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OMG!! Qri is just TOO cute and GORGEOUS!! <3333 My main bias in T-ara!! <3 LOVE QRI! <3 (Qri Picture Spam)

Feb.28.2013. 04:31PM

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Hello Gurupoppers! <3

If you all didn't know,Qri is my main bias in T-ara!! <33

Ahreum is my other bias. ^^

I LOVEE Qri SO much!! <3

She is TOO cute!! >w< I love the little mole on her nose!! <3

Any Qri lovers out there??


Her eating ice cream! TOO CUTE! >w<



10/20 pictures of Qri

1/20 pictures of Qri

POP if Qri is your bias!!! <3



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HelloKitty124 USAHelloKitty124 Jan.26.2014 04:38PM
She is my bias too ^^ she’s so perfect tho <3333 and her mole is cute and she has a beautiful smile ~~


Musik415 USAMusik415 Jul.31.2013 10:43PM
Actually her hair isn’t her natural color, but her face is, to correct my previous comment.


Musik415 USAMusik415 Jul.31.2013 10:44PM
Oops! I meant her face is natural looking.

Musik415 USAMusik415 Jul.31.2013 10:39PM
She is the prettiest Asian girl I have seen so far. To be more technical she is a natural hottie, unlike most Asian celebrities who are fake beautiful.


☆Pretty Aegyo☆ USA☆Pretty Aegyo☆ Feb.28.2013 07:33PM
she is so pretty~~~
i love t-ara ^_^


Danielicious Andin IDNDanielicious Andin Feb.28.2013 05:11PM
super cute ><


TaeGoon CANTaeGoon Feb.28.2013 04:53PM
She’s so cute ^_^


~SkarfFanForever~ USA~SkarfFanForever~ Feb.28.2013 05:00PM
Yes,she is!! >w<

Be the Chaser of Infinite - WoohyunONE 4 U Release Card - A-JAXPhoenix - Min Woo nicoleswag_ USAnicoleswag_ Feb.28.2013 04:49PM
Qrincess. ♥
The only Day By Day card I have is her’s. So you can say I’m a big fan. But Hyomin is my bias.


~SkarfFanForever~ USA~SkarfFanForever~ Feb.28.2013 05:00PM
Oh I love that,Qrincess!! :)
YAY! Another HUGE Qri fan!! ^^

GURUPOP Show EP10 from HaniBad Boy - JonghwanGURUPOP Show EP6 from Min Ah pkayjh USApkayjh Feb.28.2013 04:46PM
She is so cute and pretty! I love that mole on her nose~


~SkarfFanForever~ USA~SkarfFanForever~ Feb.28.2013 04:59PM
Me too!! ^^

GURUPOP Show EP8 from Woohee2013 GURUPOP Awards - Best Daily Checker - So_seoulfulGURUPOP Show EP4 from Young Jae So_seoulful GBRSo_seoulful Feb.28.2013 04:37PM
Soyeon is my bias baby Bri :) but Qri is super cute~~~ :3

I don’t like many girl groups but I LOVE T-ara :D would you do me a Soyeon spam post.....pleaaassseee? Keke *request*


~SkarfFanForever~ USA~SkarfFanForever~ Feb.28.2013 04:44PM

GURUPOP Show EP8 from Woohee2013 GURUPOP Awards - Best Daily Checker - So_seoulfulGURUPOP Show EP4 from Young Jae So_seoulful GBRSo_seoulful Feb.28.2013 04:45PM
Awwww thanks :D <3

One lastfan USAOne lastfan Feb.28.2013 04:36PM
lovee qrii


~SkarfFanForever~ USA~SkarfFanForever~ Feb.28.2013 04:45PM
Glad you do!! ^^

Soohyun's Fan ClubTaemin's Fan ClubDaebak Date with Joung Up f0reverkpop USAf0reverkpop Feb.28.2013 04:33PM
Qri is my bias in T-ARA :)
And those pics of her are pretty and the mole on her nose it cute too ^^


~SkarfFanForever~ USA~SkarfFanForever~ Feb.28.2013 04:43PM
I KNOW RIGHT!! >w< >w<


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