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Aug.17.2012. 12:12PM

Touch Release Card - miss AI don't need a man, Miss A!miss A's Fan Club

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Do you watch k-drama??

Have you started watching "To The Beautiful You" & "Arang and the Magistrate" ?

So the first episode (i also think the second one) has already been aired. I've already watched the ep. 1 of To The Beautiful You. :)) & im gonna watched the Arang and the Magistrate now. its refreshing to see lee junki back & also Min ah :D

Sulli & Minho :") - To the Beautiful You

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Our 2nd B1A4 Event - B1A4Tried to Walk, B1A4!IGNITION Release Card - B1A4 Jane Rabbit AUSJane Rabbit Aug.17.2012 08:46PM
I’ starting to watch it now ^^


Something, Girl's Day!Every Night with EXID!Pandora - KARA rineXsona USArineXsona Aug.17.2012 07:04PM
I’m planning to watch "To The Beautiful You" as I am curious about Sulli and Minho. :)


Kristinefangirl PHLKristinefangirl Aug.17.2012 07:01PM
I will watch it soon:)


MorganWallace USAMorganWallace Aug.17.2012 04:00PM
To the Beautiful You is now airing? DARN YOU ORIENTATION
Well, I’m off......


Flash Back Release Card - NanaIGNITION Release Card - B1A4Flash Back Release Card - After School TaeGoon CANTaeGoon Aug.17.2012 03:43PM
Sadly I can’t start any dramas since I’m almost over my bandwidth T_T


♡Bana107♡ USA♡Bana107♡ Aug.17.2012 02:07PM
i started watching Arang yesterday and after the first episode i was in love! now im going to watch to the beautiful u! Minho&EXO!!!


IGNITION Release Card - B1A4Our 2nd B1A4 Event - BaroIGNITION Release Card -Baro prawnie MYSprawnie Aug.17.2012 01:45PM
i will watch this drama friend recommended it :D


Touch Release Card - miss AI don't need a man, Miss A!miss A's Fan Club Cesssy PHLCesssy Aug.17.2012 01:43PM
oooh that guy i really find him cute too. i saw him first on god of study. i was happy he was here too. :))


SanNi BRBSanNi Aug.17.2012 12:54PM
I’ve started watching to the beautiful you as well, I watched episode 1 & 2 yesterday >_< the boy that plays the same part as nakatsu from the japanese version is so cute!! (lol I haven’t learned the characters names yet. But the guy that’s really good at football)



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  • It's easy for me but maybe it becomes hard to recognize them because they both have big eyes and small lips >w< I like them both in Kara btw lol
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