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The story of ’88’ & ’WOLF’ in XOXO teaser

May.16.2013. 03:03AM

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The story of '88' & 'WOLF' in XOXO teaser

Korean fans made an assumption that the number of 88 in XOXO teaser is inspired from LONE WOLF in 1988. A story about a man killed in the highschool. The students in this school said they had seen some animals.. Which many students begin to investigate these murders, and found them the the murderer was a werewolf. The werewolf is associated with one of their school rock band. A struggling rock band and other college students cope with the trials and tribulations of their young lives and find themselves in the role of determining what exactly is behind the recently full-moon killings which have been attributed to werewolf.

Keyword comeback:
Werewolves. School. ROCK.

[!!] Korean fans are assuming the comeback of EXO with XOXO (Hug&Kiss) inspired by LONE WOLF 1988

credit: DC, SEZIEIZUS | via: MAX
trans: CrazyTaoBaek, JuniorJuneA, Baekyeoliee
via: Justine@EPPH

Daebak! :O


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TopCrownKPOP AQTopCrownKPOP Jul.08.2014 07:50AM
WOW! that’s so smart :D


StellyBish BGRStellyBish May.16.2013 03:18AM
Uaa ;o


kp0psaranghaey0 GBRkp0psaranghaey0 May.16.2013 03:13AM
oh smart :)


MissKpopJunkie USAMissKpopJunkie May.16.2013 03:12AM
I like ’[INFO]
As you guys should have known by now, EXO’s 1st full album is going to be titled ‘XOXO’ (Kiss & Hug) and in one of the new pictures, they were wearing in hip hop style and the number ‘88’ were on their tops.The number ‘88’ is actually used in morse code and amateur radio users to mean ‘hugs and kisses’.
The number ‘88’ also stands for ‘HH’ = hip hop in hip hop terms. ’


icecubeeater IDNicecubeeater May.16.2013 03:11AM
this makes it more anticipated !


daehyun PHLdaehyun May.16.2013 03:11AM
like how did they come up with that
so smart 8D


RubyNZ NZLRubyNZ May.16.2013 03:08AM
i also saw something about 88 meaning 2 different kinds of butterfly representing EXO K and EXO M

and also that in morse code 88 means hugs and kiss XD

which one is it.. OTL


melilemi MEXmelilemi Sep.06.2013 12:32PM
I think it’s the first one, it makes more sense, hugs and kisses is shortened "XOXO", and that’s what EXO’s album is called :) so, since in morse code 88 mean hugs and kisses, you know.


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