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[Full] 130211 Idol Star Athletics Championships 2013

Ainul Aiman
Feb.11.2013. 10:50AM

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I'm watching it right now!! Hwaiting yeorobun!! \(^___^)/


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IGNITION Release Card - B1A4Be the Chaser of Infinite - InfiniteLove Style of Boyfriend - Boyfriend aufasalimah IDNaufasalimah Feb.11.2013 11:10AM
is there the eng sub? :O

or maybe, eng sub wasnt really needed in this vid?

since i wanna download it ^^

pls answer me, thankyou^^


Ainul Aiman MYSAinul Aiman Feb.11.2013 11:11AM
I think the subs aren’t out yet because this was just broadcast recently today. Maybe you can wait for another few weeks? IDK. I don’t watch it for the subs. I just want to see my idols run. ^^

Mannouchan TKMMannouchan Feb.11.2013 11:02AM
yay !! I was looking for that :D
Thank you :D


Ainul Aiman MYSAinul Aiman Feb.11.2013 11:10AM
You’re welcome. ^^


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