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Shinee hurt?!?!

Apr.01.2013. 02:29PM

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what?!? he got hurt?!?! is it real? is it true? if it is...then Jonghyun oppa, fighting! hope you're alright!!! <3

well....there's the link...I just saw it on mnet or now called mwave! :)


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Alicex1 USAAlicex1 Apr.01.2013 05:22PM
is true i read it yesterday in allkpop


ANGee SRBANGee Apr.01.2013 03:58PM
yep~ it’s true everything that writes there :(



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  • The video was so hard to watch I cried omg poor baby ;-; Even when the staff aided him he nearly fell again, he couldn't stanf properly on his legs T____T Hakyeon reacted fast, all the member must have been so worried ;-;
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