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[Boyfriend Event] My song Cover + Song review [Love Style] + Essay & Poem :) [Jeongmin]

Ms. Aegyo-eesh
Jul.15.2012. 07:11AM

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YEY! i made a cover for the twins :) 
well im going to make a cover for all the members so stay tuned

Here are the lyrics~

Boy, you just caught my eye
thought I should give it a try
and get your name and your number
go grab some lunch and eat some cucumbers

I don’t know why.
But you’re smilin’ and it’s something’ I like
on your face, yeah it suits you
Boy, we connect like we have bluetooth

I don’t know why
I’m drawn to you
Could you be the other one so we’d equal two?
And this is all based on a lucky chance
that you would rather add then subtract

You and I
could be like Sonny and Cher
honey and bears
You and I
could be like Aladdin and Jasmine
lets make it happen

La La’s

How’ve you been?
I know that it’s been awhile.
Are you tired ’cause you’ve been on my mind
runnin’ thousand and thousands of miles
Sorry, I know that line’s outta style
but you
you look so beautiful on that starry night
loving the way the moonlight catches your eyes and your smile
I’m captivated
your beauty is timeless never outdated

I don’t know why
I’m drawn to you
Could you be the other one so we’d equal two?
and this is all based on a lucky chance
that you would rather add then subtract

You and I
could be like Sonny and Cher
Honey and bears
you and i could be like Aladdin and Jasmine lets make it happen

la la la

It’s been 2 years since that special day
when you had your first debu day
I guess it’s safe to say

You and I
are better than Sonny and Cher
Honey and bears
You and I
Are better than Aladdin and Jasmine
We’ve made it happen


By Chance~ 

so how's my voice? xD sorry i know its not good ~
I love Starships artists that's why im doing this ^O^ 



Boyfriend comes back with sweet and upbeat song Love Style, the song is catchy and so addicting. It’s one of the songs that make you sing some part of it although you just listened to it for the first time and it gets better as you listen to it. Boyfriend never disappoints me when it comes to their songs and since their debut I don’t have any song that I don’t like. The song is so meaningful and so sweet, it can melt your heart when you read what it means and at the same time you listen to it. You can feel their emotions and the fact that Kwangmin and Minwoo wrote the rap lyrics is DAEBAK!! It’s like the song is only dedicated to you. The entire song was so good but it was a pity that it did not gain much attention because of the comeback of other popular KPOP artists. It will be a sure hit if Starship met the perfect timing.

As for the Music Video, I find it cute and so refreshing to watch because their clothes and the set matched. It was like a lyric music video and I find it unique but I noticed some typos at 1:21 time mark it was supposed to be “LOVE STYLE” but “LOVE SYLYE” can be seen. I totally understand it but I think it was a bit rushed and checking the whole music video again will not waste your time right?. I love the transformation effect when they changed their clothes and the set also changed to a club dance floor. I was expecting that the little girl on the teaser will be on the music video but she’s not. Why? Why? She is just so good and she can dance with Minwoo. I think it will be so much better if they have a dance break part with the kid and Minwoo they are just so cute to watch. The dance was cool and unique at the same time, the mannequin pose on the beginning of the dance and hands inside the pocket while kicking left and right is so new. Boyfriend really has their own style when it comes to their dance moves.

I hope Boyfriend will soon hit the top charts and win no.1 because they always produce good songs that can melt every fangirls heart.


Essay dedicated to my Bias Jeonmin :')

In our lives we always met a person that will become our inspiration and will make you live to the fullest. A person that will make your everyday living complete even bad times comes at you, looking at his picture and staring at his aura as a person makes you feel as the luckiest person in the world. 


In every Kpop Group, we have our own favorite member and we called it as your bias in the group. They serve as your inspiration, like what I have said before. 


