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Kpop Idols with Instagram?

Mar.03.2013. 08:58PM

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Do you guys know any kpop idols with imstagram, I finnally got it and I need some people to follow?

Follow me if you'd like, I'll post Kpop related stuff, 



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Girls Generation's Fan ClubBora's Fan ClubKim Hyun-ah's Fan Club Love rain USALove rain Apr.24.2013 01:31AM
Follow me @rose_melody24
Followed you :D


Girls Generation's Fan ClubBora's Fan ClubKim Hyun-ah's Fan Club Love rain USALove rain Apr.24.2013 01:33AM
Nevermind, I couldn’t find you...

Our 2nd B1A4 Event - GongchanIGNITION Release Card - GongchanTried to Walk - Gongchan 공찬식♡ZhiYin MYS공찬식♡ZhiYin Apr.21.2013 01:30AM
follow me! @zhiyinnnnn I follow backs! :D


N.O, Bangtan Boys - JungkookBoy In Luv - JungkookJust One Day - Jungkook KpopFan4eva USAKpopFan4eva Apr.21.2013 01:29AM
I should make one~ xD


BAP's Fan ClubYongguk's Fan ClubMBLAQ's Fan Club sykerin DEUsykerin Apr.21.2013 01:27AM
I found:

Key (SHINee): bumkeyk
Park Bom (2NE1): haroobommi
CL (2NE1): chaelin_cl
Taeyang (BigBang): youngbeezzy
G-Dragon (BigBang): xxxibgdrgn
Seungri(BigBang): seungriseyo
Yesung (SuJu): shfly3424real
Yang Hyunsuk (Papa YG): fromyg
Taeyeon (SNSD): taeyeon_ss
Tablo (Epik High): blobyblo
DJ Tukutz (Epik High): realtuktuz
Mithra (Epik High): realmithrajin
Simon D (Supreme Team): simon_dominic
Seulong (2AM): 2among
Jokwon (2AM): kwon_jo
Bang Yongguk (B.A.P): bealb2ng
Jongup (B.A.P): M.jup
Zelo (B.A.P): byzelo
Peniel (BTOB): btobpeniel
Jia (Miss A): mjbaby0203
Min (Miss A): therealminnn
Amber (f(x)): ajol_llama
Krystal ( f(x)): kjungxox
Di (RaNia): daraeda
Jooyi (RaNia): jooyiyoo
Riko (RaNia): riko89
Saem (RaNia): cemonne
Sanchez (Phantom): nzmightysanchez
Jinusean: jinusean3000
Jay Park: jparkitrighthere
Lim (Wonder Girls): wg_lim
Eli (U-KISS): u_kisseli
Drunken Tiger JK: drunkentigerjk
NuRi (F.I.X): fixnuri
BoA: boakwon
Nicole (KARA): _911007nicole
Se7en: se7enofficial

Hope that helped ^-^
And I will follow you ;) (Mine is: crazyandalive)


Sweet Holic - Lee Woo Gon2State of Emergency Release Card - SimonSafety zone - Simon simon USAsimon Mar.03.2013 09:14PM
Min, Brian Joo, Daniel, Dari, Day Day, Tiger JK, Eli, Peniel, Bekah . . .


Money909 USAMoney909 Mar.03.2013 09:04PM
CL @chaelin_cl , Lim @wg_lim , Taeyang @youngbeezzy and Park bom @haroobommi
Just a few ^^ hope that helped


Boy In Luv - JungkookN.O, Bangtan Boys - JungkookJust One Day - Jungkook PadraYang USAPadraYang Mar.03.2013 09:03PM
Amber from F(x) (:


Lucky Writer 100thGurupop Enthusiast 300thThe GURU Fan ☆Pretty Aegyo☆ USA☆Pretty Aegyo☆ Mar.03.2013 09:01PM
i only know peniel~~


N.O, Bangtan Boys - SUGAETERNITY - LeoBoy In Luv - SUGA LedaMelody USALedaMelody Mar.03.2013 08:59PM
peniel, min, jia, gd, tablo are some who have instagram



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