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Exo Growl 2nd and 3rd Version XD

Vera Jabbour
Aug.01.2013. 09:47AM

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they both look awesome too! and they're wearing sleevless shirts!! ah super awesome! 
I cant wait for it! 
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PiggyStyle24 USAPiggyStyle24 Aug.01.2013 07:10PM
can’t wait


kpopperfreak USAkpopperfreak Aug.01.2013 06:39PM
Can’t wait 2 see!


icecubeeater IDNicecubeeater Aug.01.2013 02:05PM
isnt that all came from their teasers ? X3


StellyBish BGRStellyBish Aug.01.2013 11:13AM
I think this might be one MV, just change of clothes xD


thatxxgirl IDNthatxxgirl Aug.01.2013 10:17AM
can’t wait for another version!!
i love this song more than wolf <3333
*i said the same thing ’i love wolf more than mama’ hahaha troll*


TiiiiiMA_kpop BIHTiiiiiMA_kpop Aug.01.2013 10:11AM
I want too watch it...
can’t wait :)


marg_xyz AUSmarg_xyz Aug.01.2013 10:07AM

Am I the only one who thinks that maybe the continuation of the Wolf Drama MV has some sort of connection with this Growl comeback?
I MEAN IT MAKES SENSE, right? The uniform.......
and then, Luhan and Kai possible fighting over the same girl - Luhan’s the wolf, growling over Kai stealing his girl??
(Note: this is just part of my own thought process; don’t quote me on it being true)


Be the Chaser of Infinite - Sungyeol2014 GURUPOP Awards - Best Daily Checker - RiikoOn and On - LEO Riiko FRARiiko Aug.01.2013 10:05AM
I can’t wait *o* !!!!!


ImaKpopper USAImaKpopper Aug.01.2013 09:58AM
Daebak! XD



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  • LLLkrystal51 mins ago
  • infinite Is ulgy. You think you oppa will still look good when they are 50 .most of them have plastic surgery, and none of infinite Have it. I am really sure that all exo fan like their oppa because they are handsome . I don't even think exo is handsome at all ,L is a lot more handsome . infinite Is not talented . I use to be a exo fan for one and half month and I find that the have no talent and they are not that handsome and I find that their shows are pretty boring and they and really fake. Now I am a inspirit for almost a year now and I am proud to be one . infinite Variety show are the funniest variety shows I have ever watch. infinite when they win in music core because they work super hard and they love their fan. Exo never cry when they win because they know they are going to win because they debut in a big company so they don't have to work as infinite. I don't think exo even have any good song and only three of them can actually sing. infinite have all good songs and all of them can sing even the rapper and visual. Because of you I am starting to hate exo I am usually pretty calm and quite but when bitches insult infinite I just have to say something
  • INFINITE is ugly & have no talent...
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