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❤GURUPOP! Gamsahabnida! Saranghaeyo! ❤

Jul.11.2012. 09:55AM

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i thought it's arrived tmr...

but when my auntie back from work..

i opening door to her,

i didn't see anything she bring..


coz i use her workplace address . coz when use that address it's come faster..

hehehe.. back to the story..

she said.. dae.. time to happy..

i said..why??did it's arrived ??

then her show me the box..

i jumping around in my house.. like a crazy person!!


here the picture..

should we open now?? of course.. let's open now!

kyaa.. so nervous! >o<

and.. tada!!..

the album!! let's see one by one ^^

that the cd...

here the Gurupop stickers and congratulatory message..

now... the time... for the polaroid that i got..


yup.. as you all saw... i got Baro!! my Bias!! kyaa!!! >o<

before this.. i only have kpop poster..

but now..

i got many B1A4 postcards..and

the album.. it's was my First Kpop album...

i've stick some postcards in my room..

that two postcards..baro& sandeul is gift from Jjinyoung^^

and four postcards was from the album..


Millions of Thanks to Gurupop.. because you i get this..

thanks for giving a opportunity to all kpop fans like us

win this super awesome prize...

and thousand of ❤  to gurupop!

saranghaeyo Gurupop! ❤ _❤

also thanks to all my friends here..who always pop and supporting me during the event.. thanks so much guys!







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Aegyst IDNAegyst Jul.18.2012 04:15AM


Chigi POLChigi Jul.14.2012 06:26AM
congrats! :]


LedAngeLBana MYSLedAngeLBana Jul.14.2012 04:34AM
Thanks IchigoMengo^^


Tried to Walk - JinyoungTried to Walk, B1A4! IchigoDango~♥ PHLIchigoDango~♥ Jul.14.2012 03:37AM
Congrats! You deserve it~ :3


LedAngeLBana MYSLedAngeLBana Jul.12.2012 09:38AM
thanks so much’s ok..^^


JynSha♥ MYSJynSha♥ Jul.12.2012 09:24AM
congrats Dae ^^ hehe..happy for u..and sorry didnt comment to it ^^ i pop it early this morning ^^ hehe


LedAngeLBana MYSLedAngeLBana Jul.12.2012 03:59AM
Thanks so much jemima..^^


JemimaKim MYSJemimaKim Jul.12.2012 03:37AM
Congratulations Dae!!
I’m sooo happy that you got Baro’s :D
<3 :D


RakiYang KORRakiYang Jul.11.2012 09:53PM


LedAngeLBana MYSLedAngeLBana Jul.12.2012 03:58AM
thanks :)

LedAngeLBana MYSLedAngeLBana Jul.11.2012 09:16PM
Thanks so much guys! :D


balugaray USAbalugaray Jul.11.2012 05:26PM
yay! Congrats LedajasBanaba! You deserve it :D


Kristinefangirl PHLKristinefangirl Jul.11.2012 04:47PM
Wow Congratulation :))♥


2014 GURUPOP Awards - Best Fan2014 GURUPOP Awards - Best Commenter2013 GURUPOP Awards - Best Daily Checker - ♥KrisBANA♥JJY♥ ♥KrisBANA♥JJY♥ USA♥KrisBANA♥JJY♥ Jul.11.2012 02:46PM
wah~! congratulations my sis! *hugs* you got your bias AND your package safely! ^^ i’m so happy for you! the polaroid looks awesome too! ^^♥


Mahsa IRNMahsa Jul.11.2012 12:41PM
1) congratulations for ur prize
2) i see "choi jong hun" on your ftisland picture,i wish i had that prize ~_~


D.O's Fan ClubAlive Release Card - Daesung Anyoung♥ USAAnyoung♥ Jul.11.2012 12:30PM


Viee-Viee USAViee-Viee Jul.11.2012 12:24PM
Congrats!! :D


LedAngeLBana MYSLedAngeLBana Jul.11.2012 11:54AM
Yoliii: really??kyaa..thanks ^^


LedAngeLBana MYSLedAngeLBana Jul.11.2012 11:53AM
マリアMaria마리아: thanks..ah.. i got from magazine and the Mblaq one from my chingu ^^
choity:thanks..yup u right ^^
B1A4_Arenla7: gumayo chinguya..:D


Yoliii IDNYoliii Jul.11.2012 11:52AM
That looks so awesome!! Congratss! :D


ArenBana 아렌 INDArenBana 아렌 Jul.11.2012 11:49AM
Congraaaaaatssss. Ur sooooooo lucky u got ur biaaaaaas ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


choitysix IDNchoitysix Jul.11.2012 11:49AM
Congrats! It’s nice gift :D


One Of A Kind, G-Dragon! - 6Daebak Date with Joung UpWelcome to Gurupop ✩María Vega✩ ESP✩María Vega✩ Jul.11.2012 11:46AM
congrats!! :D
by the way, where do you got the posters?


LedAngeLBana MYSLedAngeLBana Jul.11.2012 11:36AM
thanks so much guys! ^^
taegoon :yup..i like insane person when got my bias polaroid..^^
imelda: the feeling sometimes can be true :D


TaeGoon CANTaeGoon Jul.11.2012 11:33AM
It’s good to hear you got your bias :)


MissG AUSMissG Jul.11.2012 11:31AM
woohooo~~ congratulationss daee!! ^^~ I got a feeling I’ll get jinyoung xD


djdragon AUSdjdragon Jul.11.2012 11:29AM
congratulations ^^


NadyaCelina IDNNadyaCelina Jul.11.2012 11:21AM
Congratulationss :D


Noza MYSNoza Jul.11.2012 11:16AM


LedAngeLBana MYSLedAngeLBana Jul.11.2012 11:11AM
thanks Dani ^^



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