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Boyfriend’s ideal type of girl

Jul.25.2012. 03:09AM

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Appearance: Cute, big eyes, and short hair.
Age Limit: Younger by a year

Appearance: Pretty & cute .
Age Limit: Older than him. (Noona)

Appearance: Long hair & long/beautiful eye lashes
Age Limit: One or two years younger

Appearance: Big Eyes.Short Hair.Cute.
Age Limit: One year younger

Question: Your ideal type of girl?

Jeongmin: I’d prefer a girl who I can get along well with.. A cool type of girl. So a natural girl who is like my best friend is my ideal type.
Kwangmin: I’d prefer a girl who is a bit blank.
Q: 4D personality?
Kwangmin: Yes. Because I’ve been told that I’m blank, I feel that a girl who is similar to me would be suitable.
Hyunseong: That’ll suit you very well.
Minwoo: I agree.
Minwoo: I prefer gentle and cute girls. Kawaii?
Youngmin: I prefer girls who do aegyo.
Donghyun: Because I’m a person who is careful with his actions, I prefer lively girls who smile a lot.
Hyunseong: A girl who has a nice personality, who can get along with and understand me is my ideal type.
This is just something extra....
Q:In the “Boyfriend” MN, you confessed your love for a girl by giving her a CD. in real life, what tactics do you use to charm a girl?
Donghyun: Iam shy and I find it hard to approach a girl. However, my feelings tend to be exposed unknowingly and the person I am interested in would soon find out.
Kwangmin: i am neither direct nor bold, so it’s hard for me to express my feelings. I tend to wait for the person to approach me.
Minwoo: I will be really good to her! I will express my feelings directly!

Q: Is there a particular trait that would make you attracted to a girl?
Donghyun: A girl who looks cold outside, but has a warm heart and a sense of humor.
Hyunseong: A charming girl whom I can feel comfortable with.
Jeongmin: A cute girl who looks pretty when smiling with her eyes
Youngmin: A girl with a clear eyes and aegyo!
Kwangmin: Aegyo! my ideal type is a cute girl
Minwoo: A feminine and a cute girl

Q: What kind of boyfriend do you think you will make?
Donhyun: A boyfriend who never changes and thus well-loved!
Hyunseung: An understanding and caring boyfriend for the one he truly loves.
Jeongmin: A comfortable and reliable boyfriend, like a friend or a big brother.
Youngmin: I want to be the most caring and affectionate boyfriend to my only girl.
Kwangmin: A sincere and warm-hearted boyfriend!
Minwoo: A caring boyfriend who has eyes for just the one he loves!

Q: Your second single album is titled ” Don’t Touch My Girl”, which is about a guy trying to hold on to his girlfriend. If your girlfriend were going to leave you, what would you do?
Donghyun : If I really love her, I will hold onto her no matter what it takes!
Hyunseong : If I really love her, I will hold onto her til the very end.
Jeongmin : If I really love her, I will hold onto her even if it costs my life!
Youngmin : I will ask her the reason for leaving me. It will be heartbreaking, but if I truly love her and she wishes to leave, I will let her go.
Kwangmin : I will let her go. I want to respect her decision.
Minwoo : I will respect the decision made by the one I love. But, I will make sure I express my true feelings before letting her go.
I collected these informations that I found and group them together here. Bestfriends,which answer do you like the most?
I like Minwoo's answers the most! For me,his answers are the best. Jeongmin's answers are good too!
Gah!! These two boys are SO GOOD LOOKING~




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jenjen.pelegrino.1 PHLjenjen.pelegrino.1 Oct.06.2014 10:35PM
i like to have a boyfriend who’s older than me. :">


jenjen.pelegrino.1 PHLjenjen.pelegrino.1 Oct.06.2014 10:33PM
well, i’m a little bit cold to the person that i don’t know, like i don’t talk to much and my face is blank. like poker face.

but when i’m with my friends, i’m very talkative we talk about our crushes xDD, crazy, and funny :))))


balqis.othman.25 MYSbalqis.othman.25 Oct.06.2013 03:51AM
hrmmm···· i’m 13 and my youngmin girl type is me all his talking what is his type girl is me, my eye is clearly , i love to do ageyo ^.~ if i his boyfriend futer ^.^


JinxPlaysGames USAJinxPlaysGames Aug.20.2013 10:05PM
Aaah too bad I’m a noona! Minwoo is my bias! I’m 21, though I don’t look it, but I don’t want to lie to my favorite member, that’s just not right!


Sadness Release Card - KyuminOn and On, VIXX!N.O, Bangtan Boys - Jungkook Alex321 PRIAlex321 Jun.09.2013 08:24PM
Ihave never changed but when Kwangmin say the girls personality i can’t stop thinking of me... but it doesnt hurt to dream a little right?

But still i like Youngmin! Kwangmin as Best friend XD

Damn short hair -.- My mom doesn’t want to cut my hair so that why is long almost reaching my hips -.- yes i cut it once mommy wasn’t happy DX


Lovenia Amira MYSLovenia Amira Jun.09.2013 08:16PM
People out there that is gonna change just because of what they said are pabos. Boyfriend will only like us if we are just the way we are. We should appreciate the way we are right now and people would really love that. :)


balqis.othman.25 MYSbalqis.othman.25 Oct.06.2013 03:53AM
betul tu hehe

keriekerie NLDkeriekerie May.27.2013 04:10PM
I have a 4D personailty and my mom and dad call me baka because of this it’s kinda funny me and my nice have that personailty and they say it’s anoing


GURUPOP Show EP11 from EunkwangInsoo's Fan ClubLee Hong Ki's Fan Club Ildi HUNIldi Feb.06.2013 05:26PM
ive just found it. really nice. thank oyu


Melanieebby USAMelanieebby Dec.05.2012 12:42PM
Yess Youngmin likes short-haired girls >:) xDD thanks for sharing!


JemimaKim MYSJemimaKim Jul.25.2012 06:19AM
@Dae: hehe don’t worry! When they are falling in love,they don’t really see the age anymore xD


balqis.othman.25 MYSbalqis.othman.25 Oct.06.2013 03:53AM
betul betul

LedAngeLBana MYSLedAngeLBana Jul.25.2012 05:06AM
Jeongmin!! my hair was short now! haha.
but unfortunely we have a same age..haha xD


JemimaKim MYSJemimaKim Jul.25.2012 03:20AM
@Kathe : hahaha! XD hwaiting then! >.<
@Kristine : Yeap! Ikr xD hehe


2014 GURUPOP Awards - Best Fan2014 GURUPOP Awards - Best Commenter2013 GURUPOP Awards - Best Daily Checker - ♥KrisBANA♥JJY♥ ♥KrisBANA♥JJY♥ USA♥KrisBANA♥JJY♥ Jul.25.2012 03:15AM
hehe.. a lot of their fans are so gonna change just to date them XP


Jane Rabbit AUSJane Rabbit Jul.25.2012 03:21AM
True XP

Kathe Kondrykinskaya RUSKathe Kondrykinskaya Jul.25.2012 03:14AM
YoungMiiiiiiiiin^_^I’ll learn to do aegyo for u!



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