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U-Kiss Collage is a Happy, Sweet Album of U-Kiss ^_^

Mar.07.2013. 03:48AM

Stop Girl - KevinStop Girl, U-KISS!Stop Girl - Dongho

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‘Collage’ will be released on March 7th, but the boys will have their first comeback stage a day before on March 6 through ’MBC’s Show Champion‘.

Full Tracklist:

1. Step by Step (Intro)
2. Standing Still (Title Track)
3. 숨도 못 쉬어 (Can’t Breathe)
4. Missing You
5. 나쁘다 (Bad Person)
6. 아픔보다 아픈 (More Painful Than Pain)
7. My Reason
8. Party all the time
9. Sweety Girl
10. 사랑하니까 (Cause I Love You)
11. 아픔보다 아픈 (Inst.)
12. Standing Still (Inst.)


The Album will be released online at 12pm(KST) on 7th March 2013.

>Track 06. 아픔보다 아픈 (Soohyun & Hoon duet)
>Track 07. My Reason (Kevin solo)
>Track 08. Party all the time (Eli & AJ duet)


my favorites: My Reason and Sweetie Girl



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12 songsss :O


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I love U-KISS =)


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<3333 I love it


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asfegrhet; my bbs ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡



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  • Popped #10 My favorite groups are Infinite, Exo, Block B, BTS, B.A.P, C-Clown, Teen Top, Vixx, 100%, and U-Kiss. I have too many biases to count, but one of my ultimate biases is B-bomb because he dances well, is funny, and isn't afraid to eat weird foods. I also really like MIB's 5zic, because he's mature and seems different from a standard idol. He really seems to love rapping and can't dance at all, but still will dance like an idiot to have fun. My favorite songs right now include Exo's Run, Infinite's Paradise, Block B's Nalina, BTS's Danger, and MIB's Dash. I love K-pop because it's something that makes me unique and the people that are in it are admirable. I'm half Korean, but since my mom was adopted I don't have any connection to Korean culture, so when I found K-pop it gave me some connection to what (half of me) truly is. Also, I love that so many idols seem to be putting their best effort into what they love. When you watch certain idols sing or dance you can see their passion, and I think that's something worth watching. I've honestly only seen one full Korean drama, and that would be You're Beautiful. It was hilarious, and I really like Lee Hong Ki, so his character, Jeremy, made me laugh. Thanks so much for the giveaway, and sorry for some of the long answers.
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  • mah GIVEAWAY...
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  • I still can not believe this.. she's my liner.. I hope that the other members come out of this with good conditions, so sad to see one of them go, her faith was gone way too soon. rest in peace
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