guy. We can see him tied up to a chair and the girls take turns trying to shoot him. It suits the dark, sexy concept well. Back to the black and white scene, the girls are walking into the room looking like models on a catwalk. I really like how the girls have different sets for their solo shots, Jungah, Uee and E-Young on the chair, Raina sitting on the bed, Lizzy and Kaeun lying on the bed, Jooyeon with the mirror and Nana showing off her sexy back.



Alone Release Card - BoraBIG Fan of Wonder Girls - YubinAlone Release Card - Hyorin hyunjoong MYShyunjoong Jul.23.2012 10:41AM
It’s finally the last day! I really hope I can win this. Here’s my final and improved review for "Flashback"! :)

After sub-unit and international projects in Japan and having achieved tremendous success, After School is finally back with their 5th Maxi Single, "Flashback". Firstly, I must say that I have been a huge fan of After School for more than 2 years now, that is ever since they were promoting the title track of their third mini album, Bang. The quality of their songs has definitely been improving constantly since then. I’m a big fan of most of their songs especially their softer tracks, such as Shampoo and Into the Night Sky. However, I’m probably not alone in saying that "Flashback" is without a doubt one of their best songs yet.

After School holds a special place in my heart as the first K-pop song I listened to was “Because of You” and they are the first K-pop group I fell in love with. I do like a few other girl groups too, but not as much as I love After School. They have proven that they can do many concepts such as the feminine concept with Shampoo, the cute concept with Wonder Boy and the sexy concept with Bang."Flashback” though is a mix of a dark, strong and sexy concept which makes up for a powerful comeback.

After School is a girl group with seven members with a unique system where members would be recruited and eventually graduate. From what I could tell though, After School’s graduation was non-existent and was only gaining new members; peaking off at nine members at one point. It just seemed like After School would just keep growing in power with new girls. However, last year after their “Shampoo” promotions, we were shocked to hear that rapper Bekah would be the first member to graduate. The news broke the hearts of millions of fans all over the world as she gave After School that extra edge and was an international fan favorite. Everyone hoped that no other members would graduate any time soon.

Like all other fans, I was devastated when I heard that leader Kahi was graduating from After School. Kahi was the lead dancer, rapper and inevitably became the face of After School as she played a huge part in their popularity and development ever since their debut. It’s hard to imagine what After School would have been like without Kahi ever debuting with the group. I knew that After School would not die without her, but I was really worried that that the group would be affected negatively. There is the argument that when a member leaves, the members’ fans leave too, though I believe that a loyal fan should stay loyal to their group regardless. However, even without Kahi, her presence is still vibrant in the group, as clearly shown through the group’s discipline and professionalism.



immablackhorse2 SGPimmablackhorse2 Jul.23.2012 10:20AM


immablackhorse2 SGPimmablackhorse2 Jul.23.2012 10:20AM
(continued) Colour combination: The colour mainly consists of white and black which instils the creepiness and suspense in viewers. It does not give a dull feeling but rather, it allows people to anticipate the next scene in the MV and this is highly effective of a good MV.


immablackhorse2 SGPimmablackhorse2 Jul.23.2012 10:15AM
(continued) Nana’s voice was somewhat similar that of In the Night Sky’s Live concert. Her voice is still very sweet and high-pitched. UEE’s makeup makes her look very bold and daring in this MV which suits the overall mood of FLASHBACK. And right... their dance is very neat unlike previous mvs which comprises mostly of free-style dance movements. It kinds of look very messy and unorgansied when they dance in their own style without having a theme in their dance. In FLASHBACK, their dance evolves around the theme of FLASHBACK and is very closely related to the style of their MV.


xShiNehx SGPxShiNehx Jul.23.2012 10:14AM
After School’s comeback! Too many words to describe how feel about the comeback, so much sexiness and confidence emitted through the song it gets people of every gender to get excited! Despite the leader, Kahi, leaving, it seems that After School is still able to hold their place in the competitive K-Pop society. Such style can only be exclusive to After School alone, I have never seen other groups being able to emulate such sexiness before. I was extremely anticipated for their comeback and looks like they did not fail to disappoint me, however I did expect a much stronger comeback. Anticipating for their comeback this end of year.

