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Feb.12.2013. 08:38AM

Daebak Date with Dae HyunGURUPOP Show EP4 from Joung UpStop It - Daehyun

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Daebak Date with Dae HyunGURUPOP Show EP4 from Joung UpStop It - Daehyun TiiiiiMA_kpop BIHTiiiiiMA_kpop Feb.15.2013 06:45PM
it is not just amazing, its more than that


sellin IDNsellin Feb.12.2013 08:39AM
amazing right?



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  • Popped #25! Please enter me for set 1 please! <3 1. My name is Bez. 2. I’m 20 years old. ^^ 3. I am currently working as a local DJ. 4. I am born to be Kai’s one and only and future wife.. BWUAHAHAHAHAHA 5. Yibo is the worst bias wrecker for me. 6. I love to dance but dance doesn’t like me. 7. I suck in sports. 8. I love anime. 9. I can play the keyboard, drums, guitar and bass. 10. I love food. 11. I suck in Science...xP 12. I fall more for anime characters than korean idols..xD this is one of my favorite gif's of Hyungshikkie! ^^
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  • Popped #24 enter me for set 2 pls thanks!! ^^ Facts about me: 1) my name is Victoria 2) i'm still 15, but gonna be 16 by this 24th Sept 😄😄😄 getting older~~~ 3) my UBs are Hyuk, THE8, Hanbin & Kittipat Samantrakulchai (he's a Thai actor ^^) 4) i love to watch movies especially Thai if they're under Phranakornfilm 😊 5) i am blue belt in Taekwondo :) 6) i love to sing & rap, and i do that everyday XD 7) i'm the eldest among 6 siblings, 4 girls & 2 boys 8) i love to sing when i was a child XD i hope that it's a sign for me to be a singer since it's my hidden dream :D 9) i don't like a bad people because i'm easily get to punch & kick them XD 10) i love Math & i do very well in Math :) 11) i love food that my parents' cook the most compare to restaurant 😃 12) yesterday, i went to a seminar & i found out that my seniors & one of them were my crush on 2010 was there too.. but then people asked me to sit next to him & his friend since there was an empty space.. things became awkward.. when i spoke to his friend, he suddenly talked to me & smiled, so the awkwardness was gone XD idk if i was lucky, but i'm glad to be his friend :) thanks for this giveaway! ^^
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  • marta241 hour ago
  • #1 bias: TOP #5 bias: TOP Secret bias: Seungri Most like you: Top Best friend: GD Who you should fight: Taeyang Most compatible with: TOP Least compatible with: Taeyang Partner in crime: Seungi Waa, so much TOP xD looks like he fills almost whole bias list xD
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