The Best Rookie Group for this year, “BOYFRIEND” is one of my favorite Kpop Boy Group, and of course I have my own bias on it, and his none other than Jeongmin. The entire member has a very great and positive attitude towards other people and especially to their fans. But Jeongmin is the one that touches my heart and grab my attention because of his lively attitude and very approachable member or as a Kpop Star. I love the way he show his smile that makes every Bestfriends go crazy and how cheerful he was every time they have a fan meeting. Although I can’t see or watch him personally, I can say those words and outlook about him because of the pictures and fancam that was taken by our fellow Be3stfriends in Korean and all over the world. Jeongmin is also a very funny person that makes me love him more. Every time I’m depressed, just watching those fancam of him at Youtube makes me feel better. The craziness of him is just out of control, the way he jokes, the way he prank and tell some gags to the member and to fans makes me feel happy and sometimes I can’t stop laughing at him. 


His looks also gave me a star struck. We all know that will of them are good looking, but for me Jeongmin’s look is the unique one, he might not be as tall as the Jo Twins, but then those cute chicks and beautiful eyelashes of him, makes him so gorgeous. 


I was also amazed when he was chosen by the members as the “reaction man,” whenever they are in an interview as I noticed while answering the questions of the MC, he always give a cheerful smile and funny answers to it, so that the atmosphere will be lively and not that boring. For me he really deserves to be the reaction man, he didn’t even disappoint them for choosing him. His charisma is just so powerful that whenever he says something he makes me smile and laugh often. 


A voice of an angel is one I’ve also noticed to Jeongmin that makes me idolized him. His powerful voice and very clean melody makes me fall in love at him more and makes me listen to their song almost everyday. Every time they performed his part is the one I’ve always wait, I always want to stare every step he did and every sing he sang on the song. What is your secret behind your voice Jeongmin that makes me feel so relax every time I hear you?


Lastly the thing that what inspires me a lot about Jeongmin is behind the story of singing career. We all know that his parents are against it, based on what I’ve read in some of the Boyfriend’s Fact. Jeongmin parents want him to enter in a military academy, but then I guess being a singer is really his dream that he want to pursue. As a proof of it, before he became a BOYFRIEND member he already receives a vocal award in Youth Arts Festival in Suwon. Also he had to travel back and forth from Suwon to Seoul because of his musical career in the past. This is the way he did just to make his parents proud of him even though he did not followed what they want for him. 


Now Bestfriends is here to support him together with the other members of Boyfriend, Donghyun, Hyunseong, Kwangmin, Youngmin and Minwoo. Whatever challenges come we are always here to support and show our loving care to them. The words that I used to describe Jeongmin might be so simple but it really comes from my heart. 


Since i couldn't make video songs for all the members i decided to make an essay for them , it took me like hours to think for this essay ._. 

so i hoped you took time to read my LOOOOONG essay XD i love writing essay ~

and this is dedicated to BOYFRIEND :) <3

 i couldn't actually say or show my love for boyfriend but writing an essay is one of it alredy :') 

Jeonmin ~

How could God let an angel be out of his sight

Disguised on a suit with  wings hidden underneath

Now has come down from heaven stealing each girls heart

And still owning every lady's smiles and laughs


Every picture is perfect as long his face is drawn on it

Curled or straight-haired, what ever it may be

Pouting or smiling, it's a killer everyone could tell

With such an angelic manly face, how can one resist even his name


When he starts to sings every heart is melting

Then he starts to play the piano

He began committing the greatest sin

Letting each women desire after him


The smile that he owns wont compare to other millions laughter

Captured moments wont be a joy if it isnt from him

To every melody he sings my heart does flutter

It's like touching God's grace without reaching heaven at first


Our unique cute mirror prince

Adorable one of a kind bubblegum prince

Tickling each hearts of your bestfriends

Wont you be our boyfriend ?


GAHH! for the first time i was able to make a poem with a sense XD , i hope my poem is good ~ 

So i guess that's it? dont forget to check my other video ~ <----

So i am praying and praying that i will win this ~ i really love boyfriend and sistar! <3

they are actually my bias groups :) aside from the others <3 , i hope Boyfriend will be 

able to see and appreciate this! BESTFRIENDS FIGHTING!





