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Bora and Ah Jae Hyun ♥

Jan.29.2013. 11:11PM

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SISTAR19’s Bora and Ahn Jae Hyun shares forehead kiss together for “Gone Not Around Any Longer” MV



With just a day before SISTAR19’s highly-anticipated comeback, Starship Entertainment has released another teaser photos from the unit’s upcoming music video.

The new teaser photos show Bora and actor Ahn Jae Hyun portraying a couple in love while sharing an emotional hug and forehead kiss together for the “Gone Not Around Any Longer” music video.

“Gone Not Around Any Longer” is composed by Brave Brothers and portrays a girl becoming a woman after falling in love and breaking up. It will once again show off Hyorin’s talented vocal and Bora’s wonderful raps and dance performances.




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Jane Rabbit AUSJane Rabbit Jan.30.2013 04:26AM
LOL Jae Hyun-ah
First With Dasom and Now with Bora? You’d better not be cheating XDDDDDDDD
Can’t Wait for this to be released!



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