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Who is the most beautiful member SNSD in Video SNSD - LG 3D TV ?

Jul.23.2012. 11:30PM


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Sep.23.2012 12:00AM ~ Oct.01.2012 12:00AM

Vote Result

Taeyeon 0%
Jessica 14%
Sunny 0%
Tiffany 14%
Hyoyeon 0%
Yuri 14%
Sooyoung 14%
Yoona 29%
Seohyun 14%


SNSD - LG 3D TV Content Video

Do you think, Who is the most beautiful member SNSD in video SNSD - LG 3D TV ?

Please POP this post so everyone can share their favorit one :D


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BIGBANG 's Fan Club2NE1's Fan ClubBAP's Fan Club festinaVIP DEUfestinaVIP Jan.05.2013 03:00PM
i think the prettyest as tiffany<3


DIRTY Release Card - Miryo3Alive Release Card - T.O.PSomething, Girl's Day! YeppoInPink POLYeppoInPink Aug.07.2012 03:57PM
Yoona will always be number one for me...but they all look stunning, anyway ^__^ Hyoyeon looks stunning nowadays, she really has turned into a swan <3


JJ Project's Fan ClubKim Hyun Joong's Fan ClubJB's Fan club paulabear CANpaulabear Jul.24.2012 04:08PM
seohyun and yoona :D


Our 2nd B1A4 Event - GongchanIGNITION Release Card - GongchanIGNITION Release Card - B1A4 Hishiko MYSHishiko Jul.24.2012 02:24AM
jessicca! ♥


IGNITION Release Card - B1A4N.O, Bangtan Boys!Boy In Luv, Bangtan Boys! Jane Rabbit AUSJane Rabbit Jul.24.2012 02:21AM
ARGHHHHH All of them are sooo pretty


Be the Chaser of Infinite - InfiniteDaebak Date with B.A.PI don't need a man, Miss A! jem-chasing-infinite NZLjem-chasing-infinite Jul.24.2012 12:52AM
Sooyoung! :3


Phoenix - ZE:A!BIGBANG 's Fan ClubMonster Release Card - BIGBANG SujiMi CHESujiMi Jul.24.2012 12:30AM
Yoona unnie ^^ cant forget the "LOVE RAIN" with Geun Seuk oppa ^^


ETERNITY, VIXX!Welcome BackETERNITY - Leo JvR VaR IDNJvR VaR Jul.24.2012 12:37AM

Our 2nd B1A4 Event - Jinyoung2013 GURUPOP Awards - Best Daily Checker - ♥KrisBANA♥JJY♥ IGNITION Release Card - B1A4 ♥KrisBANA♥JJY♥ USA♥KrisBANA♥JJY♥ Jul.24.2012 12:00AM
ALL of them are beautiful! can’t choose =P so all of them for me ^^♥


ETERNITY, VIXX!Welcome BackETERNITY - Leo JvR VaR IDNJvR VaR Jul.24.2012 12:07AM


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