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Jan.10.2013. 08:57AM

Love Style of Boyfriend - BoyfriendGURUPOP Show EP2 from KwangminSomething, Girl's Day!

4 l 4,165 view

The one in bold, underlined and Red are fanchants & the one in bold, red, and italic are the actions during fanchant.


Start after 00″02 Seconds
Kim Donghyun Sim Hyunseong Lee Jeongmin Jo Youngmin Jo Kwangmin No Minwoo!
Kim Donghyun Sim Hyunseong Lee Jeongmin Jo Youngmin Jo Kwangmin No Minwoo I.y.a.h

Jeongmin) Nan da wat-janh-ah geo-eoi ne-ge gat-ji mot-hal-geo-myeon ae-cho ba-ra-ji anh-asseo (Lee Jeongmin)
Donghyun) Jo-geum-man deo je-bal je-bal neo mal-gon ob-seo neo bak-ke ob-seo (Kim Donghyun)

Youngmin) Ddo du-geun du-geun go-ryeo (Ye!) sim-jang-eun ga-myeon so-ge kam-chu-go neol mat-ges-seo (Jo Youngmin)
Hyunseong) Ddeu-keo-weo-ji-neun mam-eun (Ye!) cha-ga-un bam ba-ram-eh kam-chu-go gat-kes-seo ye~ (Shim Hyunseong)

ALL) Nae iyah dal-kom-han go-tong-i mil-lyeo-waiyah beo-so-nal su eobso
Nae iyah ban-deu-shi son-eh neol neo-ges-seo iyah nae iyah (Shout)

Kim Donghyun Sim Hyunseong Lee Jeongmin Jo Youngmin Jo Kwangmin No Minwoo I.y.a.h

Minwoo) Run to me dar-ryeo-wa-seo je-bal na-reul hol-li-ke man-deul-eo noh-gu ga eo-seo (Eo-seo) (Shout)
Kwangmin) Listen to me dae-che myeot beon-eul mal-hae-ya dwae neo-man-han yeo-ja-nen eob-seo (Shout)

Jeongmin) Ki-da-ri-janh-ah nae-ga neo-reul heo-rak-hae-jun-da-myeon eo-ddeon dae-ga-do bad-kes-seo (Lee Jeongnmin)
Donghyun) Is-seo-jul-lae geo-gi geo-gi da-ga-gal-te-ni jab-i-jul te-ni (Kim Donghyun)

Youngmin) Nan cha-keun cha-keun ne-ga si-seon-eul nae-ge jab-a ka-du-ko neol maj-kess-eo (Jo Youngmin)
Hyunseong) Du-ri-beon-dae-neun neo-reul nae pum-e an-a kud-ke bul-teul-ko neol kaj-kess-eo ye~ (Shim Hyunseong)

ALL) Nae iyah dal-kom-han go-tong-i mil-lyeo-wa iyah beo-so-nal su eobso
Nae iyah ban-deu-shi son-eh neol neo-ges-seo iyah nae iyah (Shout)

[Rap] Minwoo) Come to be nae-ge-ro wa je-bal jom bwa an deul-li-ni sim-jang ddwi-neun so-ri look at me now je-dae-ro bwa bbat-bbat-han ko-gae nae-ga dol-lyeo-jul-ke see my eyes
Kwangmin) Talk to me mal jum hae-bwa mal jom hae-ra an deul-li-ni sa-rang go-baek (Go-baek)
Mu-seun il-i is-seo-do ni pum-eu-ro dal-ryeo-go I will go back (I will go back)

ALL) Ni ap-i-ya cheon-cheon-hi go-gael dol-ryeo-jul-lae ap-i-ya ni nun bol su it-ge
Ni ap-i-ya ddeol-ri-neun nae mam jab-a-jul-lae iyah nae iyah

ALL) Nae iyah (uh~~)
Dal-kom-han go-tong-i mil-ryeo-wa iyah (yeah~ yeah~ yeah~ yeah)
Beo-seo-nal su eob-so (oh yeah~~)
Nae iyah ban-deu-shi son-eh neol neo-kes-seo (Neol kat-ges-seo)
Iyah nae iyah (Woah~~~~Yeah~~~~) (Shout)


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(Actually I got it from my AFF friend's post. Just have a feeling to share it ^^)



Thank you for reading ^^



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