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Feb.12.2013. 08:38AM

Daebak Date with Dae HyunGURUPOP Show EP4 from Joung UpDaehyun's Fan Club

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Daebak Date with Dae HyunGURUPOP Show EP4 from Joung UpDaehyun's Fan Club TiiiiiMA_kpop BIHTiiiiiMA_kpop Feb.15.2013 06:45PM
it is not just amazing, its more than that


Daebak Date with Dae HyunN.O, Bangtan Boys - V sellin IDNsellin Feb.12.2013 08:39AM
amazing right?



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  • How rude they are ! >:( If they understand what it takes to being an idol then why don't they are the one that perform on the stage , the one that entertain fan's hearts ! This really makes me angry and upset towards people's mind nowadays !!! They are saying it as a joke while the idol that they are talking about just keep quiet and accept all the 'joke' they stated ... :<
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  • My heart hurts....