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[BIG BANG Event] Collages I made ^_^

Jul.02.2012. 08:50PM

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So to show my love, I made collages for each person along with my reasons  for liking them! Each collage took me about an hour to make cuz i had to look for pictures, touch them up, and then put it into the collage and make is look good. Hope you enjoy them :D And dont forget to pop!

GDRAGON!!!!!!!! I LOVE HIS SWAG!!!! His talent in music shines through in any song he sings or writes. Also, his dilligence is really inspiring. Although he may fool around when on variety shows, he becomes serious when dealing with work and the group's wellbeing. I feel like he is a really good leader who cares for the members a lot. He's is also such a fashionista! Not afraid to try something new, not afraid of what others would think! Also, I like his quiet side too! He isn't a spotlight hogger and I really like that! Even without talking, he still draws attention. That is the quality of a star.

TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! The first time I met him was in IRIS. Almost immediately, he caught my eye. My first thought of him was "Whoa, hot!" He was the one who led me to Big Bang. His fierce stares in IRIS were cold enough to send shivers down my spine. However, after watching him on variety shows and whatnot, my view of him completely changed! He is so different! Always smiling, always so nice, always making people laugh, being a derp (OH MY GOD he is such a derp sometimes). TOP never fails to make me laugh. His voice. his voice. omg his voice. So deep. what a nice sound. 

TAEYANG!!!! *fangirling!!!!* Although he does have some nice abs, thats not only what I like about him. He is such a gentle and soft guy! He's really honest and innocent and that innocence reaches people's heart. We see how hard he tries for something and we feel the need to support him. Also, he has such a bright smile! his eye smile... <3<3

OH MY GOSH!! THIS DUDE!!! What he lacks in looks, he makes up tenfold with personality. I swear he is like the funniest guy ever! Also, HIS CHINKINESS!!!! He is like a sun who radiates happiness wherever he goes. On variety shows, he is always the guy who cracks me up! His voice is also very heavenly and soothing! A very nice sound!

Last but not least,

ONCE AGAIN, OMG!!!!!!!! SEUNGRI!!!!!!!! Our cute panda maknae!!! He also has a very interesting personality. No matter what he does, he always goes all out. His respect for his hyungs never ends *cough cough*. Seungri boasts a confidence that no one else has. It's kind of hard to describe but he like balances Big Bang. He is also really cute when he is shy :3 Then again, he is really cute in general... awwww kyo~wo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No words can describe how much of a VIP I am :) Although I may have not followed them the longest, I have been loyal and have never stopped supporting them. I hope that they continue and become world wide musicians! Once again, please don't forget to POP :D!

this is GrandmaJohn, signing out.





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nice collages! ^^♥ POP! Good luck! =)


GrandmaJohn USAGrandmaJohn Jul.03.2012 06:18PM
Thank you!!!

BLAQChocs MYSBLAQChocs Jul.02.2012 09:13PM
Nice!!!! Good Luck!! :)


GrandmaJohn USAGrandmaJohn Jul.02.2012 09:20PM


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