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143mirrorking PHL143mirrorking Jan.04.2013 10:36PM
you have a nice vioce....:) good luck:)


b4bym3L0dyk1ss USAb4bym3L0dyk1ss Jan.02.2013 04:56PM
nice! yay, another jeongmin fan! good luck! ^^


Daebak Date with ZeloPhoenix - Hyung ShikRock Ur Body - LEO ChannieFanNikki2000 MYSChannieFanNikki2000 Dec.30.2012 10:40AM
Nice! I’m gonna compose one for B1A4 too~^^


Mimi Cat DEUMimi Cat Dec.30.2012 10:37AM
your voice is lovely *_*


♥jinyoungoppa♥ PHL♥jinyoungoppa♥ Dec.29.2012 01:59AM


Tabii PHLTabii Jul.24.2012 07:16AM
kekeke! leanne *gulps* this is very loong O.O
i could really see your a fan to them!


Ms. Aegyo-eesh JPNMs. Aegyo-eesh Jul.22.2012 09:07AM
thank you kathe :)


Kathe Kondrykinskaya RUSKathe Kondrykinskaya Jul.20.2012 04:59AM
Your voice is adorable)*POPed)))


Ms. Aegyo-eesh JPNMs. Aegyo-eesh Jul.18.2012 10:08PM
Aww.thank you kendrick XD


rineXsona USArineXsona Jul.18.2012 10:03PM
Hm, I can’t believe I haven’t seen this yet, Leanne! :O

Wow, I like this! Great job! ^^

Now, on to the second part! :D


Ms. Aegyo-eesh JPNMs. Aegyo-eesh Jul.18.2012 09:50PM
Thank you dani!! :-


SanNi GBRSanNi Jul.18.2012 01:13PM
AHHHHHH Annie!! this is so cute~! <3 I love it! good luck ok? I hope you win! >_<


Ms. Aegyo-eesh JPNMs. Aegyo-eesh Jul.16.2012 09:03AM
thank you balugaray :) <3


Ms. Aegyo-eesh JPNMs. Aegyo-eesh Jul.16.2012 09:03AM
thank you arnysha :) <3


Ms. Aegyo-eesh JPNMs. Aegyo-eesh Jul.16.2012 09:02AM
Jemima , thank you <3 :)


Ms. Aegyo-eesh JPNMs. Aegyo-eesh Jul.16.2012 09:02AM
Armachu thank you :)


Ms. Aegyo-eesh JPNMs. Aegyo-eesh Jul.16.2012 09:02AM
Jassie, thank you :) <3 well i just tried it and it fit xD LOL!


balugaray USAbalugaray Jul.15.2012 05:23PM
Woah nice job! Good luck on the event! :)


JynSha♥ MYSJynSha♥ Jul.15.2012 09:18AM
love your voice! ^^ hehe... good luck to you Leanne :)


JemimaKim MYSJemimaKim Jul.15.2012 09:06AM
you have a very good voice! :D


Daragon PHLDaragon Jul.15.2012 08:47AM
your voice is definitely good ~
and the choice of song is nice :] the songs fits so well!


Tabii PHLTabii Jul.15.2012 08:42AM
DAEBAK! Cx i love you voice!
and i love the last part ~

It’s been 2 years since that special day
when you had your first debu day

^^ how did you fit in the debu and the 2 years? Cx

wahh! pop for you ~


Ms. Aegyo-eesh JPNMs. Aegyo-eesh Jul.15.2012 08:30AM
Krisitne, thank you ~ sabi ni kay para daw sleepy yung voice ko xD


Ms. Aegyo-eesh JPNMs. Aegyo-eesh Jul.15.2012 08:30AM
YOungdae! :) thank you so much chinguyah ~


LedAngeLBana MYSLedAngeLBana Jul.15.2012 08:32AM
welcome nae chingu^^

Kristinefangirl PHLKristinefangirl Jul.15.2012 08:13AM
I love it unnie:)♥


LedAngeLBana MYSLedAngeLBana Jul.15.2012 08:11AM
nice voice! i like it like it^^
Pop! Good luck :D


LedAngeLBana MYSLedAngeLBana Jul.18.2012 09:44AM
no problem..^^

Ms. Aegyo-eesh JPNMs. Aegyo-eesh Jul.15.2012 07:31AM
Kay , thank you :) <3


Ms. Aegyo-eesh JPNMs. Aegyo-eesh Jul.15.2012 07:30AM
Tipane ~ yep <3 but i dont really like jamich xD



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