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[NU’EST Yoboseyo Album Photos] Ren’s Hair....!?

Feb.14.2013. 02:43PM

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Ren is wearing really long hair extensions!!
He looks even more like a girl now~ He just looks amazing in anything though xD
(He also looks ALOT like someone I know in this picture. And she's a girl. ._.)
What are your thoughts on the extensions? Yey or Neigh?

I think I'd prefer him with shorter hair - he's been tying his hair underneath his collar recently, and it looks as if he's had his hair cut short. (In LOVE Story Season 2) I'd quite like it if he actually did cut his hair that short x3


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RawrSaysOlivia USARawrSaysOlivia Oct.19.2013 05:59PM
I LOVE Ren’s hair long, well like shoulder lenth. I also like the pictures with Ren with long hair. I have no idea why Im so atracted to him since he looks like a girl, and Im not into girls. xD I’ve grown SO attached to his hair, its not even funny. If he ever dyed it I might just die. xD But I wouldnt mind if he cut it though since he would still look pretty. ( I love the pretty look btw) But I really hope he leaves the hair how it is now, or like how it was when he first debuted. My favorite hairstyle of him was with the bangs.


Flowergirl143 USAFlowergirl143 Feb.14.2013 07:58PM
Ren I love you...but the extension got to go. Prefer you with your debut hair or your pre debut hair ^^


SanNi GBRSanNi Feb.14.2013 07:54PM
......Renny....I love you but....please....cut your hair short ♥


DonghoAndLeeMinHoFan USADonghoAndLeeMinHoFan Feb.14.2013 07:52PM
REN LOOKS LIKE A GIRL HERE!! :’( NOOOOOO!! Ren please cut your hair shorter! I don’t like it when you look like a girl! :(


SPEED Princess ESPSPEED Princess Feb.14.2013 06:23PM


PlayItAgain USAPlayItAgain Feb.14.2013 03:12PM
Ren feels!


PlayItAgain USAPlayItAgain Feb.14.2013 03:13PM
Need to touch up his roots...

Be the Chaser of Infinite - Sungyeol2014 GURUPOP Awards - Best Daily Checker - RiikoOn and On - LEO Riiko FRARiiko Feb.14.2013 03:10PM
I don’t like it...


Zelly BIHZelly Feb.14.2013 03:10PM
He looks cute!!!!!!!!


Aziela MYSAziela Feb.14.2013 03:06PM
I don’t like his hair..



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