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Exo Growl 2nd and 3rd Version XD

Vera Jabbour
Aug.01.2013. 09:47AM

Be the Chaser of Infinite - WoohyunDaebak Date with Dae HyunBe the Chaser of Infinite - Sunggyu

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they both look awesome too! and they're wearing sleevless shirts!! ah super awesome! 
I cant wait for it! 
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I Like That,GLAM!While you're sleeping, JeA! 4Lover Boy - Hyunsik PiggyStyle24 USAPiggyStyle24 Aug.01.2013 07:10PM
can’t wait


Gurupop's 2nd BirthdayMembership Anniversary 1 yearBIG Fan of GURUPOP kpopperfreak USAkpopperfreak Aug.01.2013 06:39PM
Can’t wait 2 see!


N.O, Bangtan Boys - J-hopeBIG Fan of JJ Project - JR.Boy In Luv - SUGA icecubeeater IDNicecubeeater Aug.01.2013 02:05PM
isnt that all came from their teasers ? X3


Be the Chaser of Infinite - SunggyuBe the Chaser of Infinite - DongwooBe the Chaser of Infinite - L StellyBish BGRStellyBish Aug.01.2013 11:13AM
I think this might be one MV, just change of clothes xD


Alive Release Card - G-DragonMembership Anniversary 2 yearMonster Release Card - G-Dragon thatxxgirl IDNthatxxgirl Aug.01.2013 10:17AM
can’t wait for another version!!
i love this song more than wolf <3333
*i said the same thing ’i love wolf more than mama’ hahaha troll*


Monster Release Card - TaeyangDaebak Date with Dae HyunN.O, Bangtan Boys - J-hope TiiiiiMA_kpop BIHTiiiiiMA_kpop Aug.01.2013 10:11AM
I want too watch it...
can’t wait :)


Far away... Young love - RomeYongguk's Fan ClubKris' Fan Club marg_xyz AUSmarg_xyz Aug.01.2013 10:07AM

Am I the only one who thinks that maybe the continuation of the Wolf Drama MV has some sort of connection with this Growl comeback?
I MEAN IT MAKES SENSE, right? The uniform.......
and then, Luhan and Kai possible fighting over the same girl - Luhan’s the wolf, growling over Kai stealing his girl??
(Note: this is just part of my own thought process; don’t quote me on it being true)


Be the Chaser of Infinite - SungyeolOn and On - LEON.O, Bangtan Boys - Jungkook Riiko FRARiiko Aug.01.2013 10:05AM
I can’t wait *o* !!!!!


Daebak Date with B.A.PLove Style of Boyfriend - BoyfriendETERNITY, VIXX! ImaKpopper USAImaKpopper Aug.01.2013 09:58AM
Daebak! XD



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