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More about Infinite Sasaeng fans..

Feb.13.2013. 01:21AM

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A Korean Inspirit posted on her korean blog about how there is this sasaeng fan who entered Infinite’s dorm. Infinite can’t sleep because she is entering and hitting and pinching them.

She pinches them so she can have a part of their skin, and she hits them so that she can know for herself that she actually hit them.

There is a sasaeng fan of Sungyeol that knows his phone number. Whenever he scores a high score on a cell phone game, she texts him saying "You got a new high score? Good job!".....Think of how scared Sungyeol may be right now.

She also stole one of his sweaters and posted it on her twitter but Inspirits found her out and now she deleted her account.


Sungjong and Myungsoo were exiting a building, and suddenly Sungjong was stampeded by the fans while Myungsoo was in front. Myungsoo looked back, and came back to get Sungjong. Myungsoo grabbed Sungjong's hand and pulled him out of the crowd saying "I told you to follow me well! You wanna die?" (with a very serious face).

She would wait in Infinite’s waiting rooms and steal phones and clothes (L and Dongwoo’s names are thrown here). But since Infinite is quite high level now, she moved on. She’s 21 years old, apparently. Now since Dongwoo is active again, she always comes to music stations to see him (next target?).


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HoiHoiHolic SGPHoiHoiHolic Feb.13.2013 07:29AM
What’s wrong with these fans? Give them some breathing space at least...stealing things from them is way too much =.=


whipis SWEwhipis Feb.13.2013 03:27AM
>< sasaengs are the worst! I wouldn’t even call them fans!
Seriously like a fan I want my idols to be happy, but if I were stalked and robbed by people who liked me... I would be scared and probably quit what I was doing... No one deserves this! Especially not all this wonderful idols <3


kpopagent007 KWTkpopagent007 Feb.13.2013 02:07AM
OMG sasaeng fans are the worse >__<!!!


jayhanna MYSjayhanna Feb.13.2013 01:50AM
i really hate these sasaeng!!!
please, just let infinite live peacefully..
such a bunch of crazy people >___<


Dreamz USADreamz Feb.13.2013 01:40AM
those bitches are insane smh my poor babies


J.AE USAJ.AE Feb.13.2013 01:40AM
this is horrible. they need to stop and get their brain examine.

psshh if they even have one.


Hoyababy MYSHoyababy Feb.13.2013 01:31AM
Those sasaengs are so scary.
I pity our Infinite oppars ><
And that Yeolie’s fans is so creepy....


Jo Kwanghee USAJo Kwanghee Feb.13.2013 01:29AM
Every K-artist (solo or group) has sasaeng fans. Which saddens and troubles me.


N.O, Bangtan Boys - JungkookBoy In Luv - JungkookJust One Day - Jungkook banainspiritaplus AUSbanainspiritaplus Feb.13.2013 01:28AM
what’s wrong with those sasaeng fans??? poor infinite~~ =.=


JunQyu AQJunQyu Feb.13.2013 01:25AM
That’s really creepy. o.e
But it’s the first time i have heard of Infinite’s sasaeng fans. o_o


N.O, Bangtan Boys - JiminBoy In Luv - Jimin ayowuddupkris USAayowuddupkris Feb.13.2013 01:24AM
ugh.. i hate those sasaengs.. if you’re so obsessed to the point where you’re hurting them you dont actually love them D:



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