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Seventeen [kpop group] Facts

Jan.29.2013. 08:20PM

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  So I know some of you guys had heard of the 17 member group " SEVENTEEN "

But I Just want to share somethings I Knew about The upcoming group...


Facts: Seventeen has revealed its first member Minkyu

Fact : Previously, Pledis Entertainment explained that, “Not all the members from ‘Seventeen TV‘ are confirmed to be final members of Seventeen. They will be going through various training and judging to be chosen as the final members. The group Seventeen is a team that starts with the public. The members will be chosen by monitoring the public’s response.

Seventeen is a 17-membered group with an average age of 17. Their training process is shown through ‘Seventeen TV’, and they have been gaining much interest from the public.

Minkyu was the first member to be revealed through Seventeen’s Twitter. There has been a lot of positive talk about Minkyu as he looks like he was straight out of a romance comic, and also bore a strong resemblance to actor Kim Bum.

Earlier this year Pledis Entertainment announced plans for a seventeen member boy group (tentatively named Seventeen). Although they previously estimated the end of this year as the group’s debut date, the agency has pushed back the plans for the group’s debut to next year.

Because of their large number, the boy group has been attracting considerable attention prior to their debut, and thus Pledis Entertainment is making sure to tie all of the loose ends before their final reveal. On August 16th, a representative shared, “We haven’t confirmed all of the members of Seventeen yet. We’re still working to find a balance. The group will have 17 members in total, and about 50% of them have been cast.”

He continued, “We were planning on debuting them within this year, but plans have been delayed to next year.”

Pledis Entertainment previously revealed back in April that the group will be made up 17 members with an average age of 17, and that the group will be targeting the Korean, Japanese, and Chinese markets.


If you want more info about them the visit here or here

Here are some videos i found of them

First video : Seventeen dancing Nu'est Action  and Not over you .....

Action dance video:


Diffirent angle Dancing Action:

Not Over You video:

this video its just them in their practice room fooling around ....

First episode of Seventeen.... ( I really want to know who the little boy is he looks so adorble and good at dancing *better then me*  T.T  )


This video is when they got visited by Nu'est and played .....

Well that's all i'll show you hope you guys enjoy ^.^

Please pop?





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HappyLife USAHappyLife Nov.23.2013 10:40PM
Music is not based on age , but the passion they have for it. Hopefully this new group succeds in music industry :)


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children o.o


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Daehyun's Fan ClubBaekhyun's Fan ClubL's Fan Club Babymaerii CANBabymaerii May.20.2013 11:33AM
OMG YES! I’ve heard of Seventeen! they a so freakin cute<3 have you watched seventeen’s good morning?


Stop Girl - DonghoN.O, Bangtan Boys - JungkookBoy In Luv - Jungkook Melody_Baby CANMelody_Baby Apr.06.2013 07:44PM
Can you send me a link with the episodes subbed in English please.?


GURUPOP Show EP9 from HoonIGNITION Release Card - SandeulGURUPOP Show EP11 from Changsub deulightful USAdeulightful Jan.29.2013 10:15PM
omg is that a little boy? :o sooo young ;u;

wow daebak synch!


Flash Back Release Card - After SchoolSleep Talking, NU'EST!What are you doing today, Hello Venus! HoiHoiHolic SGPHoiHoiHolic Jan.29.2013 10:10PM
Haven’t watched Seventeen TV but they’re so in sync :O And how old is that little boy?? He looks so tiny but dances really well!! >.<


zganzul GBRzganzul Jun.20.2013 07:46PM
He is 11 ;)

Our 2nd B1A4 Event - JinyoungJinyoung's Fan ClubTried to Walk - Jinyoung aiscream0330 USAaiscream0330 Jan.29.2013 08:54PM
can’t wait for debut~ <3


Boyfriend's Fan ClubBlock B's Fan ClubEXO's Fan Club kpoplove96 USAkpoplove96 Jan.29.2013 09:00PM
netheir can I x)

Infinite H's Fan ClubBang & Zelo's Fan Club SPEED Princess ESPSPEED Princess Jan.29.2013 08:51PM


Lover Boy - MinhyukFar away... Young love - T.KStop It - Daehyun jayhanna MYSjayhanna Jan.29.2013 08:38PM
nice ^^



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