On a side note, I really love After School and I would be so delighted if I was to win. Thank you for reading this! :D


immablackhorse2 SGPimmablackhorse2 Jul.23.2012 10:11AM
The background music is very rhthymic with not much syncopation. The beats are not off beat and synchronise very well with the vocals especially with the rapping parts. It makes me wanna move to the beat WOOHOO~ It gives the very systematic feel just like what its lyrics says. In the beginning, the rhthym is more consistent and at a slower speed as compared to the other parts of the mv. The rhythm does not synco itself but it syncos with the vocals, merging the background rhythm with the melody. Notice that the background music solely consists of different unpitched instruments and the main melody is actually the voice of the vocalists. The pitched tunes and background rhthym have been very carefully blended but at times, the background music is too loud and drown the main melody especially at the first few lines of rapping by Lizzy at the start of the MV. The music is generally very catchy and the lyrics are very seductive.

2. Dance Choreography

The dance choreography is very different from their previous mvs. They have included more dance movements then previously and the dance movts clearly brings out the character of each AS member. It is as if the dance movt is choreographed specifically for that member and the director has a good understanding of the styles of each AS member. Nevertheless, this MV also allows us to see the other side of their personality and style. The previously more low-profile JungAh takes the lead for once in this MV and actually she has hidden talent. Lizzy who seems very introvert and has little screen time in other MVs has more role to play in this MV and she gives the impression of being the lead sinder at the start of the MV while Raina continues to develop her potential in singing. Her voice is very nice and she has long breaths which allows her to show off her powerful voice.


Sexy love - EunjungSexy love - JiyeonSexy love - Ahreum Evanna Yeoh MYSEvanna Yeoh Jul.23.2012 05:30AM
LAST DAY!!! and i want to win this~ please!!! i beg you~~~ i love them so much~~


Flash Back Release Card - NanaPandora - KARAAfter School - Flash Back GURUPOP FRIEND~ USAGURUPOP FRIEND~ Jul.22.2012 11:42PM
After School “Flash Back” review By: GURUPOP FRIEND~

After School is known for being creative and fierce in whatever concept they use for music videos and songs! On June 20, After School released a strong and powerful, sexy song called “Flash Back!” This is a big step for After School! I love this group to deaf, and I’ll put my hardest effort into this! Here is my honest and lovable review!

1. After School’s Music Video Review:

In the opening of the music video, it has a logo of After School group name barred on rusty prison like doors. It might bring a curious feeling to your eyes, but you can tell this will be a serious concept! Behind the rusty doors, lies all the after school members standing together with hardcore confidence! The bright vivid lights are showing that a new awakening has come upon the After School Girls! They give you a signal saying, “The show is about to begin! Take your seats and be prepared for something that will blow your mind away!” I couldn’t help but think this would be a thrilling adventure! I loved the unfocused camera movement with the girls. It put on the impression a beast ready to be free from its lock! The girls were intriguing with the glamorous poses and acting! The use of guns, a tied up man against his will, and a secret area, made this comeback a shocker! Moreover, the way Uee shot the blinded man without hesitation is a bigger shocker! I love how they show how you should not mess with a girl’s heart, because you never know what the result will be! The girls had deep furious eyes that would make you think that they were predators looking for their prey! While watching the video, I noticed so much improvement in the girls since their last music video! They are more shocking and they are just blasting with flavor in this thriller! The girls had a simplistic, yet hardcore choreography that accompanied them on their smooth moves! The girls are transforming from naughty girl to full and completely bad girl in this music video! The effects and lighting make this music video intriguing and scary!!! I’m in serious shock and excitement from what I encountered from After School! After School was amazing so much! (As usual! ^.^)

2. After School’s song “ Flash Back” song review:

As stated I first part of my review, the song started with a upbeat tempo sound! It brought me to think that something was reloading! The faint and blurry talking in the beginning from Nana and Lizzy was adorable and sweet. However, it brought a little sense of evil and a cold chilly to my mind while listening! It was a great addition to the song! It’s almost as if it was an introduction to what you’re going to witness throughout the music video! The vocals were strong and moving! I loved how Raina hit the high note at the end perfectly! The fast and pausing singing in the song was tremendous! The use of English made the song even better! All of the After School members sang so great! I loved the chorus to the song! I This is a unique and special song that is rare to find in the Korean music world! Even if you aren’t watching the video, you can feel sexiness and an intense vibe feeling approaching you! This is an addictive song that will have you replaying and replaying! After School comeback was so impressive!

3. After School rocking the style!

After school has an amazing fashion style in this video! Their outfits look really beautiful and creative. They were rocking those heels and jumpsuit perfectly! I love how they wear all black on their dark side, but when it comes to the light side, they wear these beautiful jumpsuits that symbolize their different sides! On lizzy’s “Beautiful magic” line, they are like lovely goddesses that are awoken from a heavy and gloomy shell! It’s like a transformation! The They seemed so comfortable and confident while wearing the clothes! I loved accessories that were included too! It was fantastic! They looked like real, sexy, and natural divas!

Now to the hair! I loved the new hair styles that were given to After School members! It was gorgeous! I especially loved Lizzy’s and Nana’s the most! All the members showed how a true playgirlz rock it! This is why After School keeps me in “ FLASHBACK” of them!

4. After School dancing review!

The girl dancing was simple and hot! The movement and the right paces are showing that these females are unique! I loved the various dance styles that were added in the music video! They had a good dancing structure and it lets you know that After School can do more than just sing; they can also dance like a professional diva! This dance is a good dance to learn if you are looking for something that is not too complicated and sexy! Their hand on their hips from side to side is kind of like model posing! They strutted that wonderful concept given to them nicely! I’m so proud of my forever playgirlz! After School fighting!~

5. Complete “ FLASHBACK” in my heart in head.

I just want to say that After School always has me in flashback! They are my favorite kpop group, and they never failed to impress me! I don’t like them because of their looks; I like them for their talent, natural personalities, and creativity! I might have lost a event in the past, but I cannot let this one chance opportunity pass me! After School is a combination of me. As silly as it sounds, it is true and I’m being honest from the bottom of my heart. All the criticism from others only makes me love them more for their flaws. As a true Playgirl fan, I will give It my all in order to become a winner! I want After School to read this and maybe even blush! Haha! I’m forever addicted to this group and this song! After School and GURUPOP FIGHTING!~

After School score overall:

Music Video: 8.5/ 10

Song: 9/ 10

Dancing: 8 / 10

Singing: 9.5/ 10

I hope you GURUPOP users and Gurupop admin enjoyed reading my review. I’m not the best or even really good at writing, but I tried my best! ^^


Flash Back Release Card - NanaFlash Back Release Card - JooyeonIGNITION Release Card - B1A4 TaeGoon CANTaeGoon Jul.22.2012 04:30PM
Since I love After School a lot, I decided to create two posts regarding why I love the group and each member.


I don't need a man - SuzyI don't need a man, Miss A!Touch Release Card - miss A iamkathleen PHLiamkathleen Jul.22.2012 07:32AM
Hi guys . this is my review .
hope you can pop it . thanks I really really want to win :))))
I love After School alot :)


TaeTiSeo's Fan ClubGirls Generation's Fan ClubAfterschool's Fan Club SONE Caren MYSSONE Caren Jul.22.2012 04:04AM
This Flashback, the 5th maxi single definitely worth for my long-time-waiting. I cant tell how much I love the music video. I love their charisma with the choreography. Lizzy and Nana did a very good job for their rap in the beginning part of the song. Raina,Jungah,Jooyeon,Uee,E-Young and the new member Kaeun also did well in their own part. Flashback is a very catchy song,the melody stuck in my mind and the music video very nice!
’I’m in flashback, I’m in flashback,I’m in flashback, I’m in flashback, baby!’ <--- catchy chorus part =)
Some scenes from the music video like Nana’s part and Uee’s part was killed me by their sexiness. Well, I’ve got to admit that AS is the most sexiest girl group in the whole kpop industry.One more important thing, Kaeun fits so well in the AS and the girls have improved a lot although they already very good in singing,dancing and the rap part. I can tell that this is a great success comeback for AS. AS hwaiting!


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All my reviews in one post :)


MyNameSONEJJ MYSMyNameSONEJJ Jul.21.2012 10:54AM
<<Flashback>> it is a nice songs but isn’t K-pop going down? i think K-Pop group and also AS should make some songs like Twinkle,Alone not like Sorry Sorry or Bounce..Besides , Their Dance were NICE..Sorry for my bad English..


Like Cho Yong Pil - HanhaeLike Cho Yong Pil - SanchezLike Cho Yong Pil - Kiggen ~ChiChi~ DEU~ChiChi~ Jul.21.2012 09:55AM
I’m in flashback, i’m in flashback,
I’m in flashback, i’m in flashback, baby!

I really love this song <3

After School is so sexy *-*


I don't need a man - SuzyI don't need a man, Miss A!Touch Release Card - miss A iamkathleen PHLiamkathleen Jul.20.2012 10:06PM
wow,the MV has 2,943,642 views in youtube . GREAT ! I love this MV :)))



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