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[RUMOR] JJ Project comeback..O__O

Jun.21.2013. 05:20PM

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+[RUMOR!!] JJ Project comeback on July!!!

+{RUMOR} There is a rumor in Korean site that JJ Project maybe comeback within July as a group as 4 with 2 new members, Mark and Jackson.

{INFO} JJ Project will do activities in Japan next year.

i don't know it would be good with 4 members or not..but i like two members group.then should we call them JJ?with Mark and Jackson?i don't know..i'm in shock now..what do you think?


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Nadia♥Daehyun USANadia♥Daehyun Jul.21.2013 04:05AM
M Triple J? I’m trying to come up with names lol


BIG Fan of JJ Project - JR.BIG Fan of JJ Project - JJ ProjectBIG Fan of JJ Project - JR. 2 Fudgers USAFudgers Jul.21.2013 04:02AM
Mark is going to be the black sheep omfg. hahah b/c Jackson is okay
They can just say JJ is for the J’s in the names of the members.
or they might come up with an entire new meaning behind what JJ stands for


Be the Chaser of Infinite - InfiniteDay by Day with T-ara - T-araIGNITION Release Card - B1A4 StellyBish BGRStellyBish Jun.22.2013 09:46AM
It’s about time they have a comeback!
But... not really sure about adding new members xD
We never know though xD


Be the Chaser of Infinite - Sunggyu boice4ever AUSboice4ever Jun.21.2013 11:07PM
Yay for a comeback, but ney for 2 new members, like them how they are now ...


Sunggyu's Fan ClubWoohyun's Fan ClubINFINITE's Fan Club Vera Jabbour CANVera Jabbour Jun.21.2013 10:00PM
no way man i dont think they’d add 2 other members


ETERNITY - KenOn and On - KenERROR - Ken BanaVivianaGongchan USABanaVivianaGongchan Jun.21.2013 09:58PM
cant wait but i liked them with just two people


☆Pretty Aegyo☆ USA☆Pretty Aegyo☆ Jun.21.2013 09:54PM
really ? omg~


BIG Fan of JJ Project - JR.GOT7's Fan ClubBIG Fan of JJ Project - JR. 2 b2utyful_school USAb2utyful_school Jun.21.2013 09:00PM
I really liked them as a duo~ :D
But if the rumor is true [about the new members], I want to see how that’s gonna work out! Either way, I’m ready for JJ Project [will they change their name..otl] to have a comeback! <3


Shinhwa - VENUSERROR - NERROR - VIXX IloveHYS USAIloveHYS Jun.21.2013 08:59PM
Don’t believe anything UNLESS IT IS OFFICIAL!


im glad for the fact that finally we are getting some info on their comeback even though its still all rumors..

I just thought of them as a duo, that they were very original and excentric.. adding 2 new members will make it a huge thing to get used too.. but I’m happy for the comeback though.. :D


PiggyStyle24 USAPiggyStyle24 Jun.21.2013 07:33PM


BIG Fan of JJ Project - JBJB's Fan clubBIG Fan of JJ Project - JB 2 Cathy.Ly CANCathy.Ly Jun.21.2013 06:57PM
wtf 4?? whyy
idk if i should be excited or pissed.
I loved them with 2 people. why are they changing it =[
fcowefjc *mixed emotions*
-...........- i like them as two members.


emined IRNemined Jun.21.2013 08:22PM
It’s just rumor yet..
I like them with 2 members too..
I got shock too..I don’t know what would happen...:(:(

Boy In Luv - SUGASomething - HyeriJust One Day - Jin icecubeeater IDNicecubeeater Jun.21.2013 06:07PM
oh wow 4 members ? :D
I cant wait for their comeback ! (the point is this XD)


emined IRNemined Jun.21.2013 06:35PM

GURUPOP Show EP11 from MinhyukGURUPOP Show EP6 from Min AhGURUPOP Show EP7 from Hyung Shik victor_murillo19 USAvictor_murillo19 Jun.21.2013 06:02PM
Yeah I heard Jyp say their group name has "project" for a reason.


emined IRNemined Jun.21.2013 06:34PM
Oh really? I hope this wouldn’t be their reason..:(

Ami Lee BELAmi Lee Jun.21.2013 05:38PM
Oh no Dx


emined IRNemined Jun.21.2013 06:33PM

State of Emergency Release Card - DanielOur 2nd B1A4 Event - JinyoungSweet Holic - Jang Yoo Jun2 LedaMelody USALedaMelody Jun.21.2013 05:26PM
hmmm lets see how it will play out


emined IRNemined Jun.21.2013 05:30PM
i don’t know how would it be but kpop has a lot 4-5 members groups..i like them with 2 members..

CUBEAdele CZECUBEAdele Jun.21.2013 05:25PM
noonoo...2 are fine...I hope its really rumor..!!!


emined IRNemined Jun.21.2013 05:28PM
i think so too..i love them.T__T..i hope too..


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