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Guys look!! (SM Trainees & YG Trainees)

May.17.2013. 07:20AM

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Really ? Guys, I want to be a trainee someday even if it is hard, I know that there will be a good result in my hardships.

Look at this guys & pretty ladies. They're a trainee in YG & SM Entertainment. 




Let's Intoduce my crush first. xD (My 1st crush this year aside from my bias. xD)


Name: Xi Yan Saisji 
Birthday: February 17, 1994 
Height: 188CM
Nationality: Chinese

SM Trainee


Kevin Shin

Kevin left SM. He's under Oscar Entertainment now.

Seo Youngho

Name: Seo Youngho
Age: 17(1995)
Position: Rapper (rumor)

Seo Youngho joined SM in 2008. He's a '95-liner and supposed to be a rapper. He has lived in Chicago, USA, thus having an English name John Seo. He's known to have a close relationship with EXO members. His debut time is unknown.

Also appeared in TTS Twinkle MV

*PROOF that he is friends with other EXO members*

Son Minkwan

Friends also with some EXO members

Justin Suh


he's rumored to debut under M3 together with other trainees (youngho,minkwan...)


The 2nd photo is in The Dance Hall of SM Building.

There’s no statement yet about he’s leaving his training in SM. He is SM fav trainee,if he leave his training, SM will do everything to get him back.

Baek MinHyun

SM Girl Trainees

Hae Rim


*the one who have bracelet



Park Sae Am(1992) & Boram(1991)

both of them are sisters & ulzzang




Bhowa(1993) Chinese

Seokhyin(1992)Korean American

my new girl bias. xD (I'll support her)


Saehye(1991)Korean American

Kwon Su Jeon Is SNSD Kwon YuRi’s Cousin… 

Real Name: Kwon Su Jeon
Date of Birth: September 9, 1994

was once one of the cast of Ulzzang Shidae.. She is beautiful even with out make up. She is known as Ice Princess because she doesn't talk too much .


YG Trainees

Kang Seung Yoon

Lee Seung Hoon

Kim Eun Bi.. Kim Jisoo.. Jennie Kim.. Kim Euna..



Lee Hanna

Seungri's little sister.





---Kim Hanbi

---Kwon Twins Secret Garden cameo.

*it is said that youngdon is now a trainee.

PS: Mostly are confirmed & some are uncomfirmed

PS: The 1st pic is uncomfirmed, I just saw the post right now.





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Nikko Pio USANikko Pio Dec.09.2013 07:10PM
Ayah! John is my mom’s vocal student! ^^


regina agnesia IDNregina agnesia Oct.28.2014 04:50AM
really? what about his voice? good or? i’m really curious about it! answer meeeee ><

Oh Nadya MYSOh Nadya Oct.18.2013 12:11PM


AiraSiagian SGPAiraSiagian Oct.18.2013 11:48AM
urhhhh...why do they look plastic .
They look too ulzzang-ish to me . Their noses are just to straight and pointy to be real. Look at yuri’s cousin’s photo ! So different !
Sorry but they’re just too plastic for me . For some reason I find the yg girl trainees much better looking . ( Plus they’re natural ) Especially Lalisa Manoban and Jennie Kim !!


alridwi USAalridwi Jul.19.2013 11:31PM
kevin shin look like kiseop from U-kiss


NadKyu MYSNadKyu May.19.2013 02:42PM


bellealbuk BRAbellealbuk May.18.2013 09:36PM
hum.... my favorite trainees that I choose by looks:
Baek MinHyun (manly *¬*)
Lee Seung Hoon (Seems like a really nice guy)

Hae Rim (she looks so naturally beautiful <3)
Jennie Kim (awesome girl from GD’s MV)


Seventeen's Fan Club kaname30yuuki PHLkaname30yuuki May.18.2013 06:31AM
Kang Seung Yoon... <3


MyNameIsXX PHLMyNameIsXX May.18.2013 05:12AM
The SM trainee girls look ulzzang-ish. Kinda far from SM’s track record of girl groups. But still they all look good~


bellealbuk BRAbellealbuk May.18.2013 09:22PM
Exacly what I was thinking!
But I guess since ulzzang fashion has been making so much sucess and SM just went with the flow

emined IRNemined May.18.2013 04:02AM artists are so beautiful and handsome...^___^...
I’m worry about my bias there...hahaha...


StellyBish BGRStellyBish May.18.2013 03:53AM
Kang Seung Yoon <3 My baby!
Waiting for him to debut T__T huh
The SM trainees look nice :)
Specially some of the girls *o* uah
Hope they all get the chance to debut :)
Looking forward to YG’s new Girl Group *o*


JessicaFan4eva USAJessicaFan4eva May.18.2013 12:09AM
Im sorry? "She is known as Ice Princess because she doesn’t talk too much"
And its Jessica Jung
Nuff said


N.O, Bangtan Boys!Boy In Luv, Bangtan Boys!Just One Day, BTS! Snowwywolf AUSSnowwywolf May.18.2013 12:03AM
Wow! The guys and girls are so pretty and cool


Dinowoo MYSDinowoo May.17.2013 10:10PM
i felt bad for JIno, he was once SM The ballad member but now back to trainee life :C


☆Pretty Aegyo☆ USA☆Pretty Aegyo☆ May.17.2013 09:55PM

they are all pretty and handsome ~~~ cool~~~


CClown_BR BRACClown_BR May.17.2013 09:03PM
Jino is member of SM Ballad...this isn’t a kind of debut?


DongVinSeop PHLDongVinSeop May.17.2013 11:42PM
IDK. But I got this info from a page & I’ve done some research

ERROR - LEOGURUPOP Show EP5 from CheondungI Love You, 2NE1 - Dara Dianis06 COLDianis06 May.17.2013 08:29PM
SM Trainees are so handsome!


LiveLoveKpop USALiveLoveKpop May.17.2013 08:14PM
omgg theyre all so good looking i cantt


After Schools JJ USAAfter Schools JJ May.17.2013 07:44PM


PiggyStyle24 USAPiggyStyle24 May.17.2013 06:50PM


Love rain USALove rain May.17.2013 06:14PM
The girl next to Mira is pretty!! Who is she??


DongVinSeop PHLDongVinSeop May.17.2013 11:41PM
Lee Haerim ^^~

Inspiritalways7 USAInspiritalways7 May.17.2013 06:07PM


DalmateCathy CANDalmateCathy May.17.2013 06:00PM
interesting ~


Daebak Date with Yong GukGURUPOP Show EP7 from SiwanDaebak Date with Dae Hyun ShawolExotic CANShawolExotic May.17.2013 05:48PM
Whoa *O*


Alicex1 USAAlicex1 May.17.2013 04:35PM


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