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present!! -__-

Jun.21.2012. 11:02AM

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hello everyone!! haha

so it has been 3 weeks already since school started.. that's why i cant visit here often TT_TT

i'm super duper busy O.o but i try my best to visit gurupop even for just minutes just to have a dailycheck in and read some posts.. i don't know but my day is not complete when i cant have my daily check in.. it's like having attendance in school...

when i joined gurupop on April 4.. i don't know that i have to press the dailycheck in -__- im such a babo.. HAHAHA

and from june 17 to may 20.. i had a summer vacation in our province.. and we dont have internet connection there because the signal is very low...

and when i returned home on May 21.. i forgot to have a daily check in again -__-

so i tried again to do it everyday... starting on May 23


but on june 15 i was too tired when i got home... so i slept and forgot to have a daily check in -___-

so i have to start again...........................................from the beginning


if i just had a

daily check in on that day.... i can alreay get this

and if i had done it from april 4 to now... i should already have 2 cards -___-



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Hyemia USAHyemia Jun.22.2012 07:15PM
This has happened to me a lot. 2-3 times it has been because Gurupop functions under EST time zone and I’m under PST. So when it is still Monday here at 9PM, it’s already midnight on Tuesday in the east coast, so I missed out because I wasn’t able to reach a computer. Other days I have also forgotten. But we will be able to do it someday. :)


Sadness Release Card - HanbyulAlive Release Card - G-DragonBoy In Luv - Jimin RakiYang KORRakiYang Jun.22.2012 07:04PM
Im trying to do that too but usually I just forget because of school projects. This month I was doing great but because of graduation I couldn’t check in T_T. Good luck!! You can do it!! And yeah in the beginning I didn’t know I had to check in so it was like a week after I had registered when I figured it out.


Shinee CANShinee Jun.21.2012 12:34PM
I just learned about that and I’ve been here since almost the launch of the site lol Well at least I know now.


Something, Girl's Day!Every Night with EXID!Pandora - KARA rineXsona USArineXsona Jun.21.2012 12:22PM
yeah, I didn’t think about this either till about 3 weeks after I first joined, but now I’m on the path to 60 days! :D


JynSha♥ MYSJynSha♥ Jun.21.2012 11:47AM
hehe..same with me...i join Gurupop on 18 April..but the i always didnt check in..haha..but luckily i receive my 30 daily check in card today..hopeu can get it soon ^^


GURUPOP Show EP10 from HaniGURUPOP Show EP10 from HyerinGURUPOP Show EP10 from Junghwa SanNi GBRSanNi Jun.21.2012 11:42AM
lolol...I’ve daily checked in every day since March 31st :). I have about a week more to go until I get my 90day gurupop enthusiast card! yay~~


Touch Release Card - miss AI don't need a man, Miss A!miss A's Fan Club Cesssy PHLCesssy Jun.22.2012 07:19PM
*clap clap* how’d you do that without missing any day :O

wasisis IDNwasisis Jun.21.2012 11:16AM
lololol you’re funny XDDD i love that poker face =PP



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