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My review for the first Asian Music Night at Szeged! It was so awesome!!

Mar.11.2013. 05:46AM

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First of all: I know I didn't post anything since friday ( even though I asked everyone else to start posting.) I know it. I was a bit too into the party-weekend I think, so I didn't post anything at friday night ( I wanted, but my fiance wanted to spent time together ) and then saturday, we chilled, relaxed, and then my parents wanted to see us ( plans for that day was messed up because of them...great ) and then the best thing happened: Asian Music Night. AMN. In here. Szeged. Not Budapest. Szeged. IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!


I don't know if everyone was at an asian music night yet, or something but for us it was awesome!!!!!


So it was a j-rock/k-pop/j-pop night. At first, we were a bit frightened about the music, but I think we were more exciting about that later :D

The tickects ( it was only 130 because the place is not that freaking big, but it was full :D ) are sold out befor the party! WOW



So the party started at 8 and the end was at 4, maybe a bit closer to 3:30 :D OOOOOOOOOOOH IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!


We danced like crazy, the music was good, it was fantastic that there were others who knew the songs, and danced, and screamed, and GOSH I CAN'T DESCRIBE THE FEELING!!! 




Some e.g. for the music: Psy, BigBang, Myname, B.A.P, Infinite, Super Junior, SHINee, FT Island, 2PM, CN Blue, 2NE1, Block-B, U-Kiss, DBSK, SM the performance, Rain, etc etc etc. Well, there were a lot, and I can't even remember every song, but I tried. I think I did a good job xD :-D



The music was great, the people were great, the mood was great, and we danced like crazy, so yeah, today too: I can't feel my legs :D Well, I catch a cold I think too, and I was upbraid by my fiance because I get home at 4:15 :D Well...TOTALLY WORTH IT :D




And yeah there were " szuki ázsiaiak" too! :D ( "cute asians" but in a drunk way. I think. ) 




There were some things I didn't like it that much. For e.g. if the party is a j-rock SLASH K/J-POP why are you crying over that there were too many pop song?


Seriosly I think j-rock and pop and anime music were the lead. So what? At least I could rest a bit :D ( And cool off!



Man that was a sauna down there...)


So my 2 biggest problem: it was too hot, and ONLY ONE TOILET?! FOR THAT MANY GIRL?!?! I know, that's it. Ignore it. Or something like that. But I think I'm not the only one who hate waiting for a toilet for like 10 minutes. So you can see, I didn't have too much problem with the music, I had with the place :D And that's something I can easely deal with, for the sake of an awesome night!!!

And there were discount for vodka and other shots I think....oh god, it was soo yummi!!



Sadly it was over, and I don't know when will they do another one :(



But I just wanted to express my feelings, we went there, we felt great, it was awesome, the music, the dj's, the place was the best!! Thank you Zero and everyone who did this for us ^^  
This was the first time for us, so we were pretty excited about it, and I can tell you: WE WEREN'T DISAPPOINTED AT ALL!!! 







P.S: We advertised gurupop too! :)




source: ofc it's tumblr :D 


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It was a really really great and awesome night! I hope we ll take part in another one in the future. or more :d


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If they do it :D We’ll be there :D

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