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Some exciting news i forgot to tell you guys! hehe --^_^--

Jane Rabbit
Jul.19.2012. 07:40AM

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OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG I finally received my B1A4 Ignition (Special Edition) in the mail today! OH YEA 72 more awesome pictures of B1A4 to look at! Well that ALMOST completes my collection cause i still need their first album, Let's Fly!  I need to save up money ...XP

Anyways, I haven't opened it yet and that's because i plan on keeping it as something for me to open later while i'm still slowly saving for another CD!! ^^

And if any of you wanted to know, I got it from KpopMart for $17.80 + postage and handling! It got here pretty quick considering it was meant to arrive in 4 weeks but it came in 2! YAY! (and if you've never ordered from KpopMart , yes the tin which holds the poster takes forever to open and cracks your nails if you pull too be careful!)

BANAs Hwaiting!!! <3 

Here's B1A4's Only learned Bad Things (My Favourite song in the universe and beyond!)


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Yxiian MYSYxiian Jul.23.2012 05:12AM
congratz :D


Hishiko MYSHishiko Jul.21.2012 09:54AM
; Hmm would’nt the pos spoil the goods? I’ve been wanting to order online but i’m afraid that when the album/poster reaches my house have scratches/scars on them. ><


Jane Rabbit AUSJane Rabbit Jul.21.2012 06:29PM
They put it in bubble wrap so it’s ok XD ^^

Lianna USALianna Jul.20.2012 05:03PM
thanks so much for the info! i’ve been wanting to get them! now i just have to wait for the albums to get here! :D


Alyssa~아라이사 PHLAlyssa~아라이사 Jul.20.2012 07:22AM
so happy for you :D


ynam ITAynam Jul.20.2012 03:06AM
congratulations! wow, B1A4’s Ignition ** I hope to win a cd too! hehe


rineXsona USArineXsona Jul.20.2012 02:31AM
Wow, this is great news to hear! :D

I’m actually planning to buy something from that store, so it is great to hear positive feedback about this store! :D


Jane Rabbit AUSJane Rabbit Jul.20.2012 02:40AM
Yea, this was my first order from KpopMart too XD I was gonna just stick to buying from an actual store but my friends were saying that this store is pretty good so I decided to try it! ^^

balugaray USAbalugaray Jul.19.2012 06:18PM
Hehe! Hope you enjoy it. Only Learned the Bad Things is my favorite B1A4 song too, it’s too awesome! :D


Jane Rabbit AUSJane Rabbit Jul.20.2012 02:23AM
I know right! This song is EPIC!

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happy for you! =D hope you get your album! ^^♥


Jane Rabbit AUSJane Rabbit Jul.20.2012 02:24AM
Thanks~~ XD

JynSha♥ MYSJynSha♥ Jul.19.2012 08:43AM
happy for u ^^ omg~! OLTBT my fav too.. hehehe..high five!!! ^^


Jane Rabbit AUSJane Rabbit Jul.20.2012 02:23AM
*virtually high fives you* LOL

Kathe Kondrykinskaya RUSKathe Kondrykinskaya Jul.19.2012 08:26AM
Wow!Nice to hear this)))


SanNi GBRSanNi Jul.19.2012 07:58AM
That’sss greatttt~!!! I haven’t gone to pick my prize up yet and it’s depressing me xD lolol


Jane Rabbit AUSJane Rabbit Jul.20.2012 02:24AM

JemimaKim MYSJemimaKim Jul.19.2012 07:55AM
woah,haha it’s a great news to hear! :